Presley Family In Vegas With Ryan Cabrera

The Las Vegas Review Journal reports Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and her daughter, Riley Keough were spotted at Social House at Treasure Island with Riley’s boyfriend Ryan Cabrera on Monday night (November 13).

Lisa Marie Presley Visits San Diego’s Star 94.1

Lisa Marie Presley was in studio with Jeff & Jer Showgram on Star 94.1 FM in San Diego on Wednesday (November 8) to promote her show at Belly Up with Ryan Cabrera. She talked about her love for ‘Lost’ and how she was happy Michelle Rodriguez’s character was shot, her large gay following, recording ‘Shine’ with Pink, and more. She also took calls from fans.

Audio at has since been removed.

Ryan Cabrera Hits The Town With Riley Keough

The New York Daily News reports Ryan Cabrera was spotted with girlfriend Riley Keough at Denise Rich’s home to applaud the newest 785 Records artist signing, then canoodled at new downtown hot spot Dirty Disco while Mandy Moore and Wilmer Valderrama looked on.

Riley Keough Celebrates Boyfriend Ryan Cabrera’s Birthday

The New York Daily News reports Elvis Presley’s model granddaughter, Riley Keough, 17, removed all doubt that she’s dating Ryan Cabrera when the pair celebrated his 24th birthday at the Plumm. Cabrera had been spotted at Disneyland just days before he split up with Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas.

Did Riley Keough Prompt Ryan Cabrera And Lisa Origliasso Split?

Days after Ryan Cabrera was photographed at Disneyland with a woman who apparently is Lisa Marie Presley’s daughter Riley Keough, Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas tells The Courier Mail she’s broken up with the singer and he won’t be joining them on their Revolution Tour in Australia next month. “You’re actually the first one I’ve told, but we’re not together any more,” Lisa told writer Darren Cartwright on Sunday. “It was very recent, but we’ll still remain the best of friends. We have one or two people we’re looking at to come out in his place.”

Ryan Cabrera Talks With KIIS FM

Ryan Cabrera was on with Ryan Seacrest of KIIS FM in Los Angeles last week. Ryan complained about how early the show is and talked about shooting a movie role, his club tour, his relationship with Lisa Origliasso of The Veronicas and her recovering from vocal cord surgery, attending Ashlee Simpson’s concert the other night, and more.

The interview audio at has since been removed.

Will Ashlee Simpson & Ryan Cabrera Reunite, Shunning New Lovers?

With Ryan Cabrera dating Lisa Origlasso of The Veronicas and Ashlee Simpson dating the guitarist in her band, Braxton Olita, the site of Cabrera and Simpson at the ‘House of Flaunt’ Oscar club in Los Angeles the other night “looking awfully close off around a corner” had Ashlee’s spokesman in damage control. “Ashlee and Ryan have been best friends for a long time,” a spokesman said of the former couple who share Joe Simpson as their manager. “They are both in relationships. Ashlee is with Braxton.”

Ashlee Simpson Lands Interior Design Job

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Ashlee Simpson’s in the news. I thought you’d want to hear about this. Ashlee Simpson has announced that she’s interested in becoming an interior designer and she’s going to design a suite at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Yeah. Simpson says she wants to prove to everyone that there are other things she’s not good at.”

Ashlee Simpson Chats With Kyle And Jackie O.

Ashlee Simpson was on the phone with Kyle and Jackie O. of 2day FM to preview her visit to Australia for the country’s MTV Video Music Awards, which she is hosting. Simpson offered advice on what the DJ’s should do when they travel to Los Angeles and talked about her boyfriend/bandmate, the reality show, surfing, her newly single sister, her ex Ryan Cabrera now dating Lisa Origlasso of The Veronicas, her and Jessica’s Razzie nominations, and more. The 2-part interview at has since been removed.

Puppy Love For Ryan Cabrera And Lisa Of The Veronicas

Contributed Anonymously:

In The Veronicas’ latest blog entry on their MySpace (@theveronicas), the girls mention that Ryan Cabrera (who is dating one of the girls, Lisa Origliasso) just got his sweetheart a puppy who they named Romeo. It must be puppy love for the pair and a big sign that Ryan has definitely moved on from his ex Ashlee Simpson.

CNN Goes On The Set Of Cabrera’s ‘Photo’ Video

Singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera is proving he’s not just a pretty face with spikey hair. CNN’s Denise Quan caught up with the singer, and his manager Joe Simpson. In the clip, Quan joins Cabrera on the set of his new video for ‘Photo’, featuring girlfriend Lisa Origlasso of The Veronicas. Joe said he discovered Cabrera on a vocal contest looking for talent, and it was another artist Simpson was supposed to see. “But when I saw Ryan I fell in love and I said, ‘That’s the kid I’ve got to have’,” he said.