Savannah Outen Visits McPherson Guitar

Since Savannah Outen received several questions about her guitar, she decided to post a video of her visit to McPherson Guitar. They invited the teen pop singer to Sparta, Wisconsin to interview and record her playing a couple of songs. While she was there, they showed Outen how they make their guitars and that it takes 4 months to build one of their guitars. Watch the tour of the facility via YouTube below.

Savannah Outen Covers ‘Just The Way You Are’ By Bruno Mars

Savannah Outen - 'Just The Way You Are'

Savannah Outen performed a cover of ‘Just The Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars with her latest YouTube video. “I love this song so much,” Outen said. “It’s definitely my number one played on iTunes right now, so I wanted to play it for you guys.” Watch it below.

Savannah Outen Discusses New Song ‘Shop’

Savannah Outen stopped by Tiger Beat and BOP magazine headquarters, talking about her new song ‘Shop’, which is of course about shopping “because all of us girls love to shop, so I just decided to write a song about that, and it’s more dancey, more upbeat, but it’s a really fun song and hopefully I’ll get to share that song with you soon.” Watch the update via YouTube below.

Savannah Outen On Attending ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ Premiere

Savannah Outen updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@savannahoutenofficial) on Friday (April 3) after attending the Hollywood premiere of Miley Cyrus’ new film ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’ the previous night. Outen tells readers:

I don’t even know where to start. The Hannah Montana Premiere was SO much fun. It was my first movie premiere so I was in aw with everything happening around me :) I met Adam Gregory who is such a cutie. He’s on my favorite show 90210 :) And I met Trace and Mason from Metro Station. They are really cool guys. Taylor Swift was there, but I didn’t meet her. She looked gorgeous though! I caught a glimpse of her. I walked the red carpet with Debby Ryan, who is the sweetest girl ever. I love her brother too. He is really nice. It took us over an hour to finish the red carpet!! It was insane! Crazy madness! The LONGEST red carpet I have ever seen. I thought it was so funny how all the photographers were yelling my name. They were like “Savannah over here! Now over the shoulder! Blow a kiss!” I got interviewed by a lot of press.

Savannah Outen ‘If You Only Knew’ Video

Portland, Oregon pop singer Savannah Outen is out with the music video to her new single ‘If You Only Knew’, available now on iTunes. Watch it via her YouTube channel below.

Savannah Outen Hangs Out With Savvy & Mandy At KidFest

Savannah Outen documented her time with Savvy & Mandy at their recent KidFest show in Portland, Oregon on February 28th. The girls had fun on a giant inflatable slide before hitting the stage and performing her new song ‘Friends’.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Savannah Outen Gets To #10 On The Radio Disney Countdown

Savannah Outen checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, celebrating her new single ‘Goodbyes’ cracking into the top ten on the Radio Disney countdown. She writes, “I honestly can’t believe you’ve gotten ‘Goodbyes’ in THE TOP 10!!! You guys are so awesome and I can’t thank you enough for helping me live my dream!” Watch the message at

Savannah Outen Thanks Fans After Hitting #16 On Radio Disney

Savannah Outen checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, thanking then for continuing to request her new single ‘Goodbyes’ on Radio Disney. The track is now at #16 on the top 30 countdown and she’s hoping to make it to the top ten.

The video has since been removed.

Savannah Outen: Thanks For Voting For ‘Goodbyes’

Savannah Outen checked in with fans on her YouTube channel on Sunday (July 20), thanking them for their support in requesting her song ‘Goodbyes’ enough to get it to #17 this week on Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown.

Video has since been removed.