Paulina Rubio Talks About Britney Spears reports that Paulina Rubio made radio appearance at Y-100 Miami and talked about new projects, music stars and other subjects, and during her discussion she said: “Britney is also very talented, but in another way. She makes catchy music that stays in your head for years.”

Mexico’s Paulina Rubio Rules Charts

February 27, 2004 – Billboard spoke with Paulina Rubio about the success of her Spanish-language album, ‘Pau-Latina,’ which has given Rubio her first No. 1 song in U.S. radio with ‘Te Quise Tanto’ on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart. “Right now, I’m focused on this album and on this concert tour,” Rubio says, referring to the U.S. and Mexico tour she plans to launch this summer. “I’m very committed and very motivated.” And later this year, look for Rubio’s second English-language album.

Paulina Rubio Defines Her Music As ‘Honest Pop’

February 27, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Paulina Rubio told 107.5 (South Florida) that she defines her music as ‘Honest Pop’. “If I had to define my music, it then will be ‘Honest Pop’,” Rubio said. “My music consists of songs with different rhythms but with very simple lyrics. To be honest, I don’t want to win a Noble Prize. My music is made to have fun, to dance with grandma at a wedding, to sing along with your girlfriends at a Saturday night or to dance at graduations. I love to make anthems for young people and let them feel adrenalin and positive feelings that will let them forget the bad things for a moment. My only dream is to keep spreading my music around the world and keep spreading my positive message. It’s very exciting to go see Japanese or Italians singing along with me and dancing my music even if they don’t know a word in Spanish or English.”

Paulina Rubio On Projects, Fellow Artists & Romance

Contributed Anonymously:

Paulina Rubio made radio appearance at Y-100 Miami and talked about new projects, music stars and other subjects

On new projects:
“There are many surprises coming up with Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, I don’t want to talk about it yet but I guarantee it’s gonna be a big surprise”. “The Latin boom is coming back!”.

“I’m working right now on a new english record with The Neptunes, P. Diddy and other great producers”.

Paulina Claims Top Spot In Chart Battle With Thalia

Fans of Latin music were waiting to see what the outcome would be of the chart battle between Paulina Rubio and Thalia which took place due to the fact that both of them releasing albums on February 10th. Paulina came out ahead taking the top spot with ‘Pau-Latina’, while Thalia will have to settle for being second best.

It Only Took 3 Weeks For Paulina To Reach The Top

February 12, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

It only took three weeks for Paulina Rubio to conquer the Billboard’s hot latin track chart with the amazing first single ‘Te Quise Tanto’ off her new album ‘Pau-Latina’. The single debuted at #22, then climbed 10 spots to #12 to finally reach the #1 spot. The Billboard chart is not the only number one spot for Paulina, she is also in the first spot in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay and Central America. While she is at the top 10 in Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Netherland Antilles and Uruguay.

Paulina Rubio Strikes Back At Thalia

Contributed anonymously:

After crashing in Thalia’s album launch party, and stealing all the attention from her former pal and which was entitled “a slap in the face,” Paulina Rubio strikes back at Thalia who said on a TV show that Paulina tried to stole her show and that she would never crash into other singers album releases, saying “I attended her party because her people invited me, and I though it was cool to support her”… “but now I see she is not as cool as she seems”… “or maybe she is mad because both of my single and album are at number one in Billboard”…”if she got so ofended with my presence, I apologize right now.”

Paulina Crashes Thalia’s Album Launch Party In Miami

Univision reports that when Thalia launched her latest album ‘The Greatest Hits’ at Bongos in Miami on Monday (February 9), she was greeting with an unwelcome surprise, rival Paulina Rubio, who appeared with a message of luck. “We are not friends and we are not enemies, I don’t really get the point because we haven’t seen each other in years,” Thalia said. Paulina explained, “I want to demonstrate that there is no rivalry.”

Later, during Thalia’s mini concert, Paulina went to the second floor and danced until she gathered the media attention. “It was a slap in the face for Thalia, who was singing on stage when all the media, including reporters, cameras and photographers ran to capture Paulina,” said a guest in of the concert.

Paulina Rubio To Perform At Miami Album Signing

February 6, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

The Miami Herald reports Paulina Rubio will perform three songs from a new CD ‘Pau-Latina’ and sign autographs at 6 p.m. Tuesday (February 10) at the Ramblas Plaza inside Miami’s Dolphin Mall. You have to buy her CD at the mall’s Borders store to have it signed.

Paulina Rubio Will Be Presenting At The Grammys

January 31, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Paulina Rubio told XL 106.7 in Orlando that she will be a presenter at the Grammy Awards along with Hilary Duff. “I’m gonna be presenting the best female vocal performance with Hilary Duff,” she said. “Any predictions?” the DJ asked. “I don’t know but I’m excited to see Christina Aguilera performing,” she said, adding, “On the 11th I’ll be signing my latest cd at Tower Sunset in Los Angeles.”

Paulina Rubio Spotted With J.Lo’s Ex Cris Judd

Paulina Rubio was photographed out and about with Cris Judd, the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez. Check out the pictures here.

Caresse Henry To Manage Paulina Rubio

January 23, 2004 – Contributed anonymously:

Y-100 Miami just reported that Caresse Henry who has worked managing Madonna for the past twelve years, is Paulina’s new manager. Caresse Henry only manages three artists right now, who are Madonna, Jessica Simpson and now Paulina Rubio.

Paulina Rubio’s New Album Out Next Month

January 22, 2004 – reports Paulina Rubio is releasing her highly anticipated Spanish album ‘Pau-Latina’ next month. Paulina collaborated with producers and composers Emilio Estefan, Chris Rodriguez, Sergio George, Marco Antonio Solis and many others. Paulina remarked, “My music is a mirror of my self. I’m a strong, passionate, positive woman. I know what I want and how to work hard to make my dreams a reality. I have always been a bit of a rebel and this record is very Paulina (very me). I put my heart and soul into it and am so excited to share my new music with all my amigos.”

Paulina Rubio And Lenny Kravitz Take A Walk In LA

Contributed anonymously: reports Paulina Rubio and Lenny Kravitz decided to take a walk through Los Angeles with their respective ‘friends’. Paulina was walking with a tall guy who seemed to be very happy with her company. ‘The Golden Girl’ tried to cover all up by wearing a hat, but she still captured the attention of the paparazzi. While Lenny was dancing and playing with a group of ladies. The singer showed that the rumors about the breakup with Nicole Kidman are the real truth.

Paulina Rubio Performs ‘Casanova’ On Spanish TV

December 15, 2003 – Contributed anonymously:

Paulina Rubio recently appeared on Channel 5 in Spain to talk about touring with Enrique Iglesias, singing in English and the relationship with her boyfriend. She also performed her Spain single ‘Casanova’ in a explosive performance. Video has since been removed from

Paulina Rubio To Record A Duet With Diddy

December 9, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: reports Paulina Rubio will be recording a duet with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs for her next record. They met each other a few long ago at the MTV Video Music Awards backstage where she took the opportunity to express how much she admires him. They both combined to meet at his New York studio by next week.

Paulina Rubio Cheats On Her Boyfriend?

Paulina Rubio, seen here in a 'Border Girl' promotional picture, reportedly cheated on her boyfriend with Javier Hidalgo

Contributed anonymously:

In a recent visit to Spain, Paulina Rubio was caught by a weekly tabloid cheating on her long-time boyfriend Ricardo, with Javier Hidalgo; the son of Air Europe’s CEO and president Juan Hidalgo. They both attended together to a jet set party in Madrid. A few hours later they took a walk holding hands and hugging each other.

Paulina Rubio Sarcasm With A Reporter

Contributed by hipon:

Michael Yo from 100.7 (Y-100) radio station in Miami, Florida reported that Paulina Rubio was leaving the Miami International Airport and she refused to be interviewed by a reporter. Then the angry reported asked if this was another of her common rudeness and if she thought she was famous. So Paulina replied sarcastically, “No, I don’t think I’m famous. I was born famous, I have had money all my life and my mother is Mexico’s most celebrated actress. But no, I don’t think I’m famous if that is what you want to hear.”

Ingrid Casares Fights With Paulina Rubio Over Lesbian Ex

The New York Post reports club promoter Ingrid Casares was having a fistfight with Paulina Rubio at the Shore Club’s ultra-trendy Sky Bar the other night. A witness said the two were having a dispute over a woman friend of Rubio’s whom Casares used to date. “They were on the floor fighting – punching and pulling each other’s hair,” laughed the witness.

Paulina Rubio Visits Madrid

November 28, 2003 – Paulina Rubio is again in Spain, but on this occasion her mother Susana Dosamantes and younger brother, Enrique made the trip. Paulina was the guest in the presentation of Spot magazine at Mexico Institute in Madrid on Thursday (November 27).