Sara Bareilles Performs ‘Love Song’ On ‘The Saturday Early Show’

Sara Bareilles’ album ‘Little Voice’ and her first single ‘Love Song’ are in the top 10 on the charts. The singer songwriter brought her earthy, soulful voice to the Second Cup Cafe with Kelly Wallace on ‘The Saturday Early Show’. Explaining the album title, Sara said, “‘Little Voice’ was sort of my mantra through the making of this record. I was really trying to get to a place were I could really hear my own opinion, and learn how to articulate that to other people. So it’s kind of like listening to that little voice inside you.” Watch the interview and performance below the cut. (more…)

Sara Bareilles: I Got Hacked

Sara Bareilles checked in with her MySpace friends (@sarabareilles) on Saturday (January 5) with the following bulletin:

Hey guys.

Just saying sorry if you had any trouble with my page recently. I got hacked and we’re in the process of putting everything back in it’s place, but some people got deleted and all my pictures were gone, and it was really like my whole world was turned upside down. Colors seemed less brilliant, food didn’t taste as good, and jokes just weren’t as funny. If any of that trickled down to you, I’m so sorry. But we’ve hired private investigators and we’re pretty sure whoever did this will be behind bars by the end of next week. So, rest easy, my little ones. And eat more protein. If we’ve learned ANYTHING from this, it’s that.

Thanks again.