Sarah Whatmore Busy Songwriting And Modeling

Sarah Whatmore updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Wednesday (June 2), talking about what she’s been up to in the 10+ months since her last update. The ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist writes:

Hi All! Well it’s been a year…… Sorry! I have been co writing for artist’s all year and managed to get a few cuts in Germany and Sweden.

Check out a compilation album coming out called ‘TWENTY SOMETHING SONGS TWO’ I have one of my own songs on there which I am singing called ‘SEVEN STORIES’ – It’s out in the next few weeks – if you like chilled out acoustic music then this album will be for you!!

I’ve also been doing some modeling for Alan Hannah who is a designer for wedding dresses which was great fun! And I did some for PRETAPORTOBELLO which is a great site for cool hippy chic clothes so get checking it out!!

Sarah Whatmore Parts Ways With 19 Entertainment

Sarah Whatmore checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Monday (July 27), talking about her departure from 19 Entertainment and becoming a songwriter for other artists of late. The ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist writes:

So I’ll quickly tell you what’s been going on, there has been some changes while I’ve not been around. First of all I decided to part ways from Simon Fuller and 19 Entertainment, call it the seven year itch ;) but felt it was time to move on and re energize.

I have been traveling like a songwriting hippy over the past few months and writing in the studio with some incredible people again! I am not only writing for my new album but also for other artist’s which I love to do! Music is my therapy and escape so I just can’t stop…..

I’ve been writing more dance pop and rock tunes for other artist’s which I always find easy to do – some biggy artist’s to name drop but will tell you more when iv got cuts in the bag.

Sarah Whatmore ‘Undefined’ Video Behind The Scenes

Sarah Whatmore on the set of her 'Undefined' music videoSarah Whatmore posted some behind the scenes footage from her ‘Undefined’ music video, featured on the ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist’s album ‘Time To Think’, out soon on 19 Records.

“So the video is about me going out for the night,” Sarah explained. “It’s a very sort of small, intimate party. It’s kind of like a gentlemen’s club and I have a very interesting sort of undefined relationship going on within the video. You never see the guy who is involved with me.”

Watch the clip, featuring commentary from Sarah and the video’s “mystery man” Dean at via YouTube below.

Sarah Whatmore Checks In After Open Mic Gig

Sarah Whatmore updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Thursday (February 12), talking about a recent gig, her new single ‘Undefined’ and its video. The ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist tells readers:

How’s your week/weekend been so far? I got snowed in Southampton for a few days longer than planned so I didn’t get home until Wed night but it was pretty cool because I got to do an open mic gig in the Mono Bar with my cousin James. He is a brilliant guitarist and has some really nice songs so he got up and did a few and then I thought what the hell, I’m itching to get up there! So I sang the new single ‘UNDEFINED’ and another song from the album, called ‘SOMEWHERE I BELONG’ WOO HOO!!!! Wish you all could have been there :) ……. I am going to do some more gigs in Manchester and London over the next month or so. I will post the dates up here when all is confirmed if you wanna come along?

Thanks so much for all your comments with regard the new single ‘UNDEFINED’ and the video – don’t you just love it! Well I do, I loved working with Lindy Heymann again! Not sure if you all remember the ‘AUTOMATIC’ video I did a while back but she directed that video and we got on like a house on fire. Lindy completely understands me as you can see watching these two videos.

Sarah Whatmore Finishes ‘Time To Think’ Album Artwork

Sarah Whatmore 'Time To Think' album cover

Sarah Whatmore checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Thursday (February 5), talking about the release of her new single ‘Undefined’ and progress on her album ‘Time To Think’. The ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist tells readers:

Hey there people, hows life? Thanks for all your responses last week. I’ve been listening to Blondie and Ben Taylor the past week, what a contrast ay! This week has been manic but fun, it was my grandmas 86th birthday WOW she really is amazing for her age! Had a little dinner had a little dance and ate too much cake. Also Been in London finishing off the album art work – it’s really beautiful! What do you all think of the new my space page? You liking the change? It connects better with the album artwork so there’s a hint. Had some great news that radio are picking up on UNDEFINED and will start airplay from this week.

Sarah Whatmore Meets ‘Fabulous’ Geri Halliwell

Sarah Whatmore checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Monday (January 26), talking about her what she’s been up to as the ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist prepares to release her new single ‘Undefined’. Whatmore tells readers:

Well hello again! I can’t believe how quickly this month is flying by…CRAZY!!! What has everyone been up to so far this month? I broke my computer last week, god damn it! :( Hope to have a new one soon.

I’ve been in London doing some interesting work and also met a lovely lady called Geri Halliwell – she really was (in the words of Sam from ‘Sex And The City’) FABULOUS!!

Sarah Whatmore Readies Second Album ‘Time To Think’

Sarah Whatmore updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Monday (January 12), discussing how she spent the holidays and plans for her sophomore album ‘Time To Think’. The ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist tells readers:

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a beautiful Christmas and New Year. Well it was a very hectic time for myself: lots of family gatherings, too much food and drink. Need to get to the gym ASAP but I can’t stop dreaming about eating chocolates and mince pies all day. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Well I can’t believe it’s 2009! And what a year it’s going to be! There has been lots of decision-making going on behind the scenes, like choosing all the artwork for the album ‘TIME TO THINK’ which is looking great. Can’t wait for you all to see it. The video is finally ready to go so I’m gonna put a sneak preview up in the next few weeks along with some new photos and of course the new single ‘UNDEFINED’. Woo hoo!! There is a load to look forward to with the album too. I’ve managed to get some additional exclusive songs on there including a very beautiful track called ‘Guardian Angel’ which is a very personal track written about my father. In the meantime guys tell me about your Christmas holiday and what you have planned for the New Year? My New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthy, have more fun and have a very busy year performing the album!! See you all soon! ;) Be back to bug ya all next week with updates and release dates …. Mmmmmmmmmmmwah!!! Love and Light Sarah xxx

Sarah Whatmore Readies New Single ‘Undefined’

Sarah Whatmore checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Tuesday (December 9), where the ‘Pop Idol’ season one finalist talked about her debut album ‘Time To Think’, and the next single off the disc, ‘Undefined’. The pop singer tells readers:

Sorry it’s been so long been mad busy recently with the new build up to the next single ‘UNDEFINED’ and album ‘TIME TO THINK’ yeeee haaaaaa!!

Well it’s finally coming together, just done a new photo shoot with a lovely photographer called Nicky Emmerson – will pop some new shots up on here soon for you all to see.

Also asked Lindy Heymann who I’ve worked with before to do a video treatment for ‘UNDEFINED’ and what a treatment it was! We shot the video a couple of weeks ago in the center of London, it was Portland Place in an old beautiful 1800’s house. It had such a weird sexual energy to the place and perfect for this video! It was a long day but worth every moment, It has been my favorite shoot so far!

‘The 5:19 Show’ Interviews Sarah Whatmore & Sam Beeton

BBC Switch’s ‘The 5:19 Show’ features interviews with ‘Pop Idol’ alum Sarah Whatmore and British singer songwriter Sam Beeton. Sarah talked about pizza being her favorite food, cherries beind her favorite fruit, and talking five languages including frog. Watch the webisode, with Sarah’s inteview about 5 minutes in and Sam’s a few minutes after that, below.

Sarah Whatmore Not Running From ‘Reality Star’ Label

Mykindaplace caught up with Sarah Whatmore in a Q&A, asking the ‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist if she tried to distance herself from the “reality star” label. “That’s never going to happen because it is part of my history,” the ‘Smile’ singer responded. “I don’t regret it because everyone has to start somewhere and I could have gone down the root of doing magazine shoots but I didn’t want to do that. I’m hoping once this album comes out people will see me in a different light though.” The full story at has since been removed.