S Club’s Rachel Stevens Gets Role In ‘Suzie Gold’

The Sun reports S Club hottie Rachel Stevens signed a six-figure deal to star in the $16 million Hollywood movie ‘Suzie Gold’, starring Summer Phoenix. In the film Rachel plays a demanding diva from a fictional pop group called M5. “Doing my scenes was great fun and I loved being on a movie set,” she said. “I might play a diva but she is honestly nothing like me in real life.” She added, “I still love singing but I definitely want to do more acting in the future.” Read more.

Rachel Stevens Says S Club Bandmate Jo Isn’t Prego

November 7, 2002 – The Scottish Daily Record reports S Club have denied rumors that bandmate Jo O’Meara is pregnant. Despite Jo missing a promo gig, Rachel said, “She is not pregnant. She has a bad back, that’s all.”

S Club’s Rachel Fears Elevators

September 14, 2002 – The Mirror reports S Club beauty Rachel got a rush of fear when told the band would be doing a photo shoot for their new album on the roof of Safeway’s HQ in Middlesex. Stevens suffers from a fear of elevators and was forced to go up and down 12 flights of stairs to do the photo shoot, as her bandmates waited after riding the lift.

S Club 7’s Rachel As Short As S Club Juniors

April 22, 2002 – The Sun reports Rachel of S Club 7 is so short she had to use a telephone book when she was photographed with the mini version of the group – the S Club Juniors. Thirteen year old Calvin Goldspink, 13, said:

When I had my picture taken with Rachel, she had to stand on a copy of the Yellow Pages. She was wearing high heels, but she was the same size as me.

Most fan sites are listing Rachel as being 5′ 2″.

Pop Stars Flock To Sheepskin Coats

December 13, 2001 – The Sun reports several stars such as Britney Spears, Atomic Kitten’s Liz McLarnon and Natasha Hamilton, and Rachel Stevens from S Club 7 have taken to the latest fashion craze by wearing sheepskin coats made famous in the UK by BBC football commentator John Motson.

S Club Never Discussed A Split After Paul Cattermole Quit

Manchester Online spoke with Tina Barrett of S Club who denied talk that the group was close to splitting, especially with the departure of Paul Cattermole. “I think we definitely reassessed how it was gonna go from there,” says Tina, “but we were never gonna split, no.” Asked why Paul left, Tina admits, “We were quite kind of shocked that he was actually gonna leave. But in the big picture it wasn’t too much of a shock because Paul wasn’t really into the music. He was into, y’know, rock music. It’s a cool way to start off but I think after four years he was ready to do his own thing.”

S Club Attempt To Set Record For Largest Chinese Whisper

S Club and 365 Children attempted the World Record for largest Chinese Whisper to Launch ‘Am I Listening’ Campaign for Childline on Thursday (November 1, 2002) at the London Eye.

The object of the game of ‘Chinese Whispers’ is to see how a phrase changes as it passes to several speakers. Players sit in a circle, and the first player thinks of a phrase and whispers it into the ear of the next player. The second player whispers it to the third, and so on, until it gets back to the to the first player who announces both starting and ending phrases.

S Club To Release New Albums

S Club 'Sunshine' single cover

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S Club will release their 3rd album, ‘Sunshine’, in the US on November 19th, almost two years after ‘7’ was released in the there. The album will feature their latest single “Don’t Stop Movin’.” Also, their 4th album ‘Alive’, will be released in the UK on November 25th and in Canada the next day.

S Club To Star In ‘Seeing Double’

Billboard.com reports British teen pop group S Club (formerly S Club 7) is heading to the big screen in ‘Seeing Double,’ which video director Nigel Dick is in negotiations to direct. The Sony Pictures film will be distributed in the United Kingdom, but no domestic release date is being planned for now.

Paul’s Girlfriend Hannah Staying With S Club 7

The Sun spoke with S Club 7’s Paul Cattermole before his send-off from the group at Monday’s royal gig. Paul admits, “I will look back on yesterday as one of my greatest moments ever. I really feel so lucky. There were no tears and it was a joyous day.” He also said he’ll still see plenty of S Club, as girlfriend Hannah Spearritt will be staying with the band, despite reports otherwise. “I’m going to tag along sometimes to see her. As for trips abroad, I’ll go on one or two with her then I can knock on everyone’s doors and say hello,” he said.

S Club 7 Hottie Hannah To Quit As 7 Becomes 5

News of the World reports Hannah Spearritt will follow the lead of her boyfriend Paul Cattermole and quit S Club 7 to pursue a solo career. A source revealed, “When Paul decided to leave, Hannah thought she could handle being apart. But she’s found it very difficult. Plus, she doesn’t really get on with the band as much as she used to.”

S Club 7’s Jo Calls Off Wedding

The Sun reports Jo O’Meara of S Club 7 has called off her wedding to fiance Lee. Jo revealed they are still together, but won’t get married this year as originally planned: “We had problems over Christmas and wanted to ease the pressure. I’m sure we’ll get married but not yet. Things just got too much for us. We are still very close.”

Paul Cattermole Quits S Club 7 For Solo Career

BBC reports S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole has announced he is leaving the band for a solo career. The remaining six members plan to carry on without a replacement, and will film a movie and a fourth TV series in 2002. Read more.

S Club 7 Back Hear’Say Audition Decision

The Sun spoke with S Club 7’s Tina Barrett and Hannah Spearritt who backed the decision by Hear’Say to hold auditions for a Kym Marsh replacement. Tina said, “It’s best to take on someone you know and like. You spend an awful lot of time together.” Hannah adds, “I can see why they did the auditions in case they met someone really outstanding.”