Robbie Williams Stages Sex Stunt With Rachel For Money

The Sunday People reports Robbie Williams has sold a staged simulated sex show with Rachel Hunter in a money-making deal orchestrated by his agent. “What on earth possessed him to do it?” wondered a pal of Rachel’s. “Rod had given Rachel and Robbie’s relationship his blessing and felt it was good for both of them. But he’ll hate the fact that his kids will see their mother splashed over newspapers apparently almost having sex with her new lover. It is horribly tacky.”

Christina Aguilera Linked To Robbie Williams reports Christina Aguilera is now dating Robbie Williams, and the British pop star’s love for tattoo’s is said to be to blame for Aguilera’s giant new tattoo emblazoned across the back of her neck spelling out ‘Xtina’.

Robbie And Rachel Attend Pussycat Dolls

June 9, 2002 – Robbie Williams attended his first public event with girlfriend Rachel Hunter at The Roxy Theater on Friday, June 7, for The Pussycat Dolls dance show in West Hollywood – though both appear to have arrived separately.

Why Robbie Williams Is Hot For Rachel Hunter

The Sunday People discussed why Robbie Williams has found the hots for a woman five years his senior, Rachel Hunter, with GMTV’s beauty presenter Armand Beasley. “Rachel looks amazing,” she explained. “Her skin is flawless and she has a beautiful figure. You’d never imagine she was a mum of two. She looks radiant right now. It’s obvious that her romance with Robbie is making her extremely happy. And he’s a great-looking boy – they’re a perfect couple.”

Robbie Canoodles With Kylie Bax

June 1, 2002 – The National Enquirer reports Robbie Williams showed up to the Whisky bar recently in Los Angeles without his galpal Rachel Hunter and canoodled with actress and Playboy stunner Kylie Bax.

Rod Stewart Tells Rachel Hunter And Robbie Williams Good Luck

Rod Stewart

May 27, 2002 – The Mirror spoke with Rod Stewart on news that his estranged wife Rachel Hunter is involved in a new romance with Robbie Williams. Rod said, “Good luck to the both of them, I hope that they are going to be very happy together.” The diminutive singer added, “I just hope they are going to be really great together. They certainly are the right height for each other.”

Robbie Williams And Rachel Hunter A Couple

News of the World has photos of Robbie Williams that prove he and Rod Stewart’s ex Rachel Hunter are a couple. Robbie is shown kissing Rachel while grabbing her bottom. An insider revealed, “Rachel HAS really fallen for Robbie and the pair are inseparable. Rachel’s just that bit older and Robbie loves the feeling of being looked after.” The insider added, “Since she’s been dating Robbie she hasn’t stopped smiling.”

Robbie’s People Shopping Him To Other Labels

May 18, 2002 – According to, Robbie Williams received another snub from his EMI label’s bosses at an Oscar party earlier this year. Robbie’s people sensed that a deal with the label might not be happening so they recently threw a party for him and invited the heads of five big record companies. Universal is said to be eyeing the singer.

Robbie Denies He’s Dating Rachel Hunter

May 14, 2002 – Robbie Williams tells The Scottish Daily Record that rumors he’s dating Rod Stewart’s estranged wife Rachel Hunter are untrue. Robbie said after an AA meeting in Los Angeles, “Rachel and I are definitely not an item. We are not seeing each other and are not together in any way. There’s no way I’d be able to have a relationship with anyone at the moment.”

Rod Stewart’s Estranged Wife Seeing Robbie Williams

May 12, 2002 – The Sunday Times of Australia reports Robbie Williams is currently dating the estranged wife of Rod Stewart, model Rachel Hunter. The pair met two months ago and she’s been visiting him at his rented home in the Hollywood Hills. A pal said, “Rachel is the happiest she has been in years. She feels content with him and hopes the romance will be long-term. She has told people how much she and Robbie have in common.”

Wilkes Cracks Gay Jokes About Roommate Robbie Williams

The Mirror reports Robbie Williams roommate Jonathan Wilkes has been joking about how the pair have been sleeping together. Wilkes said, “I’ll never talk about my partner – I mean best friend. It’s down to everyone to make their own minds up as to what we get up to behind closed doors. All I’ll say is that we’re the best of friends and we sleep together. What’s wrong with that?” The same day, the Mirror’s blind item asked a question that seemed to point to the pair.

Universal Chairman Comments On Mariah Carey & Robbie Williams

The Guardian spoke with Universal chairman Lucian Grainge who addressed how competing label EMI handled the Mariah Carey contract that blew up in their faces. Grainge said, “My opinion is that you need record guys running record companies. They understand the music and the deal and the artist, and they do it week in, week out.” As for another EMI artist who’s mulling his future with the troubled label, Robbie Williams, he said, “It’s no secret that I’d love to sign him. And if he does, I’ll break him in America.” Read more.

Robbie Williams Still Pondering EMI Deal

April 27, 2002 – The Herald Sun reports Robbie Williams still hasn’t signed on to a reported $120 million with EMI which has the label worried he might move on. Industry experts say he is stalling because he wants a record company that will help him crack the US market.

Robbie Williams Can’t Explain His Failure To Break In America

April 22, 2002 – In an interview on BBC America’s Parkinson over the weekend, Robbie Williams was asked why he hasn’t been able to bring his international success to the American music audience. Robbie said jokingly, “They just don’t get it. But actually, I could blame it on a really crap record company, or I could blame it on the fact that every time I’ve been over there, I’ve been drunk.”

Robbie Williams Stunned To Find Parents Still Married

The Sun reports Robbie Williams has been stunned to discover his parents, Jan and Pete, who broke up 26 years ago are still man and wife. Robbie had always believed they were divorced after separating in 1976, but recently learned otherwise. A source revealed, “Pete and Jan only found out two weeks ago and were totally stunned. They told Rob and he was upset because he finds it difficult to talk about the divorce.”

EMI Terrified About Robbie Hangin’ With Rockers

April 17, 2002 – The Sun reports execs at EMI are worried that Robbie Williams recent sightings with Marilyn Manson, Ozzy Osbourne, and reports that he’s been hanging out with Billy Morrison from The Cult are giving indications that he may try to change his sound to heavy rock. An EMI insider said, “There is a genuine fear Robbie is going down a very different road to the one that has made him such a success.” Read more.

Robbie Working On New BBMak Album

April 16, 2002 – Billy Masters of ran into Robbie Williams in Beverly Hills last week, and asked him what he’s up to. Robbie says he’s currently working with BBMak on their new album, while taking a break from the spotlight from his home of England.

Robbie Williams Denies Victoria Schweizer Romance

News of the World spoke with Robbie Williams about reports that he’s been dating movie girl Victoria Schweizer. Robbie first said “Who?” before adding, “We met once and haven’t seen each other since. And I doubt we’ll ever see each other again.” As for plans on buying a home in Los Angeles, Robbie said, “I love England but LA is the place for me at the moment.”

Robbie Renting Pad In LA

April 12, 2002 – The Sun reports Robbie Williams is renting the former home of Ringo Starr until he can find a home in the area to buy. Williams was sent to the area to break off the London lifestyle to relax and recuperate while attending AA meetings. The city’s health conscious lifestyle has worked wonders for him as a pal admits, “He is prepared to spend a lot of money to get the right place. The healthy lifestyle in LA is great for Robbie.”

More On Robbie’s New Girlfriend

April 1, 2002 – The Sun has more details and a photo of Robbie Williams new girlfriend Victoria Schweizer. The former PR girl is pictured dressed as Pamela Anderson and a pal of Robbie’s revealed of the stunner, “He’s tried to keep the romance under wraps but it was bound to come out. It’s easier for him to date in America because he is not as readily recognized as in Britain. He’s managed to have a fairly normal relationship with Victoria. She’s a lovely girl and a real beauty.”

Robbie Photographed In Los Angeles

April 1, 2002 – Splash had dozens of photos of Robbie Williams being photographed around Los Angeles over the weekend. Robbie Williams and Cult guitarist Billy Morrison went shopping together on Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, after attending an addicts recovery meeting together on Sunday. A day earlier, he was pictured spending the day at the Fred Segal store in Beverly Hills. The images have since been removed.

Robbie Finds Love In New York

March 31, 2002 – The New York Post reports Robbie Williams has found love in New York, having been seen getting cozy with Victoria Scheizer at several Manhattan hot spots. Scheizer works in public relations and has been previously linked with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay. Scheizer confirmed the story to the Post.

Robbie Williams Becomes Priest With Bizarre Church

The London Express reports Robbie Williams has become a priest with a bizarre American church and conducted his first ceremony earlier this month. The singer was ordained online and conducted the wedding of old friend Billy Morrison from 1980s rock group The Cult to his girlfriend.

Three Psychologists Analyze Robbie’s Gay Talk

March 16, 2002 – Tracey Lawson of the Scotsman spoke with three psychologists why Robbie Williams keeps the world guessing about his sexuality. Dr Adam Joinson said, “I certainly don’t think this is Williams testing the water about whether or not to come out. I am not his psychoanalyst so cannot comment on his sexuality, but I would think he is more likely to marry the last remaining member of the pop group Atomic Kitten than come out as a gay man. I think it is more likely that he believes any publicity is good publicity, and this issue is certainly getting him plenty of press.”

Robbie Williams & Drew Barrymore Reportedly Dating

MTV Asia reports Robbie Williams and Drew Barrymore met recently at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Los Angeles and have been spotted together several times since then. Drew was touched by Robbie’s tales of personal struggle with booze, as an insider revealed, “She saw what a sensitive, warm person he really is.”

Robbie Williams Says He Wants To Be A Priest

March 7, 2002 – The Mirror reports Robbie Williams has been acting rather strange during his rest in Los Angeles. The singer reportedly told a fan who asked about why he was wearing a dog collar, “I’m training to become a priest so that I can minister to people. I’m giving up this pop lifestyle.”

Robbie Williams Takes A Tumble In LA

February 28, 2002 – E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports Robbie Williams was spotted at a private party in Los Angeles held at the newly opened restaurant. R.W. A bikini-top wearing blonde took quite an interest in Robbie and he likewise. The two were so engrossed in each other they fell off the banquette they were sitting atop of, crashing to the floor.