AJ McLean & Sarah Martin Attend Kathy Griffin Christmas Party

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According to DLS, “AJ attended Kathy Griffin’s annual Christmas Party, on last Saturday, Dec. 14. Her party is a well-known event with celebrities. It was hosted at Kathy’s house, in L.A. at 2pm. AJ chatted with Kathy’s mom, who made him to taste her famous Swedish meatballs, and told him how she slaved in the kitchen for hours making them, when in reality, Kathy said that she buys them from the restaurant of IKEA Store. lol Sarah was also present, and she called AJ ‘Daddy McLean’ once again, as she did when she was performing at the Mint, on Sept.7, 2002. They also danced together.” Read on for more on the Backstreet Boys star.

AJ McLean And Sarah’s Bloopers From VH1 Rock & Roll Wedding

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Serena from DLSOnline.net says, “I’d like to share with all of you what happened during the filming of VH1’s Rock and Roll Wedding. I got to assist to the filming of this program, so I will tell you some of the things that happened on that day. For those of you who don’t know about this program, it followed some famous couples while they were working on wedding plans. AJ McLean and Sarah Martin were among the couples in this episode.” In the first outtake, Sarah got AJ good. In the second outtake, AJ got Sarah back. Read on for a summary of the outtakes.

AJ & Sarah at Shannon Elizabeth’s Charity Event

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Sarah Martin, fiance of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, posted on her ‘Loving Sarah’ group website that she and AJ will be performing about 6 songs at a charity event called Animal Avengers. She says “I have an upcoming event on December 10th out here in LA. Its for a charity event called Animal Avengers. This is actress Shannon Elizabeth’s foundation… and we just love what she is doing for homeless dogs (and I think cats as well). AJ will be singing 3 of his new songs that hes been creating down in the dungeon. Then I will sing 3 of my newer songs with my own band.And then we will probably sing one number together. Its should be a really fun day, and I’ll keep you guys up to date with all the specifics.” Read on for a full transcript.

Sarah Martin On Wedding & Kevin Richardson’s Birthday

Sarah Martin, fiance of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, told fans on her Loving Sarah Yahoo Group new details on their upcoming wedding, the surprise birthday party of Kevin Richardson, and their upcoming appearance on ‘Crossing Over’, which should air on Halloween. Sarah says, “Whats up people? I keep sneezing! I really quite enjoy sneezing. It kinda’ feels good, no? So hows my crew? Dude, I’m sorry about last night. I have tried to read some of the posts after mine last night. Maybe some of your suggestions will be helpful. Heres whats going on this very moment… Alex is in bed across the room (half asleep, but I keep seeing him look over every few seconds). I was just reading some of the newer messages to him. He’s got one big snoring ‘Byrd’ lying next to him, and our little Daisey is on the floor. Tank is in another bedroom down the hall snoring like a piglet!”

AJ And Sarah’s Hike Turns Into Bee-Stinging Nightmare

Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and fiance Sarah Martin went for a hike recently and wound up getting stunk by dozens of bees, forcing them to strip their clothes and seek medical assistance. Sarah writes on her LovingSarah Yahoo group, “Alex was in front of me and he grabbed onto a tree branch because he lost his balance. It broke off and he fell 15 feet down into a yellowjacket HIVE!!!I fell off the edge right on top of him and realized that my body suddenly felt like it had been dipped in acid. That’s how painful these stings were! We were screaming from the pain and STILL had no idea what was happening to us because we couldn’t see a thing! I finally went running towards a light and caught a glimpse of what I was covered in. Alex yelled, ‘Oh my God! What the hell is this?’ I said, ‘It’s bees!’ By this time, they were inside our clothes and undergarments. So without thinking, we were both tearing off our clothes, smacking them off of us. They were infested in my hair (The pain, ya’ll!The pain!!) Finally this SUV starts heading down the road, and it was some guy, who was shining his brights on us (In our underwear. Not to mention that Alex had a machete’ in his hand). We ran to the window of his car, pounding, screaming, ‘HELP!’. So of course he locked his doors and drove away quickly. We called my friend who works in the area and she came and picked us up.”

Singer Sarah Martin’s Birthday

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Today, September 5th, is singer/songwriter Sarah Martin’s 27th birthday! Martin, fiance of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean, has a show at L.A.’s ‘The Mint’ on September 7th and another one later this month. Meanwhile, Sarah has been working in New York with acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren for the past couple of weeks.

Fan Talks With Sarah Martin Following Mint Performance

A fan on the LiveDaily.com Backstreet Boys message board claims to have spoken to AJ McLean’s fiance Sarah Martin following her performance at The Mint in Hollywood on Saturday. Shan4BSB writes, “Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go because I had a wedding to go to in Laguna Beach. But all of my friends went to the show and they said it was amazing, that Sarah did an incredible job! They talked to her for a while after the show and they called me on my cell when they were talking to her and put her on the phone. She was SO NICE!!! I told her that I wished I could have been there but that it was not possible, or else I would have gone and also that I thought she had an incredible voice. She said ‘Oh, thank you so much sweetie and I’m sorry you couldn’t make it tonight’ I talked to her for a little bit and told her that I would be going to her shows in September and she was REALLY sweet!! When we got off of the phone, she said ‘Okay sweetie, I’ll see you in September.’ I’ve always liked Sarah and always thought that she was really talented but now after speaking with her, it confirms to me that she is very genuine and appreciates her fans.”

AJ Demands Marriage Counceling As Fame Goes To Sarah’s Head

The National Enquirer reports Backstreet Boys star A.J. McLean and fiance Sarah Martin are having pre-marital problems and have been forced to seek marriage counceling before they make things official next Valentine’s Day. It’s Sara — not A.J. — who’s into all the Hollywood trappings. His fame has gone to HER head,” said an insider. “Tensions boiled over when Sarah insisted on looking for another new house even though they just bought a place at the beach. In a little over two years they went from an apartment, to a leased mansion, to a great big beach house of their own. But they haven’t even moved into the new place yet and Sarah’s already begun looking for ANOTHER house. It’s crazy.”

Sarah Martin Updates Fans On AJ’s Surprise Party

Sarah Martin checked in with fans on her Yahoo Group and talked about the “cheesy” surprise party she threw for her Backstreet Boys fiance AJ McLean at a bowling alley to celebrate his year of sobriety. The “surprise” was kinda ruined by a fan that rushed up to him talking about how Kevin was at the bowling alley he and Sarah were headed to. Audio has since been removed.

A.J. McLean And Sarah Martin At Playboy Mansion

WireImage.com had photos of Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean and fiance Sarah Martin, who attended the Parrots in Paradise benefit at the Playboy Mansion June 27, in Beverly Hills, California. The benefit honored musician Diane Warren with a special ‘Spirit of Rhiannon Award’ for her outstanding commitment to parrot welfare. Check out pictures from WireImage.