Sarah Whatmore Says ‘Smile’ Is Making Great Progress

‘Pop Idol’ season one semi-finalist Sarah Whatmore checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sarahwhatmore) on Thursday (August 21) with the following message:

Hi all you beautiful people…
Wanted to stop by on here and say hi and thank everyone for all their support regarding my new song ‘SMILE’ which has had great progress so far!

It’s doing really well in the clubs and peaked last week at no.2 in the (pop) club charts… woo hoo!! ”ya make me feel like dancing gonna dance the night away la la” – sorry that’s me singing to myself again…..

uh uh!! anyway…….

GIG GIG GIG!!!! – Oh yeah people I will be playing my first gig for the first time in a long time at RADIO 2’s BLACKPOOL ILLUMINATIONS on 29th so come on down if you can and say hi!

I’ll be back here to write more blog’s next week with lots of info and gossip for you as there are quite a few things I’ll be popping into – Magazines – T.V Shows – Radio Stations – and more importantly I’ll have news of GIG dates!!!!! So stay tuned people ;)

Thanks again for all the love and I’m looking forward to hearing from you all.


Love and Light
Sarah x

Pop Rejects Sarah Whatmore And Abs Console Each Other

With Sarah Whatmore and former 5ive star Abs Breen watching their music careers go down the toilet with weak sales, The Sunday Mirror reports the on/off pair have turned to consoling each other. A mole at London’s Pop club revealed, “Abs and Sarah were snogging non-stop. They didn’t care who saw them.” Whatmore’s debut was shelved earlier this year, while Abs faces the axe at BMG.

Sarah Whatmore And Abs On Secret Dates

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol star Sarah Whatmore has been enjoying secret dates with former Five star Abs Breen in Los Angeles. Abs hooked up with her while he was filming a video for his latest release ‘Miss Perfect’ and she was there finishing off her debut album with BMG. Abs says, “She’s a real good kisser.”

Sarah Whatmore Coming To America

Contributed anonymously:

In December, Sarah Whatmore will make her debut in America. RCA Had a meeting and her fellow Pop Idols Will Young and Gareth Gates were both denied, but They thought Sarah has what it takes to come here and make it. So far their is no word for a UK release.

Top Of The Paups

The Sun is revealing the poorest of the UK’s pop stars, including Rosie Ribbons, who “tops” the list making only £12,000 a year after she was dropped by her record label. Others include Sarah Whatmore at #4 with £20,000, the Liberty X members, who make only £35,000 a year at #7, and Atomic Kitten at #9 with £150,000 a year.

‘Maid In Manhattan’ Premiere Photos

Jennifer Lopez, Mis-Teeq, and Pop Idol Sarah Whatmore were amongst the stars on hand at the UK premiere of ‘Maid in Manhatten’ at the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday (February 26) in London, England.

J.Lo Arrives At Met Hotel For Quick Clothing Change

February 27, 2003 – Jennifer Lopez was spotted arriving at the Met hotel for a quick change of clothes after the premiere of her film ‘Maid in Manhattan’ in London on Wednesday (February 26). J.Lo then went out to dinner and made her way to Mezzo for the after-party.

J.Lo Uses 6 Limos For 100 Yard Trip

February 27, 2003 – The Daily Mail reports Jennifer Lopez used six limousines to travel from one exclusive London hotel to another equally upscale hotel — a distance of about 100 yards. “No one could understand why they didn’t just walk,” a hotel guest said.

The Jen Commandments

February 27, 2003 – The Sun reports that Jennifer Lopez has been anything like the humble chambermaid she portrayed in ‘Maid in Manhattan’, which premiered in London last night, during her stay. Amongst the ‘Jen Commandments’ given to the Metropolitan hotel: “Thou shalt wait on my score of minions hand and foot … Thou shalt only serve my entourage £260-a-bottle Cristal Champagne … Thou shalt install a private gym in mine penthouse suite.”

Sarah Whatmore And Daniel Bedingfield Bust-Up

The Sunday People reports rival singers Sarah Whatmore of Pop Idol fame and Daniel Bedingfield had a bust-up on the recent Smash Hits tour when she claimed he was taking too long on sound checks. After Daniel refused to budge, Sarah turned to him and stormed, “You’ve had your turn. Let someone else have a go.”

Sarah Whatmore Explains Breakup

The Sunday People reports Pop Idol star Sarah Whatmore has opened up about why she ditched lover Matt Bailey after a six month fling. “It’s sad but the break-up was very amicable,” she admitted. “We see each other still, and he was a really nice guy to be with. But I couldn’t give 100 per cent to him and I didn’t feel happy with that. If I can’t do that I won’t put myself through the emotional dilemma.” Sarah added, “I’m 21 now and I know I’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime with my music career and I don’t want to blow it.”

Justin Timberlake To Team-Up With Kylie Minogue At The Brit Awards?

MRIB reports *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake is rumored to be performing with Kylie Minogue at this year’s Brit Awards ceremony, which will take place at London’s Earls Court Arena on February 20th. Sneak magazine says Timberlake asked Kylie’s label to send him copies of her Fever 2002 tour DVD, so he could check out her performance, while Kylie has said in the past she’s a big fan of Justin.

Whatmore Addresses Minogue Comparisons

January 29, 2003 – Capital FM in London caught up with Sarah Whatmore and asked the Pop Idol star what she thinks about comparisons to Kylie Minogue. “Well I’m a big fan of Kylie – I think she’s fantastic and I’m very flattered and honored to be compared to her but I think we are very different in many ways,” Whatmore said. “I think we get compared because the same songwriters were on my first single but she’s been in the industry for ten years and I’ve been in it for ten minutes. I’ve got different things to offer and my album’s very different to her latest album.”

Simon Cowell Says Mariah Needs A Song Like Kylie’s

January 28, 2003 – WENN reports ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell has said Mariah Carey needs to have a hit such as Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ if she really has a chance at a comeback. Asked of Carey’s comeback, Cowell sniffed, “Was there one? I’m not sure if anyone cares anymore. If you’re going to come back, it has to be with an awesome record, like Kylie Minogue’s.”

Sarah Whatmore Says Pop Idols Have Talent

Sarah Whatmore tells that she understands why ‘Pop Idol’ has gotten so much criticism, but she’s confident the most talented from the show will last. “When you get to see too much of something you start to take it for granted and that happens with anything. A lot of talent came out of (Pop Idol) and no-one can deny that,” she said. “Whoever lasts, it’ll be because their talent has shone through. If you’ve got talent and you’re hungry for it, you’ll go to lengths to get it. I can respect what people say about reality TV but it’s a catch 22 situation.”