Sally Anthony ‘Machine Gun’ (The iPhone Fan Video)

Indianapolis pop singer Sally Anthony is out with a music video for her new single ‘Machine Gun’, featuring footage from fans submitted on their iPhones and iPads. Watch it via YouTube below.

Sally Anthony Reacts To Barack Obama Election Win

Sally Anthony updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sallyanthonypage) on Tuesday (November 11), which happened to be her birthday. The Indiana pop singer weighed in on Barack Obama’s election victory last week, telling readers:

I just wanna give big ups to Obama!!! I’m beyond thrilled and honored that he’s going to be our 44th President. Most importantly, the first African-American President in US history! It’s about time. Having an African-American daughter myself, that was a proud day for me as well. I hope we get out of this War, because no one wins in a war. I also hope that Obama will bring some light and awareness to what’s going on in Africa. Of course, Darfur is terrible, with the genocide going on there; but all of Africa needs help. Those children need our help. I guess the key word here, is Hope.

Sally Anthony Released From Hospital After Car Wreck

“Tony” of Sally Anthony Management sent out the following blog posting the singer’s MySpace page (@sallyanthonypage) on Wednesday (September 5) after the singer crashed her Porsche 911 early Saturday morning:

Sally Anthony out of Hospital

Just wanted to give a quick update on Sally’s condition. Thanks to everyone for all of their prayers and support. Sally has left the hospital, but will need several weeks of recovery. We are passing all of your messages along to her and she wants me to let everyone know how much she appreciates all the love and prayers.

We will have continued updates here and at

Thanks again for the support, it means the world to Sally.

Sally Anthony Management

Sally Anthony Crashes Her Porsche

Sally Anthony’s official MySpace (@sallyanthonypage) checked in with fans on Saturday (September 1) with the following update:

FYI – we wanted to give fans and friends the update, before the press release hit the news sites.

For Immediate Release:

Pop singer Sally Anthony was involved in a car crash early Saturday morning totaling her 2001 Porsche 911. Police have confirmed that no alcohol or drugs were involved. Anthony was on the way to the studio to finish work on her album ‘Goodbye’ which is set to be released by EMI on 10/23. No additional information is available at this time.