Savvy & Mandy Make Cupcakes & Ready New Album For Mid-Spring

Savvy & Mandy participated in the Polkatots Cupcakes’ Anniversary Party charity event for the Starlight Foundation. The sisters spoke with Popstar! magazine about the event, some of the other stars on hand, their favorite part about doing events like this, their favorite cupcake flavor, and what’s up with their music. “Mandy and I are actually in the recording studio,” Savvy said. “We’re recording a bunch of new stuff. We’re actually recording next week, two songs.” The album will be out mid-Spring and have lined up two tours. Watch their comments via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy Announce A New Web Show

Savvy & Mandy stopped by the ClevverTV studio to talk about their new show on the website. The sisters said the new album is inspired by Demi Lovato and Paramore, how they like some more rocking bands, and readying the new CD for a spring release. The pair said the new show will offer a behind the scenes look at life when not on stage and hanging out with other celebrities. Watch the announcement via YouTube below.

Savvy & Mandy At Variety’s Power Of Youth Event

Popstar! caught up with Savvy & Mandy at Variety’s Power of Youth event. The sisters talked about why they were supporting the event, causes that are close to their hearts, advice about those wanting to get involved with charity work, the last favor they did, the concept of love at first sight, and how friendships with guys differ from friendships with girls.

Savvy & Mandy: Walmart Vs. Target

Savvy & Mandy are fans of Target, while their friend Ari’s favorite is Walmart. The sibling pop duo and their pal hit both big box stores. First stop was Walmart, with Mandy and Ari arriving in pajamas. After rating the store from 1-5 in a series of categories, and quizzing some customers about their preference, they headed off to Target. Watch their visit to both big-box retailers below.

Savvy & Mandy Are Back In The Studio After Writing A Lot

Savvy & Mandy checked in with fans with a video clip at their YouTube, talking about what they’ve been up to lately. “We are actually back in the studio,” Savvy says in the video, “and Mandy and I have been writing a lot and we’re gonna be recording a bunch soon.” Watch the update below.

Savvy & Mandy Discuss What’s In Their Pipeline

Singer sisters Savvy & Mandy visit the Popstar! offices and talk about their upcoming plans, which include two television pilots, pre-production for a movie, recording new music for an album coming out early 2010, and some concerts later this year. Watch the update via YouTube below.

Savvy On Why She’s Excited To Turn 16

Tiger Beat and BOP went to Savvy of Savvy & Mandy’s Sweet 16 party on Sunday (August 2). Asked about why she’s excited to be turning 16, the pop singer responded, “My favorite part about being 16 would probably be the fact that I get these now (artificial nails), and I would say driving. Don’t walk around the road with me guys, I’m gonna do some pretty scary driving.” Watch the comments below.

Evening Of Electric Youth Benefit Red Carpet Interviews

Tuesday night, the Gibson Girl Foundation held an Evening of Electric Youth benefit to raise money for young performers. Benjamin Caya was on hand for, speaking with Deborah Gibson, Nolan Gerard Funk of ‘Spectacular!’, Savvy & Mandy, Samantha Droke of ‘Princess Protection Project’, Zoe Myers, Paris and Destinee Monroe of Clique Girlz, Keana Texeira and Howie Dorough from the Backstreet Boys. Watch via YouTube below.

Mandy Of Savvy & Mandy Gets Her Braces Removed

Mandy of Savvy & Mandy now has her braces off, after a year and a half. The pop singer documented her day at the orthodontist office in a video clip at her YouTube channel. “Now I’ll be smiling more in pictures,” the teen said while showing extreme close-ups of her mouth. Watch it below.

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays From Savvy & Mandy

Savvy & Mandy checked in with their MySpace friends (@savvyandmandy) on Thursday (December 25) with the following bulletin:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Hey everyone, we hope you had an awesome Christmas.
I’m so stoked one of the presents I got was an iPhone 3g :D!!!
And one that Mandy really liked was her Betsey Johnson laptop case.

We want to hear what you all got so message us back!