Play On Christmas In Sweden Vs. America caught up with Rosie Munter and Anna Sundstrand from Play to talk about their new Christmas album ‘Play Around the Christmas Tree’. Asked if there is a big difference between Christmas in their native Sweden and America, Rosie responded, “I think the Christmas spirit is the Christmas spirit. It is not about presents and decoration, it is about that feeling you get and I think you can find that feeling wherever you go in the world.”

Q&A With Play

Anais, Anna, Rosie and Janet of Play took part in an online chat with readers at MSN on March 30th. Asked about her celbrity crush, Anais responded, “We always get starstruck. (laughs) When we met *NSYNC and the first time we met Destiny’s Child. We want to ask them for their autograph but can’t because we have to remember we’re artists ourselves.” And asked about meeting Aaron Carter, Anais responded, “We live together for months so we get on each other’s nerves but we’re like sisters where we fight but then make up.”

Play Welcomes New Member Janet Leon

Play, the sensational Swedish pop vocal quartet, has welcomed new member Janet Leon to the group and begun recording Don’t Stop The Music, the eagerly-awaited new Play album.

Janet, a native of Goteborg, Sweden, is both a longtime friend of the group and a dedicated fan of Play’s music. An extremely talented vocalist and performer in her own right, Janet had submitted a demo to Play founder/co-manager Laila Bagge a couple of years ago. When original Play member Faye Hamlin expressed her desire to leave the group in order to return to school and pursue her personal goal of higher education, the remaining members–Anaïs Lameche, Anna Sundstrand, and Rosie Munter–felt that Janet Leon would be an ideal choice for the group’s new line-up.

Toopalooza At Legoland

Aaron Carter, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson, and Play were on hand for Toopalooza hosted by Clikits on Saturday (October 11) at Legoland in Carlsbad, California. Check out pictures from FilmMagic.

Rosie Munter Of Play On Being In A Group Vs. Solo chatted with the girls from Play. When Rosie Munter was asked whether it was easier to have three other girls going through the same things she was as opposed to being solo, she responded, “Um. It depends. Sometimes you want to do different things and you have to compromise. If you are solo you are all alone and if you are tired one day you have no one to lean on. That would be really hard. I couldn’t be a solo artist. It would be too hard.” Check out the entire interview here.