‘Pop Idol’ Crop Fizzles For Simon Cowell

While Simon Cowell is looking forward to nurturing new acts, he didn’t have much encouragement for the last ‘Pop Idol’ winner, Michelle McManus, runners-up Sam and Mark or wannabe singer Jordan. “It just hasn’t worked out for Michelle and I don’t know if she’s going to release any more material,” he told The Mirror. “It’s the same for Sam and Mark. The public has grown weary of that formula and that’s why we’ve changed things with this show, by throwing it open to people of all ages. I’m going after the 30-plus market now. And I’m not going to be working with Jordan either. She has a good voice and if it was three years ago, I would definitely have signed her up. But now the market has changed and I wouldn’t be able to do anything with her.”

Sam And Mark To Release Album, But Plot Solo Careers Too

Sky News reports ‘Pop Idol’ duo Sam and Mark will be releasing a new album later this year, but they have vowed to move on with solo careers later. “We like the idea of splitting and reforming at various stages of our careers,” they said. “At this stage all is going well with us as a duo, but yes, we plan to go solo in the future too.” Read more.

Sam & Mark Top Charts With Beatles Cover

‘Pop Idol’ losers Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes have gone straight to the top of the charts with their cover of the Beatles favorite ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’. The duo, known as Sam & Mark, lost out in the final stages of ‘Pop Idol’, but apparently won many fans. Sam & Mark’s pushed the latest from ex-Boyzone singer Ronan Keating, ‘She Believes (In Me)’, into a number two debut. Read more.