Nicole Appleton Aborted Robbie Williams’ Baby

News of the World reports Nicole Appleton has revealed how she was nearly driven to suicide when a record boss told her she could not give birth to Robbie Williams’ baby. After the former All Saint had an abortion, she admitted, “Afterwards, I couldn’t believe what I had done. I wanted to kill myself.” Robbie had been delighted at the prospect of being a father. “Robbie put his hand on my belly and told me, ‘This baby is saving my life’.” A pal of Robbie’s said, “He was really mixed up at the time, still doing drink and drugs. This was exactly what he needed. Nicole was delighted.”

Robbie Williams Sings Happy Birthday To Rachel Hunter

The Mirror reports Robbie Williams stunned fellow diners at swanky restaurant Melrose Avenue in LA by singing a throaty rendition of Happy Birthday to girlfriend Rachel Hunter for her 33rd birthday bash. “He was sitting next to Rachel and her two kids, but after 30 minutes they were taken home,” revealed a source. “Robbie then suddenly stood up and started singing Happy Birthday. He was really going for it. People were stopping in the street outside to see what was going on.”

Robbie And Rachel Make Out In Los Angeles

September 12, 2002 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports Robbie Williams and Rachel Hunter were spotted at Urth Caffé on Melrose Avenue where they sipped on coffee and leaned across the table multiple times for an impromptu makeout sessions.

Robbie Reportedly To Stay At EMI

September 11, 2002 – reports after speculation Robbie Williams would bolt to another record label, EMI’s Alain Levy and David Munns have successfully concluded a new, worldwide deal for the international superstar. They now hope to break Robbie in the U.S.

Robbie Planning Another Big Band Album

September 9, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams is planning to release a follow-up to ‘Swing When You’re Winning’ with a project provisionally dubbed ‘Swing 2’. Robbie is doing this project while wrapping up ‘Escapology’, which drops on November 18. “Robbie has been a busy boy while he’s been in LA,” an insider revealed. “As well as writing and recording Escapology, he has been mulling over the idea of Swing 2. He was delighted with the success of the last album and enjoyed making it. It seemed like the natural thing to do.” Read more.

Robbie Stops EMI From Dropping Greatest Hits

September 1, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Robbie Williams has cost his old label EMI a £25m bonanza this Christmas. Bosses planned a greatest hits album, but Robbie stopped them because he’s releasing his own album ‘Escapology’ on a yet-to-be-named new label.

Robbie Gives Big Bucks To Gay Helpline

September 1, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Robbie Williams has given £10,000 to a gay helpline, which has set tongues wagging about the singer’s own sexuality. “It’s a generous gesture from Robbie but it will open the old can of worms about his sexuality,” said a pal. “Robbie has many gay friends and when he heard this charity was struggling he decided he had to do something.”

Robbie Buys Luxury Pad To Share With Rachel

September 1, 2002 – News of the World reports Robbie Williams has splashed out $5.4 million on a luxury pad to share with girlfriend Rachel Hunter. Robbie’s session player told Rav Singh, “They’re so happy together that buying a place was the natural step.” He added, “Rachel will still keep her place… but she’s practically moved in with him already.”

What’s That You’re Swimming In Robbie?

August 28, 2002 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams felt the need to pee in his underwear in a glass tank while shooting the cover of ‘Escapology’, his upcoming album. Even tough photographers and stylist the singer had flown to Los Angeles from London were mortified, Robbie laughed, “I just pissed in the pool!”

Robbie In Talks For Documentary Of U.S. Stay

August 27, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams and entertainment company Done and Dusted, are in talks with the BBC to screen an hour-long documentary to tie in with the release of his new album ‘Escapology’, due November 18th. “Robbie is very excited. He has been in America all summer and his fans are dying to know what he’s been doing,” a TV insider said. “This film will show it all.”

Robbie Building Panic Room For Return To UK

August 25, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Robbie Williams is spending big bucks for a panic room on his house in West London in preparation for his return to Britain from the US later this year. When told by the police there wasn’t much they could do about fans outside his home, a pal said, “He called them back to inquire about having a panic room installed. He also wanted to make sure there would be a quick response procedure so that if he raised the alarm, the cops would be round within minutes.”

Robbie Close To $115 Million 3 Album Deal

August 16, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams is close to signing with either EMI, Sony, BMG, Warner or Universal for a $115 million, 3 album deal. A source close to Robbie said, “This is going to be a huge deal and it looks like being the biggest ever for a British artist. Robbie is Britain’s biggest male artist and he is determined to break America in a big way. He wants the right contract which allows him freedom and gives him the backing in the US.”

Robbie Williams Ends Feud With Dad

The Sun reports Robbie Williams has ended his 25 year feud with his father after Pete walked out on him and his mother Jan in 1976. Robbie phoned Pete from Los Angeles and told him, “I love you.” He now is flying his father from Staffordshire to America for some quality time together. Pete commented, “I don’t want to say anything until I know for sure but I have been asked.” A source revealed, “Robbie has always been angry with his dad for walking out on Jan and has struggled to forgive him. Pete’s been told not to bother packing any clothes because Rob’s going to buy them all for him. Considering they hardly spoke, it’s amazing to think they chat nearly every other day now.” Read more.

Robbie Williams And Rachel’s Romance On The Rocks

August 6, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams relationship with Rachel Hunter is on the rocks. “Robbie promised her faithfully he would turn over a new leaf, but it doesn’t seem to have happened,” revealed a pal of Rachel’s. “They’ve had a heart-to-heart but the affair is hanging by a thread. Robbie knows he’d be crazy to pass up a class act like Rachel. He has deep feelings for her but the demons in him have resurfaced.”

Branson In Surprise Bid For Robbie Williams

July 29, 2002 – Independent reports Robbie Williams is being pursued by Sir Richard Branson’s V2 record label, as the singer’s contract with EMI expires in February. A deal is expected to be announced in September, and, wherever he signs, the contract could by more than $60 million. Williams is seeking a complicated deal that would give him greater control over areas such as video recordings and digital downloads.

Robbie Williams Rock Covers Album Set To Go

July 20, 2002 – The new newsletter reports that Robbie Williams’ rock-covers album looks set to go, as he’s booked studio space in Los Angeles to start recording the disc. Robbie has enlisted Billy Duffy from the Cult and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to collaborate on the project. Popbitch says expect plenty of cynically-staged sexy photo opportunities to drum up publicity for the album.

Robbie Caught Out On The Town With Rachel

July 18, 2002 – Robbie Williams and Rachel Hunter were caught out together for the first time since their steamy sex photos in the News of the World. The Sun has photos of the pair arriving at swanky Los Angeles nightspot Delux to party with friends. An insider said the two are inseparable and could be heading towards marriage. “I think Rachel could be the girl who has finally tamed Robbie,” blabbed a source. “I wouldn’t be surprised to hear wedding bells.”

Robbie Wants No Part Of Appleton’s Tell-All

The Mirror reports the Appleton sisters are putting out a revealing tell-all documentary in an effort to boost their singing career. The former All Saints singers Natalie and Nicole will feature never-before-seen footage of Nicole’s boyfriend and Oasis star Liam Gallagher, as well as Robbie Williams, her ex. Robbie is said to be furious that naughty Nic is including him and wants nothing to do with the film. The one-hour special goes out on BBC Choice in October.

Billy Masters New Column Out

Billy Masters of has his new column out today with thoughts on ‘American Idol’, Robbie Williams being conveniently photographed in a nude romp with Rachel Hunter, and Britney Spears reportedly pairing with Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter on his debut solo album, and how he’d rather see Nick and *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake paired instead.

Justin Timberlake Almost Finished With Solo Debut

July 13, 2002 – Jim Abbott of the Orlando Sentinel spoke with Justin about his yet-to-be-titled debut solo album which is expected to be ready for fall release. “It’s almost done, and I’m very happy with it,” he says. “I just traveled on my own, and it was good for me to not feel like I was working. The things that have happened for me personally have definitely taken a toll on my heart. It’s been really hard for me.”

Timberlake Is Ken With A Dark Side

July 12, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell weighed in on several pop stars to US Weekly, including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Nelly Furtado. On the *NSYNC star, Cowell said, “There is something about this boy that stands out. He is good-looking but not a model – which is a good thing. The whole [breakup] with Britney has done him a world of good. It was all a bit too Ken and Barbie before. Now he is Ken with a dark side.”

Robbie Williams Sporting A Artistic Mohawk

The Sun is giving Robbie Williams a tough time after he unveiled a new haircut during a night out in Los Angeles the other night. Robbie is now sporting a mohawk with some wavy stuff on the sides.

Noel Gallagher Slags Off Robbie Williams

Noel Gallagher of Oasis tells FHM (US) magazine’s August issue that he can’t stand Robbie Williams. “He makes me vomit when I see him,” he revealed. “He’s the biggest fake there ever was. He sings like a cabaret singer. He makes me want to retch when I see his face. He had a drug problem, then he had his drink problem, and now he’s a chain-smoking, coffee-drinking fat fu**er. He’s not real.”

Groupie Nightmare For Robbie Williams

The Sunday People reports additional footage added to Robbie Williams’ documentary ‘Nobody Someday’, released on video tomorrow, will show the singer getting dissed by a German groupie. Following their one-night stand, she said his concert would be better if he talked to the audience. He told her: “Everytime I’ve been funny, the audience has just gone flat.” But the beauty told him: “You haven’t been funny.” That caused Robbie to tell her to get out.

Bowie Calls Kylie And Robbie ‘Cruise Ship Entertainment’

David Bowie took a shot at Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams when asked by BBC what his current musical tastes were. “I listen to really odd stuff and a lot of it is out on the edge,” he said. “I know about Kylie and Robbie and Pop Idol and stuff like that. You can’t get away from that when you hit the shore, so I know all about the cruise ship entertainment aspect of British pop.”

Kylie Minogue Fears She’ll Never Have Children

July 7, 2002 – The Sunday People reports Kylie Minogue fears she’ll never have children. Kylie admits, “At one time I thought I’d definitely be a mother but now more and more it looks like that might not happen. It’s a shame because I have always thought of myself having a family but it would be difficult to see that happening now.”

Robbie Williams Snog With Rachel Hunter Photographed

News of the World has photos of Robbie Williams grabbing girlfriend Rachel Hunter’s breasts before they both undress and openly fondle one another on a sunlounger in the grounds of a small, exclusive LA hotel last week. Unfortunately only one censored photo is on the tabloid’s website – you need the paper copy for the rest. An onlooker described the steamy scene saying, “First they started kissing before he massaged her boobs. Then he took off his trunks and put a towel round his waist. She slipped off her top and lay back on a lounger, pulling Robbie to her. They were pretty steamed up. At one point Robbie let his towel fall off so he was stark naked.”