Rachel Stevens’ Secret Dates With Ex

Former S Club star Rachel Stevens was spotted with property developer Daniel Cohen at a friend’s barbecue two weeks ago. Cohen, who dated Rachel for three years, told News of the World: “I have seen Rachel on a number of occasions recently.” He insisted: “I’m not the reason for Rachel’s split from Jeremy.” But he added: “Rachel and I remained close after we split up. We carried on speaking on the phone even though we weren’t going out together any more. I even met Rachel socially a few times while she was in the company of Jeremy. She’s an absolute darling, someone I haven’t got a bad word to say about.”

Rachel Stevens Makes Sure Fans Know She’s Single

August 22, 2003 – The Mirror reports Rachel used her performance on Top Of The Pops recorded earlier this week to show her army of male fans that she’s young, free and single again. The former S Club star’s dance routine largely consists of blatantly waving the front of her hands at the camera according to an insider, proudly displaying a lack of an engagement ring.

Rachel Stevens Eyes New Man

Rachel Stevens S Club goodbye

The Sun reports that just days after Rachel Stevens revealed she and fiance Jeremy Edwards had split, the former S Club star has her eye out for a new man. She says, “Jude Law’s cute and Matthew McConaughey is lovely. I go for gentlemen, not rough and ready blokes.”

Rachel Stevens Goes Out Minus Engagement Ring

August 18, 2003 – The Sun has a photo of former S Club star Rachel out without her engagement ring, further proof that she’s split with fiance Jeremy Edwards. Speaking for the first time about the bust-up, Rachel said, “I am okay. I am just going to get on with things.” Read more and check out the photo here.

S Club Star Admits Relationship Troubles With Fiance

August 18, 2003 – In a joint statement, former S Club star Rachel Stevens and fiance Jeremy Edwards admitted they are going through a rocky patch in their relationship. “We have been experiencing some difficulties in our relationship recently and don’t know what the future holds,” the pair said. “Hopefully people will respect our privacy right now whilst we work through this together.”

Rachel Stevens Splits With Fiance

The Sun reports former S Club star Rachel Stevens has split with her actor fiance Jeremy Edwards after a series of fights. “Rachel and Jeremy have been under a lot of strain since he left ‘Holby’. He hasn’t been working that much while Rachel has been so busy promoting her pop career,” a pal revealed. “They have been arguing constantly and have now told friends the wedding is off. Rachel is still wearing her engagement ring and hopes they can patch things up. But Jeremy is very unhappy about the way things have turned out. He has been telling people it’s all over and the wedding is off.”

Rachel Stevens Sports Major Bling Bling On Debut Video

August 14, 2003 – RateTheMusic.com reports that former S Club star Rachel was escorted by three security guards on the set of her debut solo video, ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’ as she was wearing jewellery worth $12.8 million. The centerpiece of the pricey collection was a pink diamond ring worth a staggering $3.5 million.

Rachel Stevens Comes Out With Edgy Pop In Debut

August 12, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel was on Radio 1 to talk about her new solo career and debut single ‘Sweet Dreams My LA Ex’. Asked if going solo means a dramatically different look, Rachel responded, “It’s not going to be like, totally different, just to go with the music, it’s a bit more sassy, it’s still pop but it’s a bit more edgy and sort of funky and I’m really pleased with it, I’m really pleased with it.”

Rachel Stevens’ Insect Repellent Alternative

August 7, 2003 – Former S Club star Rachel says she was horrified when she found her hotel bed crawling with the cockroaches during a stay in Russia. She revealed, “Every orifice that you could tape up I taped up.”

Rachel Stevens Lands Pretty Polly Tights Endorsement

Rachel Stevens S Club goodbye

The Sun reports that former S Club star Rachel Stevens is due to sign the £100,000 deal with Pretty Polly tights this week which will see her legs plastered across giant billboards around the country — this despite being only 5’3″ — much shorter than leggier models usually touting the product. “Although Rachel is quite short compared to some of her predecessors, she has great legs,” a source close to Stevens said. “That was enough to convince Pretty Polly she would be perfect as their latest model. Rachel is stunning but still classy so she fits their mold.”

Rachel Stevens Ditches Teenybopper Look

July 31, 2003 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of former S Club beauty Rachel on the cover of Arena magazine. The singer donned a tiny microskirt and leather gloves and clutched her boobs in a steamy photo shoot. She says, “I knew I wanted to do my own stuff when the band finished – to stay in pop but do something a bit funkier, older and more edgy.”

Rachel Stevens Aims To Be Britain’s Beyonce

July 30, 2003 – Former S Club singer Rachel tells The Sun her new solo music sounds like Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles. “I’d love to be like Beyonce,” Stevens said. “I’ve just about finished my album and, like her music, my new songs have a real R&B feel.”

Ex-S Clubber To Release A Single In September

July 19, 2003 – Contributed anonymously: Rachel, who was part of the band S Club, is set to release her debut single. Rachel’s single was originally titled, ‘My L.A. Ex,’ is now called, ‘Sweet Dreams.’ The song is due to be released, September 15th in the U.K. Also, Westlife and Louise are releasing their new singles the same day.

S Club Rachel Stevens Lands £1m Solo Deal

June 26, 2003 – The Sun reports former S Club babe Rachel has signed on with her band’s old label Polydor in a £1million solo deal. She’ll continue to be managed by Simon Fuller and is set to release her first single, ‘My LA-Ex’, in September. She said, “It’s a huge move but I’m looking forward to the challenge.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Under Attack By Her Father Michael

S Club star Rachel Stevens is under fire from her own father Michael Stevens. The Mirror quoted him on news that she’s set to marry actor Jeremy Edwards, saying it wouldn’t last. “She’s a total a******e and I don’t care if I never see her again,” he fumed. “She’s a stunningly beautiful girl – that’s about all she is. She’s so selfish. She’s ‘I want, I want’.”

Rachel Stevens Will Wed At Scots Castle

April 22, 2003 – The Mirror reports that Rachel of the soon to be disbanded S Club is set to marry boyfriend Jeremy Edwards next month. “They’ve had it booked for more than a year,” a friend of Rachel said. “It’s a stunning place and very secluded, so they’ll be guaranteed total privacy on the day. They both want it to be a small, intimate ceremony with just the people that matter to them. They’re both counting the days.”

Rachel Stevens Denies S Club Split

March 18, 2003 – Rachel has denied rumors she is to leave S Club to pursue a solo career. “We have not split up,” Rachel tells the Express. “As we have always said, we will stay together as long as our fans want us.”

S Club’s Rachel Stevens Plotting Solo Career

December 9, 2002 – The Sunday People reports S Club beauty Rachel is planning a solo career – fueling rumors the British pop group are set to split.

Jenny Frost Turned Down Rachel Stevens’ Movie Part

November 28, 2002 – The Sun reports Jenny of Atomic Kitten was originally chosen to play the role S Club star Rachel took in ‘Suzie Gold’. The part requires Rachel to play a stroppy popstar. “Movie bosses originally targeted Jenny for the part but the girls are going to be busy working in Asia and her career with the band is the most important thing at the moment,” a spokesman for Atomic Kitten said.

S Club’s Rachel Stevens Gets Role In ‘Suzie Gold’

The Sun reports S Club hottie Rachel Stevens signed a six-figure deal to star in the $16 million Hollywood movie ‘Suzie Gold’, starring Summer Phoenix. In the film Rachel plays a demanding diva from a fictional pop group called M5. “Doing my scenes was great fun and I loved being on a movie set,” she said. “I might play a diva but she is honestly nothing like me in real life.” She added, “I still love singing but I definitely want to do more acting in the future.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Says S Club Bandmate Jo Isn’t Prego

November 7, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports S Club have denied rumors that bandmate Jo O’Meara is pregnant. Despite Jo missing a promo gig, Rachel said, “She is not pregnant. She has a bad back, that’s all.”

S Club’s Rachel Fears Elevators

September 14, 2002 – The Mirror reports S Club beauty Rachel got a rush of fear when told the band would be doing a photo shoot for their new album on the roof of Safeway’s HQ in Middlesex. Stevens suffers from a fear of elevators and was forced to go up and down 12 flights of stairs to do the photo shoot, as her bandmates waited after riding the lift.

S Club 7’s Rachel As Short As S Club Juniors

April 22, 2002 – The Sun reports Rachel of S Club 7 is so short she had to use a telephone book when she was photographed with the mini version of the group – the S Club Juniors. Thirteen year old Calvin Goldspink, 13, said:

When I had my picture taken with Rachel, she had to stand on a copy of the Yellow Pages. She was wearing high heels, but she was the same size as me.

Most fan sites are listing Rachel as being 5′ 2″.

Pop Stars Flock To Sheepskin Coats

December 13, 2001 – The Sun reports several stars such as Britney Spears, Atomic Kitten’s Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton, and Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 have taken to the latest fashion craze by wearing sheepskin coats made famous in the UK by BBC football commentator John Motson.