Robyn Announces Club Shows After Select Coldplay Concerts

Robyn 'Hang With Me'

Robyn has announced a string of club dates after certain shows in support of Coldplay’s summer tour in the US and UK. The stops include a couple June dates in London and Manchester, and in America look for the Swedish pop singer at clubs in Miami, Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Robyn is no stranger to being involved with club nights, since she co-ran the successful Tutti Frutti night in Stockholm, and has previously guest DJed at her friend Rokk’s London club night ‘Body Talk’, which inspired the title of the series of ‘Body Talk’ albums released in 2010.

June 4 – London at Dalston Superstore
June 9 – Manchester at Homoelectric at 2022NQ

June 28 – Miami at Grand Central
July 5 – Philadelphia at Voyeur
July 7 – Washington, DC at U Street Music Hall

Robyn Won’t Do Three Albums In A Year Again

Robyn spoke with London’s Absolute Radio backstage at Glastonbury 2011. The Swedish pop singer talked about her shoes, what the experience playing the prestigious festival for the second time is like, having no big production for the festival show, believing chart music should be good, having lots of going out songs, performing an unusual gig at JFK Airport, being a big fan of London, and some of her hotel preferences.

“I don’t think I’ll ever make three albums in one year again,” Robyn said when asked about her upcoming schedule, referring to her ‘Body Talk’ trilogy. “It was great, and I wish I could, but I’ve been touring more than I thought I would, so I haven’t been able to go back in the studio yet. But I do want to keep releasing shorter albums and releasing more often.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Video Behind The Scenes

Robyn talks about the story behind her song 'Call Your Girlfriend' while shooting the music video for the trackGo behind the scenes with Robyn on the set of her “one-take” video for ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. In a clip, Robyn shared her experience filming the video and introduced the world to her Swedish friends and fellow musicians Rebecca and Fiona, who joined her on the set.

“I worked on my moves for about a week, and hopefully it’s gonna be one take,” Robyn says in the video. “This song is about love between two people, but there’s three people involved.”

“We didn’t know if we were going to be able to do a one-take video when we set out to shoot ‘Call Your Girlfriend,'” Robyn tells Spinner. “However, it turned out great and I’m really happy it did because I think it captures a little bit of what I do when I play live. And that’s something I’ve been doing a lot lately and it’s been an amazing way to connect to my audience this year. I hope you like it.”

“I worked on my moves for about a week,” Robyn said before shooting the treatment. “Hopefully it’s gonna be in one take.”

“This song is about love,” Robyn says in the video. “It’s for two people, but there’s three people involved, and who is winning. Me! I am winning!”

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ appears on Robyn’s album ‘Body Talk’, available on iTunes now via Cherrytree Records. Watch the footage via MySpace below.

Sarah Jaffe Covers ‘Hang With Me’ By Robyn

Folk newcomer Sarah Jaffe offered her own interpretation of Robyn’s ‘Hang With Me’ for this week’s Mashup Monday on

“There were a lot of favorites that rotated,” Jaffe said about the Swedish artist’s ‘Body Talk’ series. “But ‘Hang With Me’ just kind of stuck. I just love that song. The chorus in particular, the way I heard it, I thought it could make a really sweet and kind of sad folk song. The chords are easy and I like really simple chords that allow the vocal melody to carry the song.”

Watch it below. The Denton, Texas native released her debut full-length album ‘Suburban Nature’ last year and is currently touring in support of the release across the country on a tour that runs through August.

Robyn ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Video

Robyn is out with the music video to her new single ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, off the Swedish pop singer’s seventh studio album ‘Body Talk’, out now on Konichiwa. Watch the Max Vitali directed video via YouTube below.

Robyn: I Get Mistaken For A Lesbian All The Time

Robyn in a letterman's jacket

In an interview with Out magazine, Robyn talked about her unusual upbringing, her notoriously private personal life, and how she’s often mistaken for a lesbian. “I get mistaken for a lesbian all the time – but I guess I do have the most lesbian haircut of any of the girls in my field,” the Swedish pop singer joked. “And when I was growing up and I introduced myself to people I’d say, ‘Hi, my name is Robyn and I’m a girl,’ because in Sweden, Robyn is a boy’s name and I had such short hair. My handicrafts teacher thought I was a boy for three years.” Check out more details at PopEater.

Robyn Releases ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Remixes EP

Robyn 'Call Your Girlfriend' Remixes

Robyn has released a new digital EP today with four remixes of her song ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. Feed Me, Kaskade and Sultan & Ned all put their spins on the track which appears on the Swedish pop singer’s ‘Body Talk’ album. Listen to the ‘Feed Me’ remix via Soundcloud below.

What Inspires Robyn’s Sad Songs?

Robyn 2011

Robyn recently sat down with VEVO ASK: REPLY to answer questions submitted by fans on Facebook and Twitter. In this new video, the Swedish pop singer discussed everything from what inspires her sad love songs to how she balances creating art for herself vs. for her fans. “I think that any songs I write are inspired by something I’ve experienced myself,” Robyn said to the first questioner. “But I tend not to write about what actually happened exactly, because I don’t think that’s always the most interesting thing for people to know.” Watch the comments below.

Robyn ‘Dancing On My Own’ Live At The Warfield

Robyn gave fans a high-energy performance of ‘Dancing On My Own’ at The Warfield in San Francisco and discussed how people have been reacting to the track in the US. The Swedish pop star also shared her favorite subject of “sad love” and explained how it contributes to her music. “‘Dancing On My Own’ is definitely a four on the floor beat, and I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down in the states, but people are really connecting to it and when we play it live, it’s the one song people really go crazy on.” Watch the footage via YouTube below.

Robyn Launches ‘We Dance To The Beat’ Interactive Online Experience

Robyn wedancetothebeat

Robyn has just premiered a new, first of its kind interactive experience on her website, The interactive site offers fans the ability to control over 100 video clips and sounds simultaneously. The sounds are taken from Robyn’s song ‘We Dance to the Beat’, which appears on her new album ‘Body Talk’, available now. Fans can search through the grid of video/sound clips and choose their own group of sights and sound to create their own original “beats.” They can then interact with the clips to manipulate the images and transform the sounds, in perfect sync with the beat. The interactions are stored and repeated, letting the user build patterns and rhythms in real-time. They can then publish their creation to an even larger, ever-evolving stream of unique user-created beats.

The concept for the Interactive experience was originally developed by Mary Fagot (Creative Director for Blip Boutique), and Johan Belin (Creative Director at Dinahmoe, Stockholm). A team of creatives, developers and producers was assembled from Stockholm to London, to Montreal to Los Angeles to develop the concept and bring the Interactive Beat Machine to life.