Rachel Perry ‘The Picture Frame’ Video

Rachel Perry posted another clip on her AdventuresWithRachel YouTube channel, this time featuring her and her friends Jenn and Kelle. The singer wrote in a MySpace bulletin, “This is what happens when you’re unemployed for too long…. I need a job. Or better yet, a life.”

‘The Picture Frame’ video at YouTube has since been removed.

Rachel Perry And Her Roommate’s ‘Freakshow’ Video

Sphere Records artist Rachel Perry checked in with her MySpace friends (@rachelperry) on Tuesday (November 6) after posting a new video clip. She writes:

It’s of me and my roommate Kelle… It’s titled ‘Freakshow’. Comment if you feel like it :) And subscribe to my YouTube if you haven’t already! (www.youtube.com/adventureswithrachel) I’ll be posting videos from shows and what not very soon!

Footage of Rachel and Kelle on the balcony of their Beachwood Manor at YouTube has since been removed.

Rachel Perry Signs With R&R Music Group

Rachel Perry posted the following bulletin to friends on her MySpace (@rachelperry) on Sunday (August 19):

I got Signed!!!!!

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I was signed This Friday by R&R Music Group!

I’ll be in the studio next month making my single, and the CD is supposed to come out in early 2008! Thanks for all the support and check out my new page!


Rachel Perry’s ‘Happy Birthday Pops’

Rachel Perry checked in with fans with a bulletin on her MySpace (@rachelperry) on Friday (July 13). “It was my dad’s birthday yesterday and my brother and I posted an ode to his life on my page,” she writes. “It’s probably the best song I’ve ever recorded. ;)”