Jo O’Meara Bottled At S Club Gig

The Sun reports Jo O’Meara of the partially reunited S Club was bottled on stage during her show with Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole at Tokyo nightclub in Bradford, England. The singer was taken to a hospital to get treatment on the two inch gash, which didn’t require stitches. The man who threw the bottle was arrested. “The 25-date tour has been a huge success with every venue selling out,” the group’s rep said. “We have a full diary until the end of the year, and have a larger tour booked in for May-June 2009. This incident will not affect the rest of the tour.”

S Club To Release Final Single; Hits Album In The U.S.A.

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As a goodbye to loyal U.S. fans, S Club are going to release their final single and their new hits album, which has already hit the U.K. The song, “The Greatest,” will hit radio in September, and the single will hit stores the same week. The album, “S Club: The Greatest,” originally titled, “Best,” is out in October.

S Club Star Already Talking Reunion

The Mirror reports former S Club star Bradley McIntosh is already talking about plans for a reunion, even though the group announced its split only a month ago. “We shouldn’t have split up but it was just one of those things,” he said. “I’m missing it already. I would jump at the chance to get back together. Hopefully one day we will.”

Lawyers Shut Down Spoof S Club Website

The Mirror reports lawyers acting for pop stars S Club 8 are trying desperately to shut down a spoof website which claims to have been written by band member Calvin Goldspink. And apparently they were successful, as is currently dead. The site had a letter from “Calvin” which contains a hilarious plea for funds for singer Bradley McIntosh following the break-up of the band last week. It ends with the message: “Please give generously to this once-famous star. Remember Bradley is for a lifetime, not just for S Club.”

S Club Dad In Fight For Fortune

The Sunday Mirror reports that the father of S Club star Hannah Spearritt has instructed lawyers to find out if the band got a fair share of the multi-million-dollar fortune they have made. The group generated $80 million for Simon Fuller and 19 Management, but individually only made $160,000 a year. “Every parent of a young kid who wants to be famous should learn from what’s happened to S Club,” Michael Spearritt fumed. “They have been hugely successful and have worked so hard but have little to show for it. Simon Fuller should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of these youngsters. I am certain that he has not done anything illegal but it just seems so unfair.”

S Club Torn Apart By Furious Infighting

An insider blew the lid off the reason S Club split with News of the World, centering around the bitter feud between Tina Barrett, jealous over the attention bandmate Rachel Stevens received. “The main problem was Tina. She was S Club’s version of the Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell—none of the others liked her,” the source revealed. “As well as dubbing her The Plank because they reckoned she was a bit slow they also called her Space Cadet—because they thought she was on another planet. Tina got fed up with Rachel being the perfect pop princess—what with her stunning looks and the celebrity boyfriend, Jeremy Edwards of Holby City. Rachel would always be the last to turn up for make-up, yet somehow always got them to do her first so she didn’t have to wait. That really needled Tina and the feud just developed.”

S Club Short Changed?

Top pop manager Louis Walsh has told Radio 1 that he’s not surprised at reports S Club haven’t earned millions from their four year career. Still, his most famous client, Westlife, have earned millions, so why the disparity? “They sold a lot of records, but they obviously didn’t sell enough,” he said. “You have to make amazing videos, you’ve stylists, choreographers, there’s so many people that get paid from a pop band that nobody knows anything about.”

S Club Manager Made 100X More Than Group Members

The Sun reports Simon Fuller of 19 Management made a staggering £50million from S Club – almost 100 times more than the band members themselves have made. “It is scandalous what these kids are earning compared to the sort of business they are generating,” a source close to the band revealed. “Their wages may seem big to a lot of people but it’s nothing to what Simon Fuller was making. Let’s not forget the kids in S Club have very little time off and regularly work 18-hour days. Pop music may seem glamorous but it is far from that.” Read more.

S Club Is Dead… Long Live S Club 8

Tina Barrett from S Club tells Radio 1 despite their impending breakup, the name will live on in the form of S Club Juniors – now known as S Club 8. “We said to the fans that it is a positive thing because we’ve learnt so much from the band, we’ve had such an amazing time,” she said. “It’s just a natural progress for us to do our own individual things now and leave you with S Club 8. They’re carrying on the name, so S Club hasn’t finished.”

S Club To Split Up

S Club are splitting up, the band has announced live on stage. During a concert at London’s Docklands Arena on Monday night, the six remaining members of the band said they would part company at the end of May. A statement released by S Club said: “With any job there comes a time to move on and to face new challenges. We’ve had a fantastic four years in S Club. We’ve experienced so much more than we ever imagined and we’ve enjoyed a huge amount of success. We can’t thank each and every one of our fans enough for their constant support and we hope that they will continue to support and understand us in our decision.” Read more.