Rebecca Black ‘Person Of Interest’ Video Behind The Scenes

Cambio went behind the scenes with Rebecca Black for her new music video, ‘Person of Interest’. “The concept is basically I have my group of friends and my person of interest has his group of friends, and we both come to this amusement park and we don’t know each other and we kind of catch each other’s eye,” the 14-year-old explained. “I love having my own friends in my video. It makes it so comfortable and natural. We’re all having tons of fun.” Video at has since been removed.

Rebecca Black ‘Person Of Interest’ Video

Rebecca Black is out with the music video to her new single ‘Person Of Interest’, off the 14-year-old pop singer’s upcoming debut album on her own RB Records label.

“The basis of it is that it’s a love song but it’s not a love song. It’s about almost teenage crushes – when you’re not in love yet but you really like a guy – which I’m really excited about because I don’t think there are too many out like that,” Black said about the song during an interview with mun2. “It’s very much a dance type song. It will make you get up and dance and sing along in your car.”

Watch the video via YouTube below.

Rebecca Black Is Coming To Australia

Rebecca Black checked in with fans on her YouTube channel before taking off to Sydney, Australia. “I have some amazing news, I’m coming to Australia,” the 14-year-old ‘Friday’ singer said. “Telstra is bringing me out to do some live performances and I know you all are going to love the performance I’ve been putting together for you guys. So I’ll see you all in Sydney.” Watch the message below.

Rebecca Black ‘My Moment’ Video

Rebecca Black is out with the music video to her new single ‘My Moment’, available on iTunes under the label RB Friday, Inc. The 14-year-old said the music video tells “the story of her sudden rise to fame. It’s a fairy tale story, but it happened in real life.” The song will be featured on Rebecca’s five-track EP, which will be released in August.

“My favorite part about working on the video set was doing the choreography,” Black said about the music video. “We had this amazing choreography, and a lot of my backup dancers and the choreographer were from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, and I watch that show, so it’s very cool to me. It was really fun, just to get back into dancing because I’m a dancer, so it was really cool to get back into that.”

Watch the video and behind the scenes footage via YouTube below.

Rebecca Black On The Challenge To Follow-Up ‘Friday’

Chris Wragge and Rebecca Jarvis of ‘The Early Show’ spoke with internet sensation Rebecca Black about her second single ‘My Moment’. Asked about the pressure to follow-up the online sensation ‘Friday’, Rebecca responded, “It’s hard, because ‘Friday’ was such a hit, so to get something you have to find the perfect song that tells off the haters a little bit but still shows that you’re still a serious artist.”

As for how she gained a “cool” factor, Black said, “I think it’s a combination of being with such a big star like Katy Perry and just to have confidence in yourself. That’s probably the biggest thing.”

Katy Perry ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ Video

Katy Perry 'Last Friday Night TGIF' single cover

Katy Perry is out with the music video to her new single ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’, featuring appearances by Rebecca Black, Kenny G, Hanson, Deborah Gibson and more. The song is off the Santa Barbara, California pop singer’s third studio album ‘Teenage Dream’, out now on Capitol Records. Watch it via below.


Rebecca Black: I’m Absolutely NOT Pregnant

Rebecca Black pregnant... not

Rebecca Black checked in with her Twitter followers (@MsRebeccaBlack) earlier today to respond to a ridiculous user submitted CNN iReport suggesting the 13-year-old ‘Friday’ singer was pregnant and being urged to “seriously consider an abortion” by a web site’s online community. Black writes:

I thought it was May 15th…not April Fools Day. I’m absolutely NOT pregnant.

Osama bin Laden Greeted In Hell By Rebecca Black?

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ had a comedy bit speculating where Osama bin Laden’s soul will travel last night called “Hell-o From Hell”, where the terrorist leader was seen waking up with a woman by his side in a burka. That woman was 13-year-old ‘Friday’ singer Rebecca Black, who tortured bin Laden with her infamous tune.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Rebecca Black Gets A ‘Friday’ Billboard For 100 Million YouTube Views

Rebecca Black 'Friday' Billboard

Ryan Seacrest posted a photo of ‘Friday’ singer Rebecca Black to his Twitter followers (@RyanSeacrest) on Friday (April 15) after the 13-year-old’s music video for the song passed 100 million views on YouTube. The ‘American Idol’ host writes:

It’s Friday and guess who has her own shiny new billboard? Congrats @MsRebeccaBlack

Rebecca Black And Ark Music Factory In Legal Battle Over ‘Friday’?

Rebecca Black fun fun fun fun

Rolling Stone profiled how Rebecca Black and her mother Georgina Marquez Kelly are accusing ‘Friday’ producers Ark Music Factory of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights. Black’s lawyer Brian Schall alleges Ark has been using her likeness and created an unauthorized ‘Friday’ ringtone.

Ark Music Factory founder Patrice Wilson responded to the allegations by telling Rolling Stone: “I have met with Rebecca Black’s mom and everything is fine. She will get the masters and the song. They can have it all.”