RuPaul On Michael Jackson

RuPaul weighed in on Michael Jackson in an interview with The New York Daily News. “We, the public, are responsible for Michael Jackson,” the ‘Supermodel’ singer said. “He belongs to us. We’re responsible for what he’s become. He has been onstage for us since he was 5 years old. What he needs is help!”

Jackson’s Condition Upgraded

February 17, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “The good news today from the hospital — did you hear about this? Michael Jackson’s condition has been upgraded from nutball to weirdo. We are very excited. … Here’s my question. How do you even know when Michael Jackson is sick? Does the color suddenly return to his cheeks? Is that what happens? … Actually, if you saw the press conference, doctors in the E.R. examined Michael Jackson for over an hour. They said it was like an episode of ‘Alien Autopsy’. You know, they weren’t quite sure. None of the organs were in the same place. … But the good news is, they said this is the first time Michael Jackson ever went into a hospital and came out with the same nose he went in with. First time it’s ever happened. Very exciting.”

RuPaul Angry With Media After No Album Coverage

The New York Daily News reports RuPaul is blasting Us Weekly, Ellen DeGeneres and other members of the mainstream media for allegedly blackballing him as he attempts to promote his latest album ‘RuPaul Red Hot’. After being asked to join Us Weekly’s Fashion Police but not to promote his album, the singer said, “The message is: My only importance is how I can compliment their straight life, i.e., ‘Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.’ Yet, we’re all subjected to every riveting twist and turn of Jessica Simpson’s fascinating life.”

The story at has since been removed.

RuPaul Meets Whitney Houston And Bobby Brown

RuPaul writes on his official website: “Tonight, my friend Sami invited me to a screening of ‘Guns and Roses’, the new western starring Lil’ Kim and Bobby Brown. During the film, I got up to go to the restroom, and as I approached the area where the restroom doors are, I saw Bobby standing in front of the door with 2 bodyguards. I rarely ever say hello to celebrities for fear of getting my feelings hurt, so I just walked on by, but before I could go in, Bobby said ‘Ru?…Bobby Brown!’ and I said ‘Hi, i’m Ru’ and we shook hands. As I turned to go into the mens room, Whitney was exiting the ladies room and our eyes met and we smiled. As the men’s room door closed behind me, I could hear Bobby telling Whitney that ‘that was RuPaul’. Next thing I knew and before I could do my thing, Bobby had come into the mens room and said ‘Ru, my wife wants to meet you’. I walked out into the hallway and there she was. She looked absolutely beautiful and healthy, wearing a pair of tight jeans and a low cut blouse under a leather blazer. She said ‘I love you… I love your work, man’ and I said ‘thank you… I love you, too’, as we smiled, shook hands and said goodbye.”

RuPaul An Avid Mariah Carey Fan

RuPaul wrote on his weblog for Tuesday, December 9th: “Tuesday: by noon, I had already bought Mariah’s new album. I love the songs ‘Clown’, ‘My Saving Grace’, ‘Yours’, ‘I Only Wanted’, ‘Bringing on the Heartbreak’ and ‘Through the Rain’. I’m sure I will love all the other songs in time, as well. My only criticism is that I think she uses her breathy head voice too much.” His own album title choices closely resemble Carey’s ‘Charmbracelet’. They include ‘Charm Anklet’, ‘Charm Braces’, and ‘Arm Brace’… concluding in the most well known Mariah-ism “and things of that nature.”

Ru Paul Buys New ‘Glitter’ DVD

Cross dressing ‘diva’ Ru Paul told readers on his official site that he’s picked up Mariah Carey’s ‘Glitter’ DVD at the Virgin Megastore. He said, “I am so excited to play Mariah’s opening scene over and over again. picture it, Mariah in a leopard swimsuit, go-go dancing to Lime’s hi-nrg classic …OH BABE, WE’RE GONNA LOVE TONIGHT… ! It’s perfect because my favorite song this week is ..NEVER TOO FAR..from the movie’s soundtrack.” Read more at