Ozzy Osbourne Refuses To Perform With Sanjaya Malakar

An insider tells The New York Post Ozzy Osbourne was confirmed to perform on last week’s finale of ‘American Idol’, but canceled at the last minute “when he learned he would have to do a duet with Sanjaya [Malakar]. Ozzie said he didn’t want to be onstage with that idiot.” Instead, Joe Perry of Aerosmith was somehow talked into playing guitar as Sanjaya performed ‘You Really Got Me’. Read more.

John Kerry’s Sanjaya Quip During Commencement Address

The Providence Journal reports that in the keynote address at the 107th commencement at the University of MassachusettsDartmouth, Senator John Kerry joked about Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and ‘American Idol’ finalist Sanjaya Malakar. “I received over 59 million votes for president, yet I am humbled to know that it’s still 5 million fewer people than voted for Sanjaya,” Kerry quipped.

The story at projo.com has since been removed.

Mock Interview: Jennifer Lopez Vs. Paris Hilton

MuchMusic’s ‘MuchOnDemand’ ran out of dressing rooms and had to put Jennifer Lopez and Paris Hilton together… in the same room. Luckily, they had a camera in there too. Watch what happened via YouTube below.

Jailhouse Stars

May 19, 2007 – Paris Hilton isn’t the only celebrity who’s been sentenced to the slammer. Criminal justice reporter Jane Valez-Mitchell visited Fox News Channel on Saturday (May 19) to discuss the high tech age of high tech celebrity outings of bad behavior before a publicist can kill a story. Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Paris Hilton’s Jail Sentence Cut In Half

May 19, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Friday night, “As you may have heard, Paris Hilton’s jail sentence has been cut in half. See, in Los Angeles, this is known as ‘lipo-sentencing’. … See, originally she got 45 days and now she was cut to 23 days. Well that just goes to show you, in Los Angeles, our judges stand by their decisions, unless it’s a hot, blonde celebrity, then okay.”

Paris Hilton Plans To Pen Jail Diary

May 19, 2007 – The Sun reports Paris plans to write a prison diary, hoping it will make her millions. “There will be details of clashes with prisoners and disgusting meals,” a source said. “She thinks this will show she is paying her debt to society.”

Animal-Rights Extremist Threatens Jennifer Lopez?

May 10, 2007 – A friend of Jennifer tells The New York Daily News the diva is beefing up her security because of an animal-rights extremist who has been sending letters threatening “to kill her in public, just like the slaughtered animals whose fur she wears.” But Lopez’s spokeswoman shot the story down as “untrue.” Read more.

Us TV Talks With Jennifer Lopez

April 28, 2007 – Jennifer spoke with Us Weekly after being named the mag’s Style Icon of the Year. “It was unexpected,” she admitted at Sugar in Hollywood on Thursday (April 26). “It took me two hours to get ready, like every other girl.” Veoh.com has since removed the video.

Sanjaya Says Jennifer Lopez ‘Really Cared’

April 21, 2007 – After getting the boot from ‘American Idol’, Sanjaya was singing praising last week’s guest mentor Jennifer. “She really cared, she really wanted to help us,” the 17-year-old told ‘Extra’ correspondent Terri Seymour. As for J.Lo’s husband Marc Anthony’s admission that he wants to adopt Sanjaya, the ‘Idol’ wannabe couldn’t find words for the offer. “I don’t know… I was like, ‘Sure’. I mean, I’ve never been offered to be adopted,” he said. Read more and watch footage here.

Sanjaya Malakar Visits Seattle’s KISS 106.1 FM

‘American Idol’ castoff Sanjaya Malakar visited KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Monday (May 14) to talk with Jackie & Bender and Sammi about his appearance at the Girls Night Out concert the previous night. They talked about his screaming fans – which he doesn’t get, who he brought to the studio, complaints Sajaya doesn’t talk loud enough, and he did a lightning round of questions. Audio at kiss1061.com has since been removed.

Nashville’s Fox 17 Covers Melinda Doolittle’s Homecoming

Fox 17 WZTV in Nashville covered ‘American Idol’ finalist Melinda Doolittle’s return to Nashville on Friday. They followed Melinda on her visit to her alma mater Belmont University her favorite restaurant, and the state capitol building. They spoke with fans, including Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George, the state’s governor, and Melinda’s mother Marguerite Doolittle. The video at sbgnet.com has since been removed.

Is ‘American Idol’ Racist?

Carmen Rasmusen on if 'American Idol' is racist on 'Scarborough Country'

April 16, 2007 – With only six contestants left on ‘American Idol’, how much of a role will race play in who stays and who goes? ‘Scarborough Country’ host Joe Scarborough asked former ‘Idol’ Carmen Rasmusen and commentator John Ridley what role race plays on the hit show. Video of the segment, aired Monday (April 30), at Bing.com has since been removed.

Fergie Talks With AmericanIdol.com

April 24, 2007 – James Pumphrey of AmericanIdol.com caught up with Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas last week after her performance last Wednesday on the ‘American Idol’ country week elimination show. Fergie talked about having to win over people as part of the Peas and later as a solo artist, how she’s a big ‘Idol’ fan, and what ‘London Bridge’ means. The interview at americanidol.com has since been removed.

Sanjaya No Longer On ‘American Idol’

April 20, 2007 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Wow. Thank you. Wow, what a great crowd here. [Cheers and applause] Thank you very much. You sound like Simon after Sanjaya got voted off last night. … As you know, Sanjaya no longer on ‘American Idol’. Yeah. [Audience aws] Well, it’s kind of a dilemma for them, ’cause he was the only well-known contestant they had left, right? I mean, people knew him. Now, it’s down to ‘what’s his face’, ‘what’s her name’ and ‘who’s the other guy?’ You know what I’m saying? See, I feel sorry for – I like Sanjaya. ‘Cause people get that ‘oh, he’s only popular because of his good looks and his hair.’ Hey, how do you think I got this job? I went through that, believe me. [Laughter] I have been there!”

‘GMA’ Recaps ‘Idol’ Sanjaya Elimination Show

April 19, 2007 – ‘American Idol’ said goodbye to Sanjaya Malakar Wednesday night. ‘Good Morning America’ recapped the show and spoke with Rolling Stone’s Jenny Eliscu about the Federal Way native’s post ‘Idol’ future. The segment, aired Thursday (April 19), at abcnews.go.com has since been removed.

Malakar Siblings Talk With Fox News

Courtney Friel of Fox News Channel checked in with the ousted ‘American Idol’ Sanjaya Malakar and his sister Shyamali to talk about the media attention he’s received since getting the boot, and Sanjaya turned the table and interviewed Courtney for a bit.

Video at FoxNews.com has since been removed.

Sanjaya Makalar Fan Clubs Organizing

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Even though Sanjaya has been voted off ‘American Idol’, some viewers are organizing fan clubs. They want to be known as ‘Fanjayas’. Or by their current name, deaf people.”

Chris Sligh Clarifies Comments On Sanjaya Malakar

‘American Idol’ castoff Chris Sligh updated a blog posting that many took as critical of fellow ‘Idol’ castoff Sanjaya Malakar. “My recent blog post about Sanjaya seemed to get a lot of people up in arms,” Sligh writes at frommymindtoyoureyes. “Though the post is now posted all over the internet, I have decided to remove it from here and I will say this: my intent was never to say anything disrespectful about Sanjaya – those of you who have said it: you are right, I shouldn’t have said that he was annoying…it was poor taste on my part. I also shouldn’t have pointed out my opinion of his voice, though let’s get this straight I NEVER said anything negative about his voice. Sanjaya made the top 24 out of over 100,000 people, and I made it clear that I always thought he deserved to be there. Me saying that 23 people had better voices is in no way negative – negative would’ve been to say that Sanjaya sucks and he can’t carry a tune (I do not think either of those things, I am making a point). However, it was in bad taste and I should’ve known that it would be spun as me being negative, and I was naive to think any differently. So I take full responsibility and apologize sincerely for the original post.”

New Job For Sanjaya Malakar

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “Hey, did you see who was at the White House Correspondents Dinner this past weekend? Sanjaya from ‘American Idol’. He was a guest. In fact, Republican leaders made Alberto Gonzales sit next to Sanjaya as kind of a hint that maybe it was time to go. … And the good news, this kid is a very nice kid, Sanjaya. And he’s already got a new job. You see his new gig? He’s been hired by the John Edwards campaign as a hair consultant.”

Sanjaya Malakar Visits ‘The Morning Show’ Featuring Crying ‘Idol’

‘American Idol’ castoff Sanjaya Malakar visited ‘The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet’ on Tuesday (April 24). The 17-year-old discussed his experience on the hit show, appearing on ‘The Late Show’, his critics, and more. Later, Ashley Fern, the famous Crying ‘Idol’, minus her top braces which were just removed yesterday, made a cameo. He then performed Consuelo Velázquez’s ‘Besame Mucho’. Video at mandjshow.com has since been removed.