Pixie Lott ‘Mama Do’ Video

Pixie Lott is out with the video to her first single ‘Mama Do’, off the Essex, England teen’s upcoming debut album on Mercury Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

What Pixie Lott’s Learnt

Pixie Lott

Pixie Lott updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Sunday (April 19), talking about the promo she’s been doing in support of her first single ‘Mama Do’. The Essex teen tells readers:

It’s crazy to be able to hear my song on the radio at the moment thank you so much to all the people playing it… First time me and my friends heard we literally went crazy hahah and the articles that I see in the paper! Thank you so much for all that..

I had my first gig last week for Radio 2 introduces with Dermot O’Leary and I absolutely loved it I can’t wait to do more.. it really reminded me that live shows and performing is the reason I do what I do I was on such a high after wooo and how nice is Dermot!? I also learnt I have to remember who might be reading these MySpace blogs cos he pulled up a couple of facts from my previous ones haha I was like HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT!? Whilst on my lil regional radio tour I got asked a lot about my twitter update of ‘I had a dream about Harry Potter last night’ haha I forget that these people read these things!

Another thing I have learnt is not to pose stupidly for camera’s when they are about because I look like a wannabe gangsta in a couple of shots that were taken outside the Maida Vale studios hahah

Pixie Lott Prepping For ‘Mama Do’ Video

Pixie Lott updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Sunday (March 22), talking about the filming of her ‘Mama Do’ music video. The Essex, England pop singer writes:

Just for a little bit of update.. I’ve been pretty dang busy recently band rehearsing and doing different bits and bobs, but mainly prepping for the shoot of my video on Tuesday! HOW EXCITING HEY I’ve had my fittings.. I love the outfits can’t wait for you all to see them.. I had my 1st choreography rehearsal on Saturday to learn the routine and meet all the dancers. They are all wicked! and the routine is fab it involves a lot of leg and hand slapping so my legs are a little bruised and sore haha no pain no game though as they say! or is it no pain no gain… either one will work haha

Pixie Lott Prepares For Live Shows

Pixie Lott checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Tuesday (March 17). The Essex, England pop singer tells readers:

Just looked outside the window.. and I love this weather so much! Doesn’t it just make everyone happier?! love that, I pray it stays for the week woo

Anyway getting on with a lil update just quickly cos my arms are killing me from the weights I did at the gym yesterday – I hate them! Today I’m going back into the studio to rehearse with my band which is always so fun just prepping for the live shows that are soon to come, and I hope many of you will attend! End part of the week I’m starting my fittings and choreography for my video.

Pixie Lott Checks In After First Band Rehearsal

Pixie Lott updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Tuesday (February 24), discussing her first band rehearsal and attending last week’s Brit Awards. The 18-year-old singer songwriter tells readers:

Things are starting to busy up which is wicked :) I had my 1st band rehearsal yesterday and it was so much fun… Just to hear the songs sounding massive and live, some people from the labels came down to watch so it was all fun and games… Can’t wait to do more really start getting together my set woo.

Last week of course was the Brits well done to all the winners! Espesh Duffy because she did very well.. I was at the awards and the afterparty and it was an amazing night, the live bands were wicked (I love Kings of Leon) Met lotsa amazing people… managed to get a picture with Lionel Richie he was lovely!

Tough Choices For Pixie’s Debut Album

Pixie updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Thursday (February 5) as the British pop singer and her team decide which of her songs make the debut album. She writes:

Now it has come to the time when we are all deciding on the tracks for the album! It is so damn hard because everyone has different opinions between me, my manager and the label… there are so many gooduns to pick from and I am seriously attached to them all! There isn’t enough room for them all :( and I have a feeling that a few special ones will be missed offff dang it! I am like so so overly excited words cannot even begin to describe the feeling of nearly having it all done.. Feels so close but yet so far! I LOVE that it’s one step closer to doing live shows!

Pixie Celebrates 18th Birthday

Pixie checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Tuesday (January 13) after celebrating her 18th birthday. The Essex, England pop singer tells readers:

I’m 18!! I can’t believe it! I didn’t wanna get any older than 17.. but now I’m here it’s so good! I had the best birthday weekend with all my friends and family! Lots of cake.. food… drink… sparklers.. dancing… music wot more could I ask for?! Thank you to everyone for the birthday messages! Now I can’t wait for this year and to get the music out there :) xxx

Pixie Performs ‘Hallucination’ In The Studio

Pixie Lott performs 'Hallucination' in the studioEpisode 12 of Pixie’s video diary features an exclusive preview of the Essex, England pop singer’s brand new song ‘Hallucination’.

The track was co-written with hot shot producers Fabien Waltman and Ruth-Anne Cunningham.

Watch footage of Pixie and Fabien performing an acoustic version of the song direct from the studio below.

Happy New Year From Pixie

Pixie checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@pixiesongs) on Sunday (January 4). The British singer songwriter, set to release her debut album later this year on Mercury Records, tells readers:

Happy New Year to you all!
I cannot wait for this year.. soo excited :D
Hope you all had a wikid Christmas, mine was fun spent it with family and been spending time with lots of friends.. before gettin ready to be really busy in this new year wo0o
I have my birthday coming up in like 10 days, but not too sure how to celebrate. what do you suggest?!