S Club Plan Their Last Single

S Club bosses tell The Sun that their next track is titled ‘Say’ but sources close to the band reveal it will actually be called ‘Say Goodbye’ and a greatest hits album will follow. S Club denied the split at the premiere of their movie ‘Seeing Double’ on Monday, with Tina Barrett insisting, “We’re here now, that’s all that matters.” But a source said of their next single, “They didn’t want to call the single ‘Say Goodbye’ because they knew people might guess it was the end. An album is pencilled in for later this year and it’s certain to be a greatest hits package.” Read more.

S Club Deny Split

S Club have denied newspaper rumors they are splitting up, saying newspaper reports that Rachel Stevens is planning to leave the group to start a solo career are nonsense. “We haven’t split up, and we’ve got a film coming out, and we’re still here,” Jon and Tina told Radio 1. “Our tour is starting on 2 April in Glasgow and Jo’s gonna be there.”

Is S Club Done?

The Sun reports S Club star Rachel Stevens has been meeting with a series of writers about making a new solo single, fueling rumors the band will soon split. “Rachel knows she is one of the most marketable members of S Club and can’t wait to go it alone,” said an insider. The group starts a nationwide tour on April 2nd, ending three weeks later. Read more.

S Club On The Rocks?

According to Popbitch.com, reports of S Club’s imminent demise are being fueled by Rachel Stevens current in the recording studio without any of her bandmates.

S Club’s Bradley A One-Hit Wonder In Bed

18-year-old Taryn Seraphine tells the Sunday People that Bradley McIntosh of S Club seduced her, only to be a one-hit wonder in bed as he slumped into pot induced stupor. “Bradley wasn’t one of those men who make love all night,” she blabbed. “It was always just once a night and he was very ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’. Afterwards he would smoke a joint and then he’d pass out. I would be left saying, ‘I’ve got to go now because I’ve got school in the morning’ but he’d already be asleep. In all the times we slept together he never satisfied me. It was all about him and nothing else.”

S Club Fail To Catch On In America

Contributed anonymously:

S Club is trying again to hit big in the USA. S Club have released their album, ‘Don’t Stop Moving,’ here on December 17th and the album failed debut in Billboard’s Top 200 albums. S Club will release one more single next month here, and if it doesn’t catch on to radio, they will quit at trying to crack America.

S Club On Capital FM

With the absence of Jo, who’s hurt her back, and the departure of Paul, the once seven-strong S Club are down to S Club 5 for an interview with Capital FM in London, but with a new single, a new TV series and their debut feature film on the horizon, Bradley, Jon, Hannah, Rachel and Tina have got tons to talk about. The group talks about ‘Viva S Club’, whether they miss Paul, how Jo is doing, their new film ‘Seeing Double’, hanging out in Barcelona, and the S Club Juniors.

S Club Sick Of Each Other, Plan To Split After Movie

Popbitch.com reports S Club are sick of the sight of each other and hate being part of the energy-sapping S Club project. But until their feature film ‘Seeing Double’ is released next April they’re going to have to try and hold it together. The website expects them to split by May, then Jo’s solo single by June.

S Club Chat With Fans About Their Memorable Moments

S Club chatted with fans from The Sun’s offices in London and were asked what the standout moment has been for the group. Rachel said, “I would say the Golden Jubilee concert is definitely one of them for me. Being on the stage with people like Paul McCartney singing ‘Hey Jude’, looking out at the crowd and knowing there were millions of people watching at home, was really special and it was an amazing night.” Bradley added, “Winning two Brit Awards was a highlight for me.”