Savvy & Mandy Cover ‘Alone’ By Heart

Savvy & Mandy posted their cover of ‘Alone’ by Heart on their YouTube channel. The footage was taken at their vocal coach’s recital on Sunday (May). Watch it below.

Cody Simpson Celebrates ‘On My Mind’ Release At House Of Blues

Cody Simpson and Savvy & Mandy

Cody Simpson celebrated the recent release of his new single, ‘On My Mind’, with a performance at the House of Blues last night as part of the “Waiting 4 U Tour” with Greyson Chance. Bella Thorne of ‘Shake It Up!’, Ariel Winter of ‘Modern Family’, and Savvy & Mandy all attended last night’s performance. Cody Simpson is currently wrapping up the last leg of the ‘Waiting 4 U Tour’ which will conclude May 18th in Portland, Oregon. Check out additional pictures after the cut. (more…)

Savvy & Mandy Talk About ‘Rumors’ & ‘Save Me’ Video

Savvy & Mandy checked in with fans on their YouTube after doing their live chat on Thursday (December 23). The sisters talked about the release of their new single ‘Rumors’ on January 20th and plans for a ‘Save Me’ music video in a couple months. Watch the update below.

Savvy & Mandy Talk With Zang Radio

Savvy & Mandy were on the phone with Zach Sang of Zang Radio the other day on Goom Radio. The sisters talked about the new single ‘Words’ and its music video, recording new material for an album they hope to release sometime in December, getting tour dates arranged, and not being as emotional as Zach. Listen to the interview via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy Talk With Cambio

Cambio Connect features Quddus sitting down with Savvy & Mandy. The sisters talked about how Savvy is the biggest brat of the two, how they don’t fight and are actually best friends, what’s in their iPods, and plans to release their album by Christmas. Video of the interview at AOL has since been removed.

Savvy & Mandy ‘Words’ Video

Savvy & Mandy are out with the music video to their new single ‘Words’. The sibling pop duo celebrated the video release with a party and live performance on Tuesday night at S.I.R. Studios in Los Angeles. The video features Allen Evangelista and Francia Raisa from ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and ‘Days of our Lives’ star Mark Hapka. Watch it via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy ‘Words’ Video Behind The Scenes

Savvy & Mandy have a behind the scenes look of the making their new music video for the song ‘Words’, directed by Alfredo Flores. The video features Allen Evangelista and Francia Raisa from ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager’ and ‘Days of our Lives’ star Mark Hapka. “The video today is about Mandy, who is falling madly in love with her best friend,” Savvy explained. “He has no idea, and pretty much she’s at the end saying, I really wish I could have said this. Look at you, now you’re going off with the real popular girl and she gets all angry about it.” Watch it via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy Discuss Oil Spill, Favorite School Classes

Popstar! magazine talked to Savvy & Mandy at Love Spill, the fashion/music benefit organized by Zoe Myers to help raise money for animals affected by the Gulf oil spill.

Asked about advice she’d have for kids on the first day of school, Savvy said, “What I like to do is kind of be more approachable and be like, ‘Hi’ even if you look like a dork, because it just makes you more friendly. People will think we’re friends.” As for their favorite classes at school, Savvy said science while Mandy said art “because it’s easy and I get to make stuff out of clay.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy Itching To Tour With Jonas Brothers

Savvy & Mandy are pitching the idea of going on tour with the Jonas Brothers with a video at their YouTube channel, urging fans to Tweet Joe Jonas about the plan. “I think it would be great, if I don’t say so myself,” Savvy said, while Mandy pointed out that both acts get airplay on Radio Disney.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

A Painful End To Savvy & Mandy’s Golf Outing

Savvy of Savvy & Mandy discussed her recent golf cart accident with Twitter followers (@FollowSavvy) last night, having to only type with one hand in the process. The pop singer writes:

Hi guys it’s me! Thank u so much for all your prayers and get well wishes. I’m alright<3 I'm so thankful it wasn't worse it could've been bad. Here's how it happened: I was driving the cart and Mandy and my dad were in another one in front of me and we came to this steep hill on the concrete road. And there was a sign saying reduce your speed steep slope ahead and I went to do so and the break didn't latch to slow down and to the right of me was a good sized cliff with trees so I picked up speed, didn't wanna crash into their golf cart, lost control went to the left up this hill, it flipped and I landed on the concrete and the golf cart crashed on top of me :( my dad had to get it off me. Luckily I came out of it with alot of bruises, swelling, soreness, a limp leg, and some pretty good cuts. But it could've been ALOT worse!!! Thank you again for wishing me well it made me smile :)<3 I love you guys