Samantha Mumba Hits Meet & Great Today

The Chicago Sun Times reports Samantha Mumba will be in a Chicago suburb later today to sign autographs and greet fans at the Best Buy in Downers Grove from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. CST. Mumba has her major film debut soon in ‘The Time Machine’ starring with Guy Pearce.

Samantha Mumba As Child Was Obsessed With Having Boobs

FHM spoke with Samantha Mumba who admitted to being rather loony as a child, having an imaginary boyfriend and keeping diaries as if she was famous at the age of 8. Mumba admits, “I still have that diary, and the things I wrote in it were just weird. I was so obsessed with having boobs that I’d write day after day how they were getting bigger, which at 8 years old they certainly weren’t.” Mumba does say she now has a real life boyfriend but was mum beyond that, “He’s certainly not imaginary anymore, but that’s all I care to say, I’m crazy enough, I’d hate to jinx it.”

Samantha Mumba Buys Pair Of New Homes

Showbiz Ireland reports Samantha Mumba is planning to purchase two luxury homes – one in Dublin and one in Los Angeles. A friend of the singer revealed, “She’s getting loads of offers of work from American movie makers and record producers at the moment. Having a place out there is more than justified.” Read more.

Samantha Mumba Loved Filming ‘The Time Machine’ spoke with Samantha Mumba about her upcoming film ‘The Time Machine’ which hits theaters March 8. Mumba said of filming with co-star Guy Pearce, “I loved every minute of filming it. It was amazing to work with Guy – he taught me everything. The first day on set I was so nervous but he put me at ease straight away. It took me a few takes to settle down and stop shaking but my confidence grew as time went on.” Read more.

Samantha Mumba Gets Passport For Dog

The Sun reports Samantha Mumba has gotten a passport for her dog Foxy so her Shih Tzu will be able to travel with her. Mumba said of the passport, “Foxy will be able to come places with me. I go on like a proud mother – it’s pathetic!”

Mumba Doesn’t Want To Be A Diva

WENN reports Samantha Mumba has no plans on taking her music career too seriously admitting, “I don’t know if I want to be a diva. To me, a diva is someone fabulous and glamorous but they often have bad reputations. I don’t want that. I don’t take the music business that seriously, so I won’t be forgetting reality.”

Ravta Winners Include Mumba, S Club 7, Blue

News of the World’s Rav Singh held his own awards show called the Ravtas earlier this week at London’s Le Meridien Piccadilly Hotel. Among the winners were Samantha Mumba who won the ‘You Wish Ravta’ prompting her to say, “It’s great winning a Ravta. I’m just not looking forward to the hangover.”

Mumba Collapses From Exhaustion

The Sun reports Samantha Mumba collapsed from exhaustion while recording her new album and promoting her single Lately. Manager Louis Walsh told the Sun, “The poor thing is lying ill – she has been working too hard.” Mumba was ordered to stay in bed for the next 10 days.

Mumba Warned To Sound Less American

WENN reports Irish singer Samantha Mumba upset her record company after a sixth month stay in Los Angeles filming “The Time Machine” caused her to come back home with a half-Irish, half-American accent. A friend revealed, “Nobody could believe it when she came back from L.A. speaking in this half-Irish, half-American accent. I don’t think she even realized. But when her bosses pointed it out she was horrified — and vowed to stay true to her roots.”

Mumba Won’t Bare All

Irish pop star Samantha Mumba tells the Mirror she will never pose naked for Playboy no matter what they offer. Mumba admits, “I wouldn’t do Playboy for any amount of money. I’m a role model for kids. I have little nieces who are fans. So I have to be careful.”