Calum Aloud Out

Just one week after dad George Best’s funeral, son Calum was out on the town with Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding. “They looked like a young glam couple out on a date,” an onlooker told The Mirror. “He was being the perfect gent and she looked very happy.” A spokesman said, “Sarah’s a good friend and Calum’s going through a hard time so she’s making sure she’s there for him.”

Sarah Aloud Collapses On ‘cd:uk’ From Kidney Infection

Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding collapsed on live television after the group performed ‘Biology’ on ‘cd:uk’ in London in front of shocked fans. A doctor was called and ordered her home to rest after diagnosing a kidney infection, according to The People. “She was carried out of the studio,” a spokesman for the group revealed. “She couldn’t stand or walk. She has a kidney infection. Sarah had been in pain for a few days but because she damaged her hip during dance rehearsals this week she thought it was related to that. The rest of the girls carried on to Birmingham without her. She hasn’t had to go into hospital. The doctor has told her to do nothing for the next few days and rest.” Read more.

Sarah Harding Too Busy For Sex

Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding complained to Loaded magazine: “Would I have had more sex if I hadn’t joined the group? Probably, yeah. It’s the job, you see – you’re busy all the time and you’re more or less celibate the second you start.” After dating Calum Best and Phixx star Mikey Green, and catching the eye of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, Harding admits, “I don’t mind dating and having fun, but when sex comes into it, it’s a different ball game.”

Nick Carter Eyes Sarah Aloud

Having already enjoyed a makeout session with Javine Hylton, Nick Carter tells The Mirror he’s looking to score with her former ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ competitor Sarah Harding of Girls Aloud. “The blonde one is hot,” the Backstreet Boys star said. “I’ve seen their photos and the whole band’s pretty hot. We definitely wouldn’t mind meeting them. I think Sarah’s my ideal woman.”

Sarah Harding’s New Guy Calum Best Already Straying?

The Mirror reports that just minutes after gushing about Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding on Wednesday night, saying “She’s great, absolutely gorgeous”, Calum Best was on the prowl for other women at Chinawhite. An onlooker revealed that Best and pal Dean Gaffney “were surrounded by girls. At one point Calum got two scantily-clad girls to snog and he took a picture of them.”

Sarah Harding Back With Calum Best

The People reports that after her split with Phixx’s Mikey Green, Girls Aloud beauty Sarah Harding is back with her ex, Calum Best. The couple were spotted at Selfridges on Friday in London. “It’s very hard to get men to shop for any household items. He must think a lot of her,” an onlooker remarked. “He grabbed hold of her round the waist and kissed her. She pushed him away when she spotted shoppers trying to take pictures and said ‘I can’t believe you did that in front everyone here’. Calum said, ‘There’s no-one we know here. No-one will see us’.”

Sarah Harding And Mikey Green Split

According to The Mirror, Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has given up on her affair with Phixx’s Mikey Green after a last-chance holiday failed to rekindle their romance. “Sarah and Mikey tried but they couldn’t make it work,” a source revealed.

Sarah Harding Wants To Get Pumped Up

Sky News quotes Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding confessing: “I’d love to have my breasts done. I wish I could have valves in the sides, so some days I can have massive ones and other days smaller ones!”

Sarah Harding Blasts Manager’s ‘Too Thin’ Critique

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has hit back at the band’s manager Louis Walsh, who recently suggested the group had gotten too thin, months after he had said they were getting too fat. “Blah blah blah blah,” Harding sneered to ‘cd:uk’ on Saturday. “You know what Louie’s like. C’mon. You’re fat, you’re thin, you’re this, you’re that. Whatever.”