Boat Captain Remi Nicole Answers Fan Questions

Remi Nicole answered some fan questions, including the most embarrassing thing she ever did, how long she’s been playing guitar, what made her become a star, what band she’d want to be in past or present, and fashion advice… all while trying to navigate a boat. Watch it via her YouTube channel below.

Remi Nicole And Matt Edmondson Go On A Mate Date

Remi Nicole heads out on a mate dateRemi Nicole goes on a mate date with Matt Edmondson, and Holy Moly was there to document the afternoons.

After picking the singer up, they headed off to the bowling alley. There, Remi talked about her new album ‘Cupid Shoot Me’, which she called “a solid pop album.” She also discussed the first single ‘Standing Tears Apart’ and what it’s like to hang out with other British celebs like Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof.

Their next stop was for lunch. The next day, they headed to the Go Ape! high wire forest adventure, where she talked about style and her busy schedule promoting the record this summer.

“I just wear anything I feel comfortable in to be honest,” Remi said about her style. “Like right now, I’m just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I think boys’ fashion is my favorite, and I was quoted as this I like dressing like an excellently dressed boy. As an actual boy, you’re best off with shirts that fit you. I hate boys that wear shirts that don’t fit them. Get a fitted shirt. If not, get your mom to take it in.”

Watch the date below.

Remi Nicole: Neil Young Was “Really Boring” At Glastonbury

Remi Nicole updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@reminicole1) on Sunday (June 28) while at the Glastonbury Festival. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m at the festival right now, having an amazing time. It’s absolutely boiling and I’m lying around in our Winnebago in my underwear because it’s so hot!

I got here on Friday and met up with all my friends. We had a few drinks and then watched Jack Penate, who was amazing. I also saw Neil Young who was really boring, I nearly fell asleep. Then we went to Lily Allen’s after party for her gig and danced to Michael Jackson music until seven in the morning. Came back afterwards, went to sleep and kept getting woken up by everyone coming in at different times. Had a fry up later on and went to see Dizzee Rascal, and have just seen some amazing magic with Tinchy Stryder by street magician Dynamo.

Remi Nicole Sticks Up For Amy Winehouse

Remi Nicole checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@reminicole1) on Wednesday (August 20). The British singer songwriter tells fans:

So I’ve been in the studio the last few weeks which has been so much fun! I decided that I could play the drums all of a sudden and have been banging out the beats on all my tracks! The studio has tennis courts, a swimming pool, a gym and horses so although I haven’t used ANY of those facilities they are nice to look at!!

Had the week off this week though, thankfully as I had a very heavy weekend and am still recovering! My good friend Natalie Cowan is getting married so all the girls(and our token gay mate!!) headed down to Newquay for a proper hen including booze, strippers, booze, junk food, loads of games and more booze!!! Got back on Sunday and headed straight to V where I watched my girl Amy do an amazing show!! Why did the papers slate her? That really pissed me off because she was incredible. I’ve seen her 100 times and I know not all of them have been perfect, but she was on Sunday, and it really upsets me that the press can’t just acknowledge that and promote something positive for a change.

Remi Nicole Gets Cisco Adler’s Help On Sophomore LP

Remi Nicole checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@reminicole1) on Wednesday (July 16), discussing what she’s been doing since the release of her 2007 debut album ‘My Conscience & I’. The British indie pop artist writes:

I took a break and went to America and met an ‘It’ boy named Cisco Adler who invited me to his house for a party, his house was like a gangster’s place in the 70’s or 80’s and I immediately felt at home (I’ve watched ‘Goodfellas’ too many times)… then I saw the studio and realized the fate of us meeting. Did I also mention that Cisco’s dad is the legendary producer and coolest man on earth Lou Adler!!! I ended up extending my trip and recording some bangers with Cisco who I soon discovered was not just an ‘It’ boy, but actually a very talented producer and amazing person. I came home and played the label the tracks we’d done and they agreed I should go back and write some more with him… I wasn’t going to complain!

Remi Nicole ‘Go Mr Sunshine’ Video

Remi Nicole is out with the video to her new UK single ‘Go Mr Sunshine’, off the British singer songwriter’s upcoming debut album on Universal Records. Watch it via YouTube below.