Paula Abdul And Randy Jackson Visit KIIS FM To Premiere New Single

Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson dropped by KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Friday (January 18) to premiere Paula’s first single in over a decade – ‘Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow’. The track is the first single on ‘Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol. 1’. Asked why she wanted to finally release a new single, Abdul said, “You know, everything is timing. It just seemed like it was the right time, and I’ve been bugging Randy for so long. C’mon we have to do this, and the right song came around.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Maria Milito Discusses Paula Abdul Super Bowl Comeback

January 13, 2008 – ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann’ talked with the show’s ‘American Idol’ ‘Princess’ Maria Milito of Q 104.3 FM about a potential deal to have Paula Abdul perform her new single with fellow ‘Idol’ judge Randy Jackson at the Super Bowl in Arizona next month. Plus, Maria dished ‘American Idol’ gossip, including the short shelf life of former contestants and Paula’s reported meltdown at LAX Airport. Watch the segment, aired Friday (January 11), below the fold.

Randy Jackson Ready To Debut New Paula Abdul Single Next Friday

January 12, 2008 – Randy Jackson was on the phone with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 9) to chat about his new CD ‘Music Club Vol. 1’ and the new season of ‘American Idol’. They joked about how Simon Cowell appeared to have lost a lot of weight and is set to pop the question to Terri Seymour, premiering his new track with Paula Abdul on KIIS next Friday, Ryan making a cameo in the song’s video, how “this audition season has been better than ever”, and the guy who does the voiceovers for the ‘Idol’ commercials.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Paula Abdul To Perform At Super Bowl XLII

January 12, 2008 – Paula Abdul will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl XLII in Arizona, ‘Entertainment Tonight’ has confirmed. The ‘American Idol’ judge is currently rehearsing for a video to a duet with fellow judge Randy Jackson, which will serve as the first single off Jackson’s ‘Music Club Vol. 1’ album. ‘ET’ added that Abdul will probably perform the song at game, televised on FOX, if the proposed performance works out. Abdul hasn’t released a new album since ‘Head Over Heels’ in 1995, the poorest selling of her four releases.

Did Paula Abdul Have A Nervous Breakdown At LAX?

As Paula Abdul prepares to judge the seventh season of ‘American Idol’ and hit the airwaves soon, the former pop star’s behavior is beginning to make headlines again. A source tells Radar Online that the 45 year old caused a scene at the Continental Airlines terminal inside Los Angels International Airport over the holidays.

“She had an insane nervous breakdown that lasted 10 minutes,” the tipster revealed. “One minute she was hyperventilating and on the verge of passing out; the next she was yelling into her cell phone in this deep, rage-filled Poltergeist voice. She kept screaming three names over and over – Michael, Sidney, and Leslie. Everyone was staring at her, but she didn’t care.” Fortunately for Abdul, there were no cameras around. ‘American Idol’ premieres next Tuesday on FOX.

Paula Abdul On The Phone With KIIS FM’s Ryan Seacrest

December 14, 2007 – Paula Abdul was on the phone with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (December 13) to discuss the new “comeback single” she’s working on with Randy Jackson and the work she’s doing for the Fox Gives Back Day, handing out toys for underprivileged kids. Their chat was interrupted several times due to Paula’s poor cell phone reception.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Paula Abdul Talks With KIIS FM’s Ryan Seacrest From Bentonville

November 16, 2007 – Paula Abdul joined Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles from ‘Paula Abdul Thursday’ in Bentonville, Arkansas. Abdul talked about why she was in the town, and Paula got some students on the phone to joke about Ryan wearing lifts on ‘American Idol’, Simon Cowell’s man-boobs, if Ryan and Simon really hate each other, and if Ryan plucks his eyebrows.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Drugged Up Paula Abdul Passes Out During Hair & Makeup?

A spy tells The New York Post that Paula Abdul has a short fuse with her assistants who don’t complete their duties soon enough. “There’s a salon chair in her house where she gets her hair and makeup done every day,” the tipster explained. “She’ll sit in it, set an alarm, and then, because she’s on so many painkillers, pass out while her hair and makeup guy gets her ready for the day. When the alarm goes off she’ll wake up, and God forbid the poor guy isn’t done yet. All hell breaks loose.” Abdul’s rep said, “There’s no alarm that I’ve ever seen.”

Paula Abdul Promotes ‘Hey Paula’ On ‘Today’

Paula Abdul appears on 'Today' promoting 'Hey Paula'

July 18, 2007 – Paula Abdul visited ‘Today’ to talk with co-host Matt Lauer about her new Bravo reality series ‘Hey Paula’, her special someone, and the rumors she’s hooked on painkillers – explaining her bizarre behavior.

Video of the segment, aired Wednesday (July 18), at has since been removed.

Paula Abdul Blows Out Birthday Candles

June 22, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Today, Paula Abdul celebrated her 45th birthday. Unfortunately, when Paula blew out the birthday candles, her breath caught fire and scorched a two-block radius.”

Paula Abdul: I Feel Bad For Paris Hilton

June 12, 2007 – Paula Abdul was spotted leaving Bella Restaurant in Hollywood. When asked about Paris Hilton, the ‘American Idol’ judge said, “It’s pretty harsh and I feel bad for her, I hope she’s ok.”

Footage from Splash has since been removed.

Paula Abdul’s New Reality Show

June 9, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “This summer, Paula Abdul will be starring in her own reality show. Did you know that? Yeah. Abdul’s reality show will be called ‘The Biggest Boozer’.”

On TV: Paula Abdul, Enrique Iglesias, Taylor Hicks

Pop acts on television this week include the ‘Hairspray’ movie cast, who visit ‘Total Request Live’ on Wednesday and perform on ‘Today’ on Friday; Paula Abdul, who visits ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Wednesday and ‘The View’ on Thursday; Suzanne Vega, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Wednesday; Enrique Iglesias, who performs on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday and the ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ results show on Thursday; ‘American Idol’ season five winner Taylor Hicks, who performs on ‘The View’ on Wednesday; Miley Cyrus, who visits ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Thursday; Kalai, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Thursday; Hi-5, who perform on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ on Thursday; and John Mayer, who performs on ‘Good Morning America’ on Friday.

On TV: Kelly Clarkson, Mandy Moore, Paula Abdul

Pop acts on television this week include ‘American Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson, who performs on ‘The Sauce’ and ‘CMT Crossroads: Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire’ on Monday; Morrissey, who performs on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ on Monday; Mandy Moore, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Tuesday and ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Wednesday, and promotes her new film ‘License To Wed’ on ‘The Early Show’ on Tuesday; Paula Abdul, who promotes her reality show ‘Hey Paula’ on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Tuesday; Jon McLaughlin, who performs on ‘Today’ on Wednesday; Paris Hilton, who makes her first post-jail appearance on ‘Larry King Live’ on Wednesday; and Hilary Duff, who performs on ‘Today’ on Friday.

Conan O’Brien’s SAT Analogies

During Monday night’s SAT Analogies skit on ‘Late Night’ Conan O’Brien joked, “We’ll start with a pretty easy one. Jordin Sparks is to ‘I grew up on American Idol’ as Paula Abdul is to ‘I threw up on American Idol.’ … ‘Lindsay Lohan 2005’ is to ‘I’m a box office smash’ as ‘Lindsay Lohan 2007’ is to ‘I smashed into a box office’. … Joey Chestnut is to ‘new world record holder for hot dog eating’ as Clay Aiken is to ‘world record holder for calls and e-mails to Joey Chestnut’. … And finally, final episodes of ‘The Sopranos’ is to ‘lots of guys get aggressively whacked, resulting in a messy loss of bodily fluids’ as Paris Hilton is to, that’s right, ‘popular hotel heiress.'”

Clay Aiken Discusses Afghanistan Visit On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

May 12, 2007 – Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Thursday night, “Clay Aiken is here tonight. I want to extend a welcome to all of the ‘Claymates’ that are here tonight. They have been camped out to see him since the last time Clay was with us. One lucky fan will go home tonight with one of his kidneys.”

The ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up appeared on horseback, talking about his visit to Afghanistan for UNICEF, his hunt for Osama bin Laden, his various food allergies, and his “combover beard”.

Watch the interview at YouTube.

Clay Aiken Q&A With Yahoo! Music

May 8, 2007 – ‘American Idol’ season two runner-up Clay, who acts as an education ambassador for UNICEF, most recently in post-Taliban Afghanistan, spoke with Yahoo! Music in a Q&A. Asked how he felt to be an American in Afghanistan and if he was welcomed in the towns you visited, Aiken responded, “One of the main things to remember is that people in Afghanistan did not like the Taliban, either. I was worried going in, imagining what I was going to be involved with and what I was going to find myself running into. But, it was quite different. The people were nothing but hospitable, they were completely welcoming and so wonderful. We really just had nothing but a warm welcome everywhere. I thought [Kabul] was going to be a lot more antiquated. It’s a bustling metropolis. There was wireless internet in our hotel, glass elevators, it was right inside a shopping mall like we’d see in the U.S. It’s not some sort of deprived and destitute city like I expected to see.”

The story at has since been removed.

S.A.T. Analogies Featuring Sanjaya, Clay & Paris

April 3, 2007 – During his S.A.T. Analogies segment on last night’s ‘Late Night’, Conan O’Brien joked: “Coca-Cola is to known by millions as Coke, as Sanjaya is to known by millions as joke. … Bono is to knighted by Queen as Clay Aiken is to Queen by night. … Acupuncture is to getting pricked again and again and again in every part of your body, as Paris Hilton is to hotel heiress.”

Claymates Propel Aiken To Top ’06 Album Honor

January 31, 2007 – Our previous poll asking which was your favorite pop album of 2006 saw Clay Aiken’s ‘A Thousand Different Ways’ top the list with 38.6% of the votes, holding off a challenge by JoJo’s ‘The High Road’ with 28.3%. Well back in third was Christina Aguilera’s ‘Back To Basics’, with 8.9% of the voting.

Paula Abdul Dumps Another Publicist

The New York Daily News hears that Paula Abdul’s post Howard Bragman publicist David Brokaw, who was recorded on the leaked tape with her, has resigned as the ‘American Idol’ judge’s flack. When a Brokaw assistant was asked if he had quit, the person responded, “I’m not sure how to answer that right now.” Meanwhile, a source says that Abdul is “about to crack.” Read more.

Paula Abdul On Leaked Call And ‘American Idol’ Future

June 3, 2007 – A strong and proud Paula Abdul pushed back, speaking out to ‘Access Hollywood’ about Thursday’s leaked phone call and talked about her future with ‘American Idol’. has since removed the video.

35th Annual FIFI Awards

June 2, 2007 – Paula Abdul was on hand for the 35th Annual FIFI Awards on Thursday (May 31) at Winter Garden at The World Financial Center in New York City. At the event, the ‘American Idol’ judge addressed her private recorded phone call with ‘Access Hollywood’ and ‘Entertainment Tonight’, and celebrities talked about their favorite fragrances. Reports at and have since been removed.

Meanwhile, The New York Post seem to have a target planted on Abdul, with a tipster telling them she “was so completely out of it” when she finally showed up to the event 30 minutes late – her interview with ‘Access’ seems to show otherwise.

Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages (arrivals / inside).

Paula Abdul Helped Out After Breaking Nose

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “Paula Abdul did a nice job judging, even though she broke her nose the other night. Did you know that? Yeah. You see, that shows you how people in the music business help each other out. After she broke her nose, Michael Jackson actually offered her one of his. .. No, know what happened was Paula Abdul tripped over her chihuahua and broke her nose. That’s what she said. In fact, when Lou Dobbs heard about this, he said, ‘This is what happens when you let chihuahuas come into the country across the border. More chihuahuas – more people will be injured! More will be hurt!'”

Paula Abdul Explains Broken Nose

May 24, 2007 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Paula Abdul is in the news again. Everyone’s talking about this. Paula Abdul has reportedly broken her nose after tripping over her dog. Yeah, when asked how the accident happened, Paula said, ‘My dog was trying to drink out of the same toilet I was throwing up in’.”

Paula Abdul Will Be Fine After Breaking Nose

May 24, 2007 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Did you hear about Paula Abdul? She tripped over her Chihuahua and broke her nose. She’s going to be fine, but the doctor told her to wait at least six weeks before having sex with a contestant. … She broke her nose, but the good news is she did not spill her gin and tonic.”

Did You Hear What Happened To Paula Abdul?

May 23, 2007 – Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Tuesday night, “Did you hear what happened to Paula? Paula Abdul broke her nose, literally, this past weekend, after she nearly stepped on her chihuahua, I guess. Broker her nose, totally true. And by the way, the good news for Paula was that she was already on painkillers when it happened.”

Paula Abdul Talks With LA’s KIIS FM

May 17, 2007 – Paula Abdul called in to KIIS FM in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 16) to talk about the finale of ‘American Idol’ next week, which will feature Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks. They also talked about how Simon Cowell was messing with her last night and all season for that matter, the promo for her new Bravo show, and what’s it about (“we’re trying to figure that out”).

The interview audio at has since been removed.

On TV: Jordin Sparks, Paula Abdul, Tori Amos

Pop acts on television this week include ‘American Idol’ castoff Lakisha Jones, who visits ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ and ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Monday; remaining ‘Idol’ finalists Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, and Blake Lewis, who along with last season’s ‘Idol’ winner Taylor Hicks, visit ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on Monday; ‘Idol’ castoff Sanjaya Malakar, who visits ‘Rachael Ray’ on Monday; ‘Idol’ season one champ Kelly Clarkson, who performs on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ on Monday; Paula Abdul and Feist, who appear on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ from a Santa Monica Big Blue Bus on Tuesday; Lindsay Lohan, who visits ‘The Tonight Show’ on Wednesday; Avril Lavigne, who performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Wednesday; Lily Allen, who visits ‘Tavis Smiley’ on Wednesday; former The Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan, who performs on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Thursday and ‘Last Call with Carson Daly’ on Friday; Tori Amos, who performs on ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ on Thursday; Peter Bjorn and John, who perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ on Friday; and Maroon 5, who are musical guests on this weekend’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ season finale.

Paula Abdul At The Airport

Paula Abdul was spotted at the airport, where she talked about the ‘American Idol’ fundraiser, what she thinks about Sanjaya Malakar, and the ‘Idol’ Elvis and Celine Dion performance. She then posted with some Elvis impersonators also at the airport. Watch footage from X17 below.

Paula Abdul At Mr. Chow

April 20, 2007 – Paula Abdul was spotted outside Mr. Chow on Wednesday night (April 18), where the ‘American Idol’ judge was asked about Sanjaya Malakar getting the boot earlier in the evening. “Oh he’ll be fine,” Abdul said. The former pop star added that after Sanjaya’s exit, “The competition’s gonna start getting heavy.”

Why Paula Abdul Was Missing At The Start Of Wednesday’s ‘Idol’

March 9, 2007 – spoke with Paula Abdul’s rep Jeff Ballard to find out why the ‘American Idol’ judge was missing when Wednesday night’s show began. “Paula was not late to the show last night. She had been there for over an hour getting ready (hair/makeup),” Ballard explained. “They were backstage adjusting her microphone pack. She was going to wear a jacket and then decided not to, therefore they had to readjust (replace) her mic pack. That’s all there is to it.”

The full story at has since been removed.