Lindsay Lohan Is Samantha Ronson’s New Apparently Unwelcome Neighbor

Lindsay Lohan’s new neighbor in Venice, California is her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. After LiLo exited rehab, she picked up a home right next door to SamRo. “Trust me, it wasn’t planned,” the DJ told paparazzi before telling another, “Dude, I’m way too pissed off right now.” A video report from TMZ has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Upset After Making “Most Provocative” List?

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly “beyond upset” to be named one of the “most provocative” celebrities by ‘Showbiz Tonight’. The HLN show discussed the situation, with A.J. Hammer wondering if LiLo even knew what the word provocative means before listing all the incidents that qualified her.

E! News’ Ken Baker and entertainment journalist Kelly Carter then joined in to offer their thoughts. “Maybe, she’s angry because she didn’t win, A.J. She wanted to be number one,” Baker said about the honor that went to Lady Gaga. “You, guys, just had her in the top five. Honestly, look, I mean, the bottom line is it was a provocative year for her. And I think that if she’s still in this denial stage or she can`t even acknowledge that, then 2011 is going to be a very active year for all of us.”

Watch the segment, aired Monday (December 13) via below the cut. (more…)

Christina Aguilera On The Rebound With Samantha Ronson?

Christina Aguilera filed to end her marriage to Jordan Bratman earlier this week, and now a source is telling X17 that the new person in the ‘Dirrty’ singer’s life could be Lindsay Lohan’s ex-lover Samantha Ronson. The pair “have been inseparable” since vacationing with each other in Cabo, with Aguilera seen leaving Sam’s home the other night and stopping by The Roxy on Sunday to the DJ at work. “Their relationship is different because Christina doesn’t create the kind of drama that Lindsay did,” a source told the paparazzi agency. Ronson wasn’t around when Aguilera took her son Max to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Samantha Ronson Incredibly Sad Over Dog Attack

Samantha Ronson is reacting to news that her bulldog Cadillac killed another dog in messages to her Twitter followers (@samantharonson) posted Monday evening. The case is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care & Control, according to People magazine. Sam writes:

There is absolutely nothing I can say that will alter one minute of today, nothing.

I feel incredibly sad and wish I could offer more than condolences, unfortunately there are no words to describe how sorry I am.

Samantha Ronson Rips Sheryl Crow’s “Awful” New Album

Samantha Ronson ripped Sheryl Crow’s new album ‘100 Miles from Memphis’ hours ago, telling her Twitter followers (@samantharonson):

I’m not exactly sure why I bought the new Sheryl Crow record, but I’d like my money back and the time spent listening to the record. Awful!

For real, I’m offended by how bad it is. She ruined songs by Citizen Cope, Terence Trent D’Arby and The Jackson 5. What happened to her?

She should have faded out in the country genre – as she was – no need to ruin blue eyed soul for the rest of em. Sorry – but I was a huge fan!

Lindsay Lohan Is “Tired Of Samantha Ronson”

Lindsay Lohan is firing back at on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson on her Twitter account (@lindsaylohan) in wake of the DJ told a TMZ cameraman Lindsay was “an angry human being” after LiLo allegedly threw a drink at her over the weekend and had her banned from entering a club she was working at. LiLo writes:

I’m pretty sure that @samantharonson just threw a fit @33years old and my friend tal @draishollywood illegally open NOW at this hour
Asked me, after being here jus for Timbalands birthday-to leave even though she stayed over just 2nights ago-tired of @samantharonson
Playing the innocent card, while chatting to tmz just like my ex-father, when all I’ve ever done is fall for a girl

Lindsay Lohan Headed To Jail For Probation Violation?

Lindsay Lohan has violated the terms of her probation and is headed for a showdown in court next month that will almost certainly land the 23-year-old in jail. TMZ’s Harvey Levin says LiLo was supposed to go to her alcohol education classes every 7 days and she instead has been going every 21 days. “We have received no negative written report from the program and contend Ms. Lohan is therefore in compliance,” Lohan’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley told the web site. The video report from TMZ at MySpace has since been removed.

Rosie O’Donnell: Lindsay Lohan Needs A Severe Intervention

Rosie O’Donnell is offering advice for Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina. “Lindsay Lohan needs a severe intervention,” she tells ‘Access Hollywood’. “She’s a kid from Exit 51 on Long Island… that’s exactly where I grew up. There were like five people that were famous in the area where we grew up and she’s one of them, and it makes me very sad.”

The video at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan: Samantha Ronson Spit In My Face (Sam Denies)

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson had some sort of blow-up at a birthday party last night, with the actress claiming the DJ had spit on her. LiLo told her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan):

Fun @coachella but tonight @ my friernds bday party, @samantharonson spit in my face and left w/ @mileycyrus ‘s ex

Prompting a later Twitter response from Sam (@samantharonson):

Guess what didn’t happen tonight…

Adam Lambert Enjoys A Night Out In London With Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson and Adam Lambert were spotted together leaving the Mayfair Hotel for a night out on Saturday (March 20) in London, England. Check out pictures from Just Jared. The ‘American Idol’ season eight runner-up wrote earlier in the evening on his Twitter (@adamlambert):

On being a role model: “don’t do as I do- do as YOU do” I hope young folk feel empowered to freely be whoever the fu** they want to be!
“young” is obviously a state of mind. :)

Bar Fight Between Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson

Radar reports on more drama between Lindsay Lohan and on/off (currently off) girlfriend Samantha Ronson, this time at Crown bar on Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

“Lindsay was trying to get Sam’s attention, but she was working and studiously ignored Lindsay,” a witness explained. “You could see Lindsay getting more and more worked up the more Sam didn’t pay her any attention. At one point Lindsay was dirty dancing with this really pretty girl right in front of Sam, obviously to try and make her jealous. Sam just got sick of it all in the end though and started taunting Lindsay about her being all drunk and messed up. She said to Lindsay, ‘Why don’t you just have another drink?’ and even told her, ‘You’re a disgrace’. That made Lindsay just totally flip out on Sam. She picked up a drink and threw it straight in her face! Sam was absolutely furious and picked up some DJ equipment that was by her and threw that at Lindsay. It was crazy!”

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Update: Both Lohan and Ronson are denying Sam is physically violent

Lindsay Lohan updated her Twitter followers (@lindsaylohan) moments ago, reacting to a report in Radar that she had told someone on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson had “beat the sh** out of her” and that the “she also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time.” The 23-year-old writes:

This is become a bit much *Samantha R never raised a hand to me, I’ve never said she did* Enough is Enough. Focus on other more important world issues

LiLo’s comments prompted Ronson to respond:

@lindsaylohan thank you for clearing that up. the high road was giving me a nose bleed! ;)

To ANYONE who perpetuates this rumor accusing me of being violently abusive after @lindsaylohan has denied it: I WILL take legal action.

Lindsay Lohan: Samantha Ronson Has “Done Nothing But Break My Heart”

Apparently Lindsay Lohan and on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson are fighting again, and the 23-year-old is again taken to broadcasting her side of the story to the world on her Twitter (@lindsaylohan). LiLo writes moments ago:

@samantharonson every interview asked about u…I couldn’t respond due2lack of information on our current status..& yes, our relat-is public

@samantharonson every1 hears anything&everything about our life neway*y not give them the truth?ur friends r happy, every1 u abide by when-

@samantharonson when you give in more&more to their childish, superficial antics…U TAUGHT me about our “friends” in LA, them coming b/t us

@samantharonson *them being PART OF our “1 on 1” relationship..I took the biggest chance of my life w/u&u’ve done nothing but break my heart

@samantharonson there….. Public enough 4 your friends&family? Let them know that you stayed w/me in singapore. Shame on them 4 encouraging

@samantharonson you to lie. That’s not love….. I guess you’re right…. Your family is probably right too….sorry for falling for you

Update: Lohan has since deleted the tweets.

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Stock Up On Cigarettes

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson were well stocked up with cigarettes as they smoked outside Dan Tana’s restaurant on Thursday (August 6) in Los Angeles, California. When a paparazzi told LiLo “no more fighting” between the volatile couple, she responded, “Tell her that, not me.” Ronson celebrated her 32nd birthday today.

Footage at has since been removed.

The photo provided by Bauer-Griffin has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Shopping At Satine & Opening Ceremony

Lindsay Lohan is sporting a newly blonde hairstyle while out and about in West Hollywood, where the 23-year-old did some shopping at Satine and Opening Ceremony boutiques. After that, LiLo and friends had a conversation outside with Samantha Ronson. Watch footage below.