Eric Hutchinson ‘You Don’t Have To Believe Me’ Ft. Serena Ryder

Eric Hutchinson

On her recent tour with Eric Hutchinson, Serena Ryder joined Eric on stage in Florida to perform his song ‘You Don’t Have to Believe Me’. Watch the pairing via MySpace below.

Serena Ryder Amped For Paolo Nutini Tour

Serena Ryder walking and talking about her tour with Paolo NutiniSerena Ryder was all buzzed with excitement as she got ready to head out on tour with her buddy Paolo Nutini. The pair kicked off the tour Wednesday night in San Francisco tonight.

“We just played our first gig in Minneapolis last night at the Hard Rock Cafe and it was awesome,” Ryder said. “Now we’re walking under an overpass and we’re in Rock Springs, Wyoming, and we’re heading to San Fran tomorrow. It’s the first show with Paolo and I’m really excited.”

Watch Serena getting everyone amped while walking down the road, including a passing trucker, in a clip at her MySpace below.

No Afterparty For Serena Ryder Following Montreal Show

Serena Ryder in MontrealAfter performing in Montreal, Serena Ryder filmed an update from her hotel room, where the singer songwriter was getting ready to turn in for the night to be well rested for her next show.

“We’re just hanging out. We just finished a show. It was awesome,” Ryder said. “We’re listening to classical music and we’re gonna go to bed. Really soon because I gotta play in Ottawa. It’s 12:05 in the morning everybody.”

Watch the update via her MySpace below.

Serena Ryder Tour Runs Into Car Trouble

Serena Ryder with a pillow taken from La QuintaSerena Ryder ran into her fair share of car problems on one of the longer drives en route to Tucson, Arizona.

“We just got back from Cracker Barrel, which was really good,” Ryder said clutching her pillow. “It’s about a seven hour drive today, and I shook a lot of hands yesterday. Slapped a lot of babies, or kissed babies. But our car broke down and Brad had to spend hours and hours trying to get the car fixed. We’re going to Tucson.”

Watch a clip of Serena discussing the day while on the road from a gas station via MySpace below.

Serena Ryder Enjoys Some Martinis In Baltimore

Serena Ryder at a bar

After a lengthy 12 hour drive to Baltimore, Serena Ryder took well deserved rest with a few martinis at the Sheraton’s bar. Serena didn’t have to do any of the driving since her license expired last year and she doesn’t want to have to retake the tests. Watch the message via MySpace below.

Serena Ryder Discusses Juno Nods, Sarah Silverman, Tour

While in New York City at downtown venue Joe’s Pub, Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder talked with Kiwibox about being humbled by her recent nominations for two Juno Awards, her chance encounter with Sarah Silverman in Hollywood that left her speechless, how the response has been so far to her latest album ‘is it o.k.’, how her current tour has been going and what else we can expect from her in the near future. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Serena Ryder Checks Out Seattle’s Triple Door

Serena Ryder at Triple Door in SeattleSerena Ryder posted video from inside the venue on her first show of the ‘is it o.k tour’ in the U.S at the Triple Door in Seattle, observing some of the amenities.

“I’m in Seattle. The hometown of grunge and what else is it the hometown of, the Blood Brothers. It’s a crazy band,” Ryder said. “I’m in a very, very, very beautiful venue. Take a look. It’s called the Triple Door, and yeah, it’s gigantic and beautiful… It’s gonna be a great night I think… We have gold on the stage, that always helps.”

Video at MySpace can be viewed below.

Serena Ryder Recording An EP With The Beauties

Serena Ryder records a message at Dakota TavernSerena Ryder recorded a video message while at the Dakota Tavern in Toronto, revealing she’ll be heading back into the studio to record a new EP with The Beauties.

“That’s Kevin Drew screaming over there. He’s producing this EP that I’m doing with this band called The Beauties. My favorite band. They’re all my friends,” Ryder said. “We’re going up north and we’re gonna record in a studio. It’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be awesome. Me and a bunch of boys recording rock music.”

Watch the message via MySpace below.

Serena Ryder Blogs While Stuck At The Airport

Serena Ryder updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@serenaryder) on Friday (December 19). The Canadian singer songwriter tells readers:

Sooooo… ‘is it o.k.’ is out in Canada! Me and my band have been having an awesome time touring around the country, we’ve been playing a lot of intimate venues where I’ve been able to really connect with the audience.

Right now I’m in an airport in Vancouver BC wondering if we’re gonna make it home. There’s a GIGANTIC storm in Toronto right now and all the planes are grounded… how exciting !!! :-(

I’m super stoked to get home for the holidays and hang with my family. I’m sure everyone needs a break out there. I’m gonna be touring a bunch come Feb, March, so check out the dates cause I might be coming to your town!

Hope I c u soon.


Serena Ryder At Toronto’s Mod Club

Serena Ryder is back with a new CD called ‘is it o.k.’ To celebrate the release, the Canadian singer songwriter performed an intimate show at the Mod Club in Toronto for CBC, before embarking on a major cross-Canada tour in 2009. Listen to performances of ‘Dark As The Black’, ‘Sweeping The Ashes’, ‘Brand New Love’, ‘Little Bit Of Red’, ‘Truth’, ‘Sisters Of Mercy’, ‘Blown Like The Wind At Night’, ‘Is It O.K.’, ‘This Wheel’s On Fire’, ‘Why Can’t I Love You’, ‘All For Love’, ‘What I Wanna Know’, ‘Stumbling Over You’, and ‘Weak In The Knees’ at (note: the link has since expired).