S Club 7 Dad Arrested On Pedophelia Charge

S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole’s father Gerald Cattermole was sentenced to close to three years in prison on Friday for sexual offenses he committed against underage girls. The 50 year old was found guilty of of having sex with an underage girl twice and assaulting her teenage friend. Sentencing Judge Colston said to Cattermole, “I want to make it plain I do not sentence you today upon the basis that you traded in the fame of your son, or the fact that he may be an idol to these two girls and many others as a result of his success in the pop music world.”

No Plans For S Club 7 To Split

Virgin Records owned Popgoss.com reports their ‘nice lady over at S Club towers’ has told them, “There is absolutely no truth in reports of S Club 7 splitting up. S Club 7 are the busiest they’ve ever been and have no plans to split.” The group is currently in Canada filming a movie and are plotting a fourth album.

Tabloid: S Club 7 To Split Later This Year

Rav Singh of News of the World Reports S Club 7 will announce their breakup later this year and that after their greatest hits compilation CD and farewell tour in June, they’ll make the announcement. This means the group will never again go into a studio to record a new album. A source told the tabloid, “They’ve had a good innings. They are currently at their peak-and they want to go out with a bang.”

Trouble With S Club 7?

The latest update from Popbitch.com includes the story that user Shizzlenizzle writes:
“A friend of mine was covering Children In Need and was asked to do some interviews with SClub7. This entailed spending hours with the band in their dressing rooms.

“After quaffing a lot of the green room beer, she had cause to use the band’s bog and said that the Ladies was covered in puke – two cubicles worth no less. Pregnancies? Bulimia? Nerves? Who dares to say?”

S Club 7 Form S Club Junior

S Club 7 were on Radio 1 to talk about their new spin off band S Club Junior. Bradley from the group explains: “We saw like thousands and thousands of kids and we’ve found nine kids to be there for us on our tour, and you’re gonna see a bit of them, they’re good.”

S Club Want To Clone Members

Radio 1 talked to S Club 7 about whether any band members besides Paul and Hannah hooking up and Bradley replied, “I know people out there can create faces and images on their computers and stuff, it would be quite interesting if they said lets see what kind of baby John and Tina would have.”

Top S Club 7 Queries

Overture.com has its top S Club 7 related searches up for the month, with the boy-girl band receiving a respectable 42,018 searches (SClub7 one word search combined) for the month of September. Perhaps because it’s not an all-girl group, ‘S Club 7 lyric’ surprisingly was the 2nd most searched term, with 2,807 searches. Searches for hot brunette group member Rachel Stevens seems to be the most popular in the group as several related searches include her name, unlike other band members further down the list. The most searched for song was ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ with 626 queries.

S Club 7 In Upcoming Movie

S Club 7 have signed a deal with Columbia Tristar to make a movie which is set to begin filming next April. Tina Barrett from the group said, “It’s going to be really exciting for us. We haven’t seen the scripts yet. But it won’t be like Hannibal Lecter or anything like that.” Barrett predicts it will be based partially on their television series in the UK.