Carson And Ryan Comment On Ashlee’s ‘SNL’ Gaffe

‘Access Hollywood’ spoke with Carson Daly and Ryan Cabrera at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas to get their reaction to Ashley Simpson’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ lip-synch gaffe. “A lot of performers on big shows like that end up having tracks that play down even with a live band and open microphone,” Daly said. “What happened [Saturday] night isn’t a scandal. It’s not a lip syncing issue, it’s an unfortunate glitch really.” Boyfriend Cabrera added, “She was kind of upset it’s like you are on live TV, it happens. Everyone is human. I do stupid stuff all the time on stage but you got to roll with it, keep your head up, and know that you are there to have fun.”

Have Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Reunited?

Ashlee Simpson and Ryan Cabrera are sending signals they are back together. Us Weekly reports that Simpson was spoted picking up an ‘I love Ryan’ cosmetic bag at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles on September 28th. Then on October 13th, the pair were eyed “holding hands and smiling” leaving Nacional in Los Angeles at 2 AM.

Simpson Sisters Launch AmEx Card In Mouth Trend

Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee Simpson were photographed with American Express credit cards in their mouths in California the other day, though only Jessica had the coveted Centurion Card.

Billboard Updates For Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee Simpson, And Others

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Ashlee Simpson’s single, ‘Pieces of Me’ has dropped 3 places to #16 while ex-flame, Ryan Carbera’s single stays at #15. Kelly Clarkson proves that she isn’t just a one-hit wonder, her single ‘Breakaway’ moves up 2 places, to #12 on the Hot 100, while Avril Lavigne stays at #9 with ‘My Happy Ending’.

MADtv Spoofed Ashlee Simpson

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On episode # 1003 MADtv made fun of how all Ashlee Simpson said on her MTV reality show is that she’s not like Jessica Simpson. That she’s edgy and has cool punk brown hair. At one point Michael McDonald as Joe Simpson gives Nicole Parker as Ashlee a picture and says, The boobs don’t look big enough.” Ashlee (Parker) says, “but this Is Jessica” (with country accent). Joe says, “Right your the one with the nose.” This MADtv episode viewed at YouTube.

Ashlee Simpson Loves Kids

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Ashlee Simpson talked to Teen People about her devotion to the less fortunate. “I grew up performing, but I also really love kids. So I’ve been working with operation smile recently, helping them raise money for reconstructive surgeries for underprivileged children who are born with cleft palates and lips. Most of these children live in developing countries. These operations make a huge difference to the kids. It’s beautiful for a kid to be able to smile. It makes them comfortable and confident. It brings them hope.”

Ryan Cabrera Discusses Jingle Ball Bash 7 Appearance

Ryan Cabrera phoned into KISS 106.1 FM’s Jackie & Bender in Seattle on Tuesday (October 12) to promote his appearance on the station’s Jingle Ball Bash 7. Ryan talked about how he used to have long hair, the other acts on the bill, his headlining tour and how he could do one with only a one release, his next single is ‘True’, and how people are stealing CDs from cars and taking only his album. The interview has since been removed from

Don’t Go Out Of Your Way To Impress Ashlee Simpson

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YM talked to Ashlee Simpson about her past relationships.

“I fell hard,” on Josh Henderson who was on Popstars 2 in 2001 when they dated for two years. “The breakup left me with a painful, empty feeling. I was like, oh no, my life is over. But then you see that boys aren’t everything.”

On Ryan Cabrera, “He’s my best friend and he’s the only one who gets me. After a long day, he’ll come over and I’ll forget about everything else. My best date so far with him was when we cruised around listening to music, then dinner, then back home for a movie. I’m a chill person. I don’t like when people go to extremes to try to impress me. It’s awkward when someone really, really tries. I’m just always myself, so I want a guy to do the same.”

Ashlee Simpson Billboard Updates

Ashlee Simpson’s seemingly unstoppable hit single has finally started loosing some heat. ‘Pieces of Me’ which hit #1 on the Top 40 charts drops 4 places to #11 on Billboard’s 100 while her album remains at a steady 9 dropping only 3 spots. Meanwhile her ex-flame, Ryan Cabera’s single ‘On The Way Down’ continues it’s rise, moving up 2 spots to #18 on Billboard’s Hot 100.

Man Gropes Ashlee Simpson In London Nightclub reports that Ashlee Simpson was groped by a man at a London nightclub while celebrating one of her band member’s birthdays. “Ashlee was coming back from the toilets when this guy grabbed her and demanded she dance for him,” a source said. “She managed to pull away and get back to her table, but she was understandably shaken by the incident.”

Jessica Simpson Has Taught Her Little Sister A Lot

According to YM magazine, the most important thing Jessica Simpson has taught her sister Ashlee Simpson is to be true to herself. “Jessica hasn’t changed a bit,” Ashlee said. “A lot of famous people lose themselves, and that’s something I’ll never do, because of her.”

Ashlee Simpson Will Miss Being On ‘7th Heaven’ Set

Ashlee Simpson told YM magazine that since she has to focus on promotional stuff for her album, she will have a recurring role. “I’m going to miss being on set every day,” Simpson admitted. “But I’ve always had a passion for music, and I think it’s time I explored it.”

Ryan Cabrera Chats With Jackie & Bender

Ryan Cabrera phoned in to talk with Jackie & Bender on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Wednesday (September 15). He said he’s not dating Ashlee Simpson, but they remain close friends. He was excited about the rumor he hooked up with Ali Landry, wishing it were true. Cabrera says he’s hot for Kelly Ripa after appearing on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ the other day. He also laughed off the rumor Ashlee was dating Ray Brady. Ryan then talked about his Porsche Boxster. The interview audio has since been removed from

KIIS FM’s 5th Annual ‘JoJo Jam’

Ashlee Simpson, Houston, *NSYNC star JC Chasez, Lil’ Flip, Ryan Cabrera, and Shar Jackson were on hand for KIIS FM’s 5th Annual ‘JoJo Jam’ at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California on Wednesday (August 25). Check out pictures from WireImage (page1 / page2).

Ryan Cabrera Visits Z-100

Ryan Cabrera was recently on with Elvis Duran and the Z Morning Zoo in New York City. He got some flack for being late but then they hyped him and his debut album. Ryan says if his career fails, he has experience working fast food at Chick-fil-A. He took some phone calls from fans and wrapped up performing ‘Take It All The Way’ and taking a few more phone calls. The 4-part interview at has since been removed from

Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Still Stay In Contact

Though Ashlee Simpson recently broke up with her musical boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, he tells Us Weekly they still keep in touch. “We try to talk as much as we can,” Cabrera said. “It’s not like we don’t like each other. We just don’t have the time and we’re both doing music stuff.” But his thoughts may change after a source told Us Ashlee and her guitarist Ray Brady “were making out” on a Delta flight from New York City to Los Angeles on August 6th. Ashlee’s father Joe Simpson, who was on the plane at the time, denied the kissing claim.

Ashlee Simpson Keeps Her Great Rack Under Wraps

In an interview with Blender magazine, Ashlee Simpson hyped her chest, but she won’t be flashing anytime soon. “I know exactly what’s under this T-shirt,” she said while pulling at the neck and peering down her top, “but I’m going to keep in under wraps. Maybe I’ll take a few pictures of myself, because I have to tell you, I do have great tits! I am 19, after all. I’ll take some pictures now to show them to my future husband. ‘See’, I’ll tell him, ‘I did have a great rack once!'”

Ryan Cabrera And Ashlee Simpson Break Up

Kane of 93.3 FLZ spoke with Ryan Cabrera who revealed that he and Ashlee Simpson just broke up last night. Cabrera has been touring with Ashlee’s sister Jessica Simpson, and is managed by the Simpson’s father Joe.

Jessica Simpson Is Supportive Of Ashlee’s CD Success

Despite Ashlee Simpson’s debut album ‘Autobiography’ outselling anything produced by her sister in a single week, Jessica Simpson has been supportive. “She told me she listens to my CD every night before she goes onstage,” Ashlee told In Touch magazine. Ashlee also talked about Jessica’s tour mate, and her boyfriend, Ryan Cabrera. “We try to see each other at least once a week,” she said, adding that he’s “my best friend.”

Ryan Cabrera Owes A Lot To Simpson Family

Ryan Cabrera close relationship with the entire Simpson family has only continued to grow over the past year. He’s dated Ashlee Simpson on and off, toured with Jessica Simpson, and is managed by Joe Simpson. In an interview with, he becomes serious and genuinely sincere as he talked about the family and their support. “They have all helped me in ways I never could have imagined.” But, Ryan stopped to laugh and recalls an embarrassing moment he had with the family, mentioning that even he makes mistakes. “Just recently, I was backing out of the driveway and suddenly I hear this crash,” he revealed. “I look back only to realize I had hit Jessica Simpson’s brand new Mercedes Benz. I considered just driving away, but then her car alarm went off and the whole family came running.” He felt terrible and admitted he was almost in tears. But to his relief, Jessica didn’t make a big deal about the wreck and said she didn’t like the car anyway.