Sarah Martin Visits Backstreet Boys In Studio

lovemy2k9s on the Sarah Martin International Yahoo group reported on a chat with Sarah, where she revealed she had visited ex-lover AJ McLean and the rest of the Backstreet Boys at the studio in Los Angeles. “I am very close to Sarah & adore her. Anyways, I spoke with her just earlier & she told me she had just visited with A.J. & ‘the guys’ at the studio in Los Angeles,” the poster wrote. “A.J. invited her to come by. She also got to see the Littrell baby boy whom she had never met before. She said he’s beautiful and strongly resembles his mama. She had a great time, although it was brief because she had to leave for work. She sincerely appreciates all of you for your continued love and support. She hasn’t been able to communicate with you because she hasn’t bothered with setting-up her computer for almost 8 months. I hope my posting here helps you know that she cares about each and every one of you! Bye for now.”

Singer Sarah Martin’s Web Site Closed?

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For many fans of singer Sarah Martin, a surprise was discovered this weekend on her offical web site that appeared to have been removed. No word yet on if and when the site will return. Martin, who was previously engaged to Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, has not been heard from since her last posting in August of 2003.

AJ McLean And Sarah Martin Seem Couplish Again

At the ‘Luck of the Paw’ casino night in Santa Monica, California on December 7th, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and his on-off girlfriend “seemed couplish” again, an eyewitness told Us Weekly. McLean’s publicist told Us the pair are currently “just friends,” and Martin hasn’t put her engagement ring back on. Asked if the pair planned on getting married soon, AJ said, “We’re a little too busy right now, but someday.”

AJ McLean And Sarah Martin Attend Animal Avengers Benefit

*NSYNC star Lance Bass, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and his on/off girlfriend Sarah Martin were on hand for the ‘Luck Of The Paw’ Casino Night to benefit Animal Avengers at The Victorian in Santa Monica, California on Sunday (December 7). Check out pictures from WireImage.

Amanda Latona And Sarah Martin

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I recently visited popdirt to discover someone had posted and article about Amanda Latona being signed to Simon Cowell’s ‘S’ records. This news itself was not what disturbed me. The thing that I found odd, was the comparisons made in this article.

This person pitted Amanda against Sarah Martin, and claimed Amanda has a loyal, long standing fanbase and support, while Sarah does not. This is untrue. Sarah does still have a large fanbase, and to be quite frank, the Amanda/Sarah comparison is very similar to the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera comparison.

AJ McLean & Sarah Martin Still Working On Their Relationship

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In a recent post on her official website, Sarah Martin confirmed that Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and herself are still in contact, trying to make things work in their relationship. Responding to a fan’s question about the pair, Martin responded, “Alex and I? We are doing very well right now. We are talking several times a day, and we see one another pretty often these days. We have made a commitment to each other to build a strong foundation for our future (It’s hard work on both of our parts). He is in New York today and will be attending the MTV Awards on Thursday, so tune in to see if you can catch him in the audience. He’ll also do a little ‘red carpeting’ so that he can talk a bit about what’s going on in his life. He is working very hard right now on trying to discover who he is deep down inside, and outside of being a Backstreet Boy. That’s pretty much been his identity for a long time and he needs to get to know himself again. I am doing all that I possibly can to support him through the process. The doggies go to his house 3 times a week which not only helps me so that I can get a little break, but it also is helpful for him on a responsibility level, ya know?”

Sarah Martin Apparently Not Signed With Dreamworks

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Sarah Martin, who said she was signed to Dreamworks recording, has recently posted news of her upcoming “independent” release on Sarah said, “Hello, all! It’s Sarah. My computer is up and running again…. FINALLY! I have been a very busy girl. Wouldn’t know where to start if I tried. But I’ll fill you in a bit on the music first. I am in the process of recording an album that will initially be sold independently on-line, however at the same time, I have signed on with a new on-line radio station. They will only play unsigned artists. There is a huge name attached to this company, so I am confident that it will soar. In the next few weeks, this station will have exposure all over the world. I will have between 5-10 songs that can be downloaded through the station only. Some new, some of my older material, and a few updated and re-recorded. I believe it costs a dollar per song to download.”

Sarah Martin Takes A Stab At Ex-AJ McLean

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In a recent Q & A with her official fanclub, Sarah Martin took a bit of a stab at her ex-fiance AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys. When asked her biggest pet peeve, her response was “Right now cheaters. Guys who can’t keep their di** in their pants. Read on for the full interview.

Sarah Martin Working With Kevin Richardson?

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In a recent interview with ‘Upcoming Artists’, Sarah Martin made mention of possible work with Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson for her debut album.

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1. Hello Sarah! How are you doing? Fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. Very busy.

2. Anything new with your career? I think you are working on new music? Yes. It’s going very well and I have so many experiances to write about. I’m talking about possibliy doing some music with Kevin (Richardson). Then there are a few other music situations I’m working on.

Sarah Martin Posts New Message

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Upcoming singer/songwriter Sarah Martin has posted on her officail yahoo group, LovingSarah, for the first time since the “incident”. She speaks about her new album, her waitressing job, and how things are with Backstreet Boy AJ McLean. Read on for Sarah’s post.