Pop! Runs Out Of Fizz For BMG

Pop! member Glenn Ball posted a message on the band’s official website on Tuesday revealing that the group have split up after their label BMG pulled the plug. “Unfortunately we are not going ahead with the fourth single,” Ball wrote on Pop!’s forum. “BMG have decided they don’t want to pump any more money into the project. It’s a shame cause ‘Xanido’ is a great song and was already to go, but they looked at the last 3 and decided it wasn’t worth it.”

Pop!’s Glenn Ball Scores With The 411’s Carolyn Owlett

Pop! member Glenn Ball has hooked up with Carolyn Owlett from The 411, The Mirror is reporting. “They went to the premiere of Team America at Soho Hotel in London on Tuesday night for their first date,” a spy blabbed. “It went really well. In fact, things went so well between them that they went back to Glenn’s flat for a few more drinks in private.”

Pop!’s Glenn Ball Aces Vibrator 101

Pop! star Glenn Ball spoke with The Mirror about his knowledge of sex toys. “There’s a new Rabbit Deluxe which has got loads of different speeds on it,” he explained. “I know a couple of girls who have them and they all say it’s excellent. Maybe I’ll get my next girlfriend to bring hers round. You know, ‘Bring a bottle, bring a vibrator.'”

Pop! ‘Serious’ Video

Glenn Ball, Hannah Lewis, Jamie Tinkler and Jade McGuire of Pop! pictured for their 'Serious' single cover without text

Pop! are out with the music video to their new single ‘Serious’, which is released on January 10th in the UK. The UK pop group feature Glenn Ball, Hannah Lewis, Jamie Tinkler and Jade McGuire. Watch it online via YouTube/Vevo below.

Liberty X’s Kelli Young Dumped By Pop!’s Glenn Ball

Liberty X singer Kelli Young has been dumped by Pop! member Glenn Ball, according to The Mirror. “They were great together and got on brilliantly but Glenn’s still so young,” a friend of the couple explained. “He’s new to the music scene and obviously it’s all still very exciting for him. Basically he didn’t want to be tied down.” The friend added, “Kelli’s upset, but she knew the relationship was going to be hard to maintain. It’s very difficult when you’re in a band to keep seeing someone.”

Pop Newcomers Pop

The Daily Star reports Pete Waterman is introducing a new girl group called Pop. “I’ve never been so excited about an act as I am about Pop!,” Waterman gushed. ‘Heaven and Earth’, the first single from the band and will be released in May.