Peter, Bjorn And John ‘It Don’t Move Me’ Video

Peter, Bjorn And John 'It Don't Move Me' single cover

Peter, Bjorn and John are out with the music video to their new single ‘It Don’t Move Me’, the second release off the Swedish indie pop group’s fifth album ‘Living Thing’. Watch the Andreas and Filip Nilsson directed video below.

Peter Bjorn And John Talk With KEXP At SXSW

Jon Kertzer of Seattle’s KEXP talked with Peter Bjorn and John after their live set in Austin during SXSW 2009. The Swedish indie pop trio talked about their fifth album ‘Living Thing’, the recording process, handling the production themselves, the many covers of ‘Young Folks’, and getting rhythmical influences from Brazilian stuff, Tibeted monks, and folk music from the 50s.

On the album’s recording process, they said, “Before we used our porter cast in the studios at home in the basement, but now we did a Meatloaf ’70s recording with everything with flights and per diems and stuff like that. We recorded songs and started in LA, late January last year. They liked the pre-production, listened to the demo of the new songs and started arranging them and listened to a lot of other music to have a reference frame. That was all over the place as we said. Also it’s good to have a tan first before you go in the basement in Stockholm.”

On the album’s production, they said, “We had three producers called Peter Bjorn and John, depending on what they ate for breakfast. Day to day problems, but we had a guy called Lasse Mårtén. He’s a mixer from Sweden. He’s fantastic and he did a lot of help with us on some of the songs and the mixing and production.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Peter, Bjorn And John Recording ‘I Want You!’

The Tripwire has the first of three videos featuring exclusive behind the scenes footage of Peter, Bjorn and John in the studio recording their soon-to-be-released fifth album ‘Living Thing’. The video features the Swedish indie pop group recording the song ‘I Want You!’. Watch it at

Peter Bjorn And John New Album Set For March 2009 Release

Peter Moren of Peter Bjorn And John checked in with fans on the Swedish indie pop group’s MySpace (@peterbjornandjohn) on Tuesday (September 16). Peter writes:


Long time no talk! Been super busy lately. I did some solo gigs with José Gonzales in the UK which was great fun, good audiences and great company. After that came the amazing evening in Stockholm when PBJ performed with some very talented schoolkids and other guests at the Amnesty Festival, only new tracks from our very soon upcoming instrumental “Seaside Rock”-album. It’s a very different record but my favorite PBJ-album so far.

Don’t miss that!

And all the time in between we’ve been hard at work on the next album with vocals (to be released in March 2009, if everything goes as planned..) and also some other secret projects. It’s fun to make music! I’m really, really sorry that the London KOKO-gig got cancelled, but that really was’nt our fault. Anyway on Thursday we are off to our first ever trip to Brazil and Argentina and I’m really, really looking forward to that. When we’ll be back I’m gonna do some joint solo-dates with Tobias Fröberg again in our home sweet Sweden. So all of you Swedes, watch out! First comes Stockholm and Södra Teatern on the 14th of October and then Lund and Mejeriet on the 16th. More dates to come. We’re gonna mix up songs by the two of us into one big show and bring along some friends to play.

A good way to meet the fall in Sweden! More info at

Hope to see you there and take care/peter

Peter Bjorn And John’s 4 Hour Days

When Peter Bjorn and John recorded their third album ‘Writer’s Block’, the Swedish indie pop group forbade themselves from spending more than four hours in the studio at one time and to change instruments frequently. “In the studio, you just get tired if you stay in there for too long and I was doing all the engineering myself,” Bjorn Yttling tells Aaron Epple of Cincinnati CityBeat. “As for changing instruments, we’ve actually done that before. Someone would come up with an idea and then introduce it to another guy and have him play it.” Read more.

VMA Nomination Force Peter Bjorn And John To Cancel Toronto & Montreal Shows

Peter Bjorn And John posted the following blog on their MySpace (@peterbjornandjohn) on Wednesday (August 29):

We offer sincere apologies and regrets to our fans that we had to cancel our performances in Toronto and Montreal due to our nomination for Best New Artist for MTV Video Music Awards which requires us to be Las Vegas on the 8th and 9th. We hate cancelling shows – but we hope you understand that this is an exciting opportunity for us and we promise to make it up to you. We are working on getting back to Canada before the end of -07

Peter, Bjorn And John Talk With ABC News Now

Marcus Leshock of ABC News Now interviewed Peter, Bjorn and John’s Peter and Bjorn ahead of their Lollapalooza 2007 gig in Chicago. They talked about the downside of festival gigs, the vibe in Sweden when they started out, who they’re looking forward to seeing, wild stories from the road, and more. Watch the interview, posted Monday (August 20), at