Sarah Martin Explains N-Word Usage

Sarah Martin has posted a response to the firestorm of controversy caused by her “Peace, Nigga” diary sign-off the other day. She writes: “My goodness…I guess I have some explaining to do, huh?? Just so you all know, I haven’t read any of the posts since this “n” word issue. Am I scared to? I guess deep down…ya maybe. (I don’t deal with confrontation very well. I’m very strong on many levels, but confrontation is not my forte’.) The girls told me some of the responses and I think I get the point.”

AJ Still Trying To Work Things Out With Sarah Martin

Despite photos showing the two holding hands, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and model/actress/aspiring singer Summer Altice aren’t dating, according to AJ’s rep Juliet Harris. AJ turned to Summer after his engagement and Valentine’s Day wedding plans to Sarah Martin fizzled over his alchohol problems and infidelity. “AJ and Summer are just really good frineds,” she said. “He and Sarah are still trying to work things out.”

Sarah Martin N-word Diary Entry Removed

Moderators at Sarah Martin’s official website have removed the ‘Peace Nigga’ sign-off reference from the recently signed singer’s last journal entry last week that brought a hundreds of angry responses on the former fiance of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean’s website and Yahoo group. We screen captured the message for evidence. Moderators have been removing critical reactions from the singer’s website, bringing more controversy with it. Kita wrote, “I can understand negative language or straight up dogging on someone to be deleted, but when someone makes a valid point in a mature manner…well, deleting that makes the people who run the site seem like they can’t handle hearing that sort of thing.” Trish countered, “It’s not censorship. Most of those comments were crude and uncalled for. The language was unreal, and i’m glad to see them gone. No official site would put up with that.”

Sarah Martin Uses The N-word In Diary Entry

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Sarah Martin, best known for her brief engagement to Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, just updated her site today and left a little message to her fans. However, she took it upon herself to use the n-word, which is causing an uproar seeing as how she is white. She says, “Signing off now….no…I can’t! I wanna’ keep on blabbing about absolutely nothing….okay, now there telling me to slowly move away from the computer. I guess it’ll still be here tomorrow. Peace, Nigga’. Sarah Jo”

AJ’s Fall Of The Wagon Final Straw For Sarah Martin

The Enquirer reports Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean is back on the bottle after the singer was spotted getting smashed on April 4th at a Hollywood nightclub. “AJ and his buddies were pounding Heinekens all night,” a source revealed. A pal of his ex-fiance said, “Sarah has had it with AJ’s on-again, off-again drinking. She has been the idean fiance, supporting him every step of the way. Sarah even attended the Al-Anon meetings to help AJ overcome his drinking problem. On top of that, she forgave him when she found out he was cheating on her with a girl he met at AA. Then he goes out and starts getting loaded again. What a kick in the head for her!”

Backstreet Boy And Fiance Doing Ok

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The rumor around town is that Backstreet Boys singer AJ McLean and his fiance, newly signed singer/songwriter, Sarah Martin are done for good. But today on LovingSarah, the yahoo group Sarah’s good friend owns, Sharon (the owner) said, “Yes, they are definitley doing great. The doggies are doing really good too.” She said this after a fan asked how Sarah and AJ were doing because of all the rumors she has been hearing. And she had recently talked to Sarah.

AJ McLean & Sarah Martin Officially Kaput

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According to the new issue of US Weekly, Sarah Martin and AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys have officially split up. She says that her engagement ring is “sitting in a drawer”, and the magazine reports that the two are still “in touch”.

Sarah Martin Signed To Dreamworks Records

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Singer/songwriter Sarah Martin, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean’s girlfriend, has been picked up by Dreamworks Records. She posted the news on her official Yahoo group recently. Read on for what she had to say.

AJ McLean And Sarah Martin Rebuilding Relationship

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Since coming clean to Us Weekly about his infidelity, Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and fiancee Sarah Martin are still rebuilding their relationship. Though the couple arrived separately and Martin wasn’t wearing her engagement ring at the March 1st Soul Train Awards, they were optimistic. “He’s got some work to do before we’ll be ready for each other,” Martin said. McLean added: “We’re communicating and we’ll make sure [the wedding] happens eventually.”

Sarah’s Face Transformed In Pain After AJ’s Cheating

The New York Daily News reports Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and fiance Sarah Martin were back together last weekend at a party for Nelly at the W Hotel in Los Angeles. “For three weeks I was pretty much curled up in a ball by myself in the dark,” Martin said after AJ told her he had cheated on her with a woman attending AA. “My face was transformed from the pain… then I realized how strong I was.”