Samantha Mumba Wants To Star With Hopkins And Snipes reports that following the success of her first film ‘The Time Machine’ with Guy Pearce, Irish pop singer Samantha Mumba has listed two leading actors she’d love to work with: “I absolutely admire Anthony Hopkins. I’d love to be in a film with him. I felt quite sorry for him in Hannibal because he was sweet in that one – he was absolutely in love with Clarice. I’d love to do a real action-packed movie with Wesley Snipes. I think we’d kick a** together.”

Movie Rumors On Samantha Mumba Side Effect Of Success

Jeffrey M. Anderson of the San Francisco Examiner spoke with Samantha Mumba about the success of her #1 movie ‘The Time Machine’ and its effects on speculation over future acting jobs. Mumba explained, “Oh, there’s so many rumors. Did you know I’m in the next Bond movie, too? Oh, please! I was up in Glasgow, where Sean Connery’s from, and this journalist — it was like a five-minute interview — says, ‘Sean Connery’s from here, would you like to be in a Bond movie?’ And I said, ‘Yeah. That would be a cool role.’ And all of a sudden it was, ‘Samantha’s in a James Bond movie!'”

Mumba Says Spears’ Bare Midriff No Big Deal In Ireland

Summer Krecke of Katrillion spoke with Samantha Mumba who admitted to being surprised over the controversy in America over Britney Spears dressing bare midriff or in hip hugging jeans. Mumba said, “I remember it being a big deal that Britney Spears was showing her midriff. Back home that’s not an issue — it’s not a big deal.”

Samantha Mumba Starring ‘Time Machine’ #1 At Box Office

‘The Time Machine’ was number one at the weekend box office getting an estimated $22.5 million, easily beating the $14.5 million the number two ranked ‘We Were Soldiers’ earned during the period. The figure also beats out opening weekend numbers by Samantha Mumba’s more familiar pop to film competitors Mandy Moore (‘A Walk To Remember’) and Britney Spears (‘Crossroads’).

Mandy Moore’s Rumor Mill Makes The Message Clear

Because of the flood of questions asking about Mandy Moore and her ‘A Walk To Remember’ co-star Shane West are dating, when you visit the ‘Rumor Mill’ section of Mandy’s official site message board, atop the page you see in bold type: “Note: Mandy and Shane are NOT dating!”

Britney Is YM’S Top Girl Who Changed MTV

March 9, 2002 – YM’s MTV Issue (April 2002) reveals the ’25 Women Who’ve Changed MTV’ Britney Spears is #1, beating-out her idols, Madonna #2 & Janet Jackson #3. She even edged-out pop rivals Christina Aguilera #7 & Mandy Moore #19. J.Lo came it at #4, while Shakira was #9, just slipping by Pink at #10.

Mumba Doesn’t Compare Role To Britney Or Mandy Films

March 8, 2002 – Lynn Barker of Teen Hollywood spoke with Samantha Mumba ahead of ‘The Time Machine’ release today. When asked if she’s seen the films by other pop artists like Britney Spears or Mandy Moore, Mumba said, “No because I just came to the states and they weren’t out in Ireland. I wouldn’t compare any of the roles. They are very different. This film was very challenging and extremely technical with all the CGI effects and everything. I think it was harder than doing just a romantic story but I haven’t seen their movies. I think it’s great that the girls are doing that. I think the timing is quite bad so it looks like we’re doing it at the same time.” The full interview at has since been removed.

Samantha Mumba Visits ‘TRL’ Friday

Samantha Mumba was on with Carson Daly on MTV’s Total Request Live to promote her new film ‘The Time Machine’ on Friday. The singer explained to Carson that the fantasy of time travel is what makes a film like this interesting: “I think it is actually more fascinating when it can’t happen. Time travel will also be fascinating, but if you could do it…”

Samantha Mumba Explains Her Musical Influences

Samantha Mumba spoke with Mike Metz of the Contra Costa Times about her new film ‘The Time Machine’ as well as the origins of her musical influences. Mumba said, “I (idolize) Janet (Jackson) for the dancing, Whitney (Houston) for her vocal talents and Toni Braxton for her attitude. Put them all together.” As for whether her future will be in film or in music, Mumba said, “In (10 years) I don’t really know where I’ll be, going to go along with what happens.”

Mumba Starring ‘Time Machine’ Reviews Mixed

Reviews I’ve read so far on Samantha Mumba starring ‘The Time Machine’ are quite mixed with the movie out in theaters today. Moira Macdonald of the Seattle Times gave the film 2 out of 4 stars. William Arnold of the Seattle Post Intelligencer gave it a ‘B’ Grade. Steven Rea of the Philadelphia Inquirer gave it 3 out of 4 stars. Finally, Gemma Tarlach of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel slammed the film giving it 1 out of 4 stars.

Samantha Mumba Promotes Film At Planet Hollywood has 21 photos of Irish pop singer Samantha Mumba promoting her new film ‘The Time Machine’ at Planet Hollywood Times Square in New York City on Thursday.

The Irish pop singer was joined by a small dog, wearing a brown leather jacket, blue jeans and a white t-shirt to the event. Mumba stars ‘The Time Machine’, a science fiction film loosely adapted from the 1895 novel of the same name by H. G. Wells.

Check out the pictures here.

Samantha Mumba Not Looking For Singing Film Roles

Jeff Strickler of the Star Tribune spoke with Samantha Mumba ahead of ‘The Time Machine’ release where the singer now actress says she has no plans on mixing her two talents onscreen. Mumba said, “If I do more acting, I’m going to keep it separate from my singing. I don’t want to end up in a movie where I play a singer or dancer.” Mumba did applaud the recent success at Britney Spears’ ‘Crossroads’ while she winced at Mariah Carey’s bomb of a film ‘Glitter’.