Roz Bell In The Studio Recording New Album

Roz Bell checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@rozbell) on Monday (September 1) with the following message:

Hey all, just checkin’ in. Where in the world does the time go? Summer has flown by, before my eyes once again. Crazy! Anyways, the vacation is over. Back to work. The new album is written and I am in the studio recording it now. I will be posting some of the new demos as they come along. I’ll get back out on the road soon, but the next few months will be spent making records. What else?…check out to hear the track “Umeus”. This is the track I did with Roger Mooking. U can also check a video of how the song came to be. Please request “Umeus” on your local radio station!My summer has been chill. Longballs with the ‘Cudas, funnels @ the cottage, the swings @ the Ex, late nite pbr’s, early morning bud lites, raisin’ cain, writing the album, working on tracks for Nashville. Trying to fight off Time and the Fall Hangover.

Roz Bell ‘Papercut’ Video

Roz Bell is out with the music video to his new single ‘Papercut’, from the Canadian singer-songwriter’s debut album ‘The First Sunbeams’. Watch it and check out the album track listing below.

Roz Bell 'The First Sunbeams' album cover

Roz Bell ‘The First Sunbeams’ Track Listing:
1. Cali, Cry
2. Yesterday Man (I’m So Lonely)
3. The First Sunbeams (Interlude)
4. Love in the Back
5. Papercut
6. I Used to Lover Her
7. A Girl Named Crush
8. In the Bathroom
9. Jesus Janey
10. Feels Like Love
11. Fly on a Feelin’ (Interlude)
12. She’s So Excitable
13. We’ll Always Have the Rain
14. The Greatest Tragedy