Happy New Year From Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf sent out the following bulletin to his MySpace friends (@officialpatrickwolf) on Monday (December 31):

Thank you for an amazing year to the friends of the roads I have traveled with and the people I’ve met and parts of the world I long to see again. I have seen so much and sung my heart out to more people than I could have dreamt of. It makes me so happy to know and remember moments from Tokyo to San Francisco to Toronto to London to Los Angeles and Seattle, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Detroit, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, Exeter, Middlesboruough, Glasgow, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Northampton, Cambridge, Colchester, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle, Sheffield, Stoke, Southend, Dublin, Brixton, New York, Rotterdam, Malaga, Lisbon, Braga, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich, Chicago, Philadalphia, Vancouver, California, Shepherds Bush.

Thank you
xx p

Ps I Love You
sh**… Isle of White, Glastonbury, Readng, Leeds, Arvika, Benicassim.. everywhere, I just start remembering.. don’t want to miss any of you out but the champagne is flowing… the whole show! everyone thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great year.

Let’s make 2008 a better wonderful stronger magik triumphant inspirational year as the great Bjork says declare indipedance! dance! dance DANZing!!! See you all very soon beautiful creatures!

Bonne Chance!

x P W X 2007 2 8 X

Patrick Wolf Feuding With Mika?

Patrick Wolf, who opened for Mika at a Somerset House gig in London on Tuesday (July 17), posted the following bulletin to fans on his Myspace:

Patrick Wolf Feuding With Mika?

Check out his follow-up “translation” below the fold.

Patrick Wolf Is A Music Inventor

Patrick Wolf spoke with Australia’s Beat magazine about his desire to reach a mass audience despite a sound that isn’t top 40 friendly. “I always think about an inventor,” he said. “If you invent something and you think it’s good, you spend a long time making something, you’re going to want many people to have it, you want everybody to have it in their household. If you feel like you’ve really worked to give something, you can look at the world sort of naively and say ‘Hey, I’ve made something that I really love, and you might love it to’. That’s where I come from.”

The full story at beat.com.au has since been removed.

Pop Acts – And Britney’s Mom – On TV This Week

Pop acts on television this week include Nelly Furtado, who performs on ‘Late Night with Conan O’Brien’ on Wednesday; Peter Bjorn & John, who perform on ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Wednesday; Patrick Wolf, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; and Britney Spears’ mother Lynne, who is raising eyebrows over a scheduled appearance on ‘The View’ on Wednesday.

Patrick Wolf: I’m Not Quiting Music

Pitchfork caught up with Patrick Wolf in a Q&A, where the singer backed off his recent message board claim that he was retiring from music in November in response to the on-stage assault and firing of his drummer during a New York show last month. “Um, yeah. I really want people to know that I never released a press release about this issue. I wasn’t trying to get published by anybody,” Wolf explained. “I was just writing a very close community of fans. Somebody took that and turned it into a big story, and it’s gotten out of control. I just want people to know that, first of all, I never said I was quitting music, and second of all, I never did it in a public way. I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t have music in my life, and this is going to turn into some kind of horrendous Mariah Carey speech, but the music has led me through many adventures and disasters and good times and total lonely times and for me to say I was going to quit music is like saying I’m going to commit suicide. It’s the most extreme thing that could happen in my life. That would make me miserable, so I would never say I was quitting music, because I would never know where to start.” The full story at pitchforkmedia.com has since been removed/relocated.

Patrick Wolf Defends Drummer Firing & Assault, Plans To Quit Music

Hint magazine caught up with Patrick Wolf at his MisShapes gig on April 7th, where the singer talked refuted the existence of god and called President Bush an asshole. Then, during the gig, he ended up firing and assaulting his drummer onstage. Watch footage below.

The situation prompted a lengthy discussion at his forum, prompting Patrick to post on Sunday (April 22) that he was quitting music. He wrote, “Because my drummer was causing arguments within my road family, taking sedative drugs before an important show in a city I really love, so much so he could not play the music I wrote, the songs that I have survived on in the last six years… because I had to slap him to see if he was even CONSCIOUS on stage…. the fact that the only thing that got any reaction out his corpse happened to be made of metal.. because all of this.. does this make me seem like I was on cocaine, or on some power trip? I was pissed off because this was just one more musician or businessman taking my good nature and generosity for a ride.”

Wolf later stated, “I have made a decision, my final concert will be this November, a retrospective with an orchestra in London. I am not sure whether there will be anymore public communications after that, in fact I am pretty sure there will be none.”

Patrick Wolf ‘Accident & Emergency’ Video

Patrick Wolf 'Accident & Emergency' music video

Patrick Wolf is out with the music video to his new single ‘Accident & Emergency’, from his forthcoming album ‘The Magic Position’, due out February 2007. Watch it via Vevo below.