Mandy Performs ‘Black Horse And The Cherry Tree’ Ft. Savvy & Dad

Mandy of Savvy & Mandy performed a cover of the KT Tunstall hit ‘Black Horse And The Cherry Tree’ on the sibling pop duo’s YouTube channel, with her sister providing the “whoo hooos” and her dad on guitar.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Happy Thanksgiving From Savvy & Mandy

Savvy & Mandy checked in with their MySpace (@savvyandmandy) friends on Thursday (November 27) with the following bulletin:

We just wanted to wish all of you a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We have had such a great year, and we are so thankful to all of you that have supported us! We are so excited for 2009, we have so many awesome opportunities ahead and we look forward to sharing them all with you! Thanks to those of you that have sent Thanksgiving wishes to us, we really appreciate it! We love you guys!!

Love, Savvy & Mandy <3

Savvy & Mandy Releasing ‘Here We Are’ EP October 14th

Savvy & Mandy Burhoe deal with intense winds while doing a on the spot weather reportThe following update was posted at Savvy & Mandy’s MySpace blog on Wednesday (September 24):

Hey guys! Savvy and Mandy are set to release their highly anticipated debut “Here We Are” EP on October 14th. The EP will be sold exclusively at Walmart!

The track listing for the EP is as follows:
1. Here I Am
2. Waiting For The Heartbreak
3. Whole Wide World
4. I’ll Go On
5. This Is Our World
6. Jr. High
7. Dream (bonus song)

“Here I Am”, the lead single for the girls EP debuted on the Radio Disney Top 30 countdown this week. The girls are also going to be hosting the Radio Disney Takeover Show on October 20th. Be sure to check them out and pick up your copy of “Here We Are” on October 14th!

Dirty Jobs With Savvy & Mandy

Savvy & Mandy Burhoe perform dirty jobsSavvy & Mandy Burhoe posted a new video on their MySpace TV channel, this time a “Dirty Jobs” skit. The singing siblings doing a bunch of chores around the house. First stop was cleaning the toilet, then they cleaned some doggy poo, and wrapped up outside in the dog pen, scooping up some more poo. The video then transitions to an autograph signing session for Radio Disney.

“So my mom just left the house today to do some shopping I think,” Mandy said. “I think maybe the market. But anyway, she left us a whole bunch of chores to do, and we’re ready to go do them.”

Watch it below.

Savvy & Mandy Discuss Merch, ‘Here I Am’ & CD

Savvy & Mandy have a couple of updatesSavvy & Mandy checked in with fans on their YouTube channel on Tuesday (August 19). The sisters talked about going to Disneyland and meeting Mickey Mouse again, adding four new songs to their SNOCAP account, ‘Here I Am’ debuting this week on Radio Disney, their YouTube video contest, and they showed off their new merchandise – t-shirts and a poster. The big news – their CD is coming out sometime in October.

Talking about her birthday, Savvy said, “Some of you guys were wondering what I did for my birthday, and it was August 10th, and I recently, which was like two days ago, went to Disneyland, which was with a lot of my friends. It was awesome. It was really fun. It was crazy. I gotta meet Mickey Mouse, even though I’d already met him. The guy is pretty cool.”

As for new music from the girls, Savvy said, “We added four new songs on our Snocap store, which is our music store on our MySpace… I have to say I love ‘This Is Our World’. It’s a great song. It’s about being green. That’s something everybody is really into these days with global warming and trying to prevent it from happening. It’s pretty much the song saying whatever age you are, whatever you’re doing, just get up and help in any sort of way. It was from the heart Mandy.”

Watch the message below.

Savvy & Mandy Check In After Their First Concert

Savvy & Mandy check in with a green backgroundSavvy & Mandy checked in with fans on their YouTube channel. The sibling pop duo talked about their first concert in Indianapolis last weekend and talked about upcoming gigs in New Jersey and Georgia. Savvy also solicited help for naming a new puppy she’s getting. They then did some shout outs, answered some fan questions, and talked about being in Kewl magazine.

“I am getting a puppy,” Savvy said. “It is a fluff. It looks like a cotton ball with like black stains on it. It’s white and black and looks exactly like a baby panda, and I really need help on names.. I’m getting him tomorrow. I’m so excited.”

Watch the update below.

Savvy & Mandy Shout Outs, Fan Question Responses & Update

Savvy & Mandy on their favorite member of the Jonas Brothers, favorite Aly & AJ song and more in their latest video updateSavvy & Mandy checked in with fans on their YouTube channel, answering fan questions and giving some shout outs.

The sibling pop duo talked about their favorite Jonas Brother, their favorite Aly & AJ song, how long they’ve been singing, loving to shop at Urban Outfitters, how they’re both single, and how they have a brother and sister. They then gave an update on their tour and plans to do a photoshoot.

Watch it below the fold.

Inside Savvy & Mandy’s Fridge

Savvy & Mandy Burhoe invite viewers to check out their fridgeSavvy & Mandy Burhoe showed off the contents of their refrigerator in a spoof of MTV’s ‘Cribs’ in a video posting at sibling singing duo’s YouTube channel.

“You know how on ‘Cribs’ they show you the fridge,” Savvy said. “It’s arranged perfectly. They’ve got the soda lined up. We’re gonna show you our kitchen and our version of ‘Cribs’.” After pulling out all the items, she shifted to the oven. “If you want to see what’s in this, it’s nothing!”

Watch it below.

Savvy & Mandy Workout Video

Savvy & Mandy at a workout trying to keep their New Year's resolutionSavvy & Mandy checked in with the following update on their blog at MySpace:

Hey guys check it out! We’ve put up a brand new webisode into our YouTube player right here on our page! Watch us as we try to stick to our New Year’s Resolution by working out and staying fit!

Watch the video below.

Savvy & Mandy Make Christmas Cookies

Savvy & Mandy make Christmas cookiesThe holidays are here and that usually means time for a lot of baking! Especially Christmas cookies! Savvy & Mandy went in the kitchen to bake pre made sugar cookies, icing them afterward, while dressed in holiday outfits and singing. Santa came down to taste test their creations.

“Today, we are going to be making cookies,” Savvy said. “Alright, let’s start off the cookie making by opening the pre-made cookies so we don’t mess up this time… So our goal here is trying to get it perfect this time and making them good for Santa.”

After putting the cookies in the oven, Savvy said, “We are now gonna make icing for the cookies. We have your blue, we have your pink, we have your green.”

Closing up the video, Mandy said, “Thank you for cooking with Savvy, and Mandy.. Oh yeah!”

Watch footage via YouTube below.