Shakira: The People Of Haiti Need Our Help

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Shakira sent out the following message earlier today in reaction to Tuesday’s magnitude 7.0 earthquake outside Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

The destruction and loss of life in Haiti causes us all to take stock in what is really important. This small country has endured so much – more than its fair share of tragedy. I can’t imagine the devastation that has struck an already weakened infrastructure. Critical services needed for recovery, such as schools and hospitals, have been destroyed.

The people of Haiti need our help immediately. Money will be needed to provide urgent emergency relief and I urge everyone who can afford to help to either donate to UNICEF’s emergency relief fund at or text the word YELE to 501501 on your U.S. cell phone (this will charge your phone $5 – it will go to Wyclef Jean’s foundation which is playing a major role in the relief effort. For more information, see

We must all act. As a global community, we must be part of the recovery of Haiti and its people.

Thank you.


Shakira Performs ‘Santa Baby’ On ‘Christmas In Rockefeller Center’

Shakira performed a cover of the 1953 Christmas classic ‘Santa Baby’ during NBC’s ‘Christmas In Rockefeller Center’ Special, posting it at her YouTube channel. “Hey guys. I just want to wish you all a very happy Christmas and thank you for all your support in what has been an amazing year for me,” the Colombian pop singer writes. “I look forward to seeing you on the road in 2010!” Watch it below.

Shakira Visits ‘It’s On With Alexa Chung’

Shakira talks about being a perfectionist and trying to balance her life during an interviewShakira was spotted waving to fans outside the MTV studios in New York City on Tuesday (October 20). The Colombian pop singer was promoting her new album ‘She Wolf’ on ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung’.

On her biggest defect, Shakira said, “I am often very self critical and a perfectionist. I know that sometimes it works in favor but many times it works against me. I actually read somewhere that if you are looking for a job, or you are interviewing for a job, you should never say that you are a perfectionist, because they won’t give you the job. Apparently that’s a really bad thing to say, so don’t do that. I would be unemployed if I was interviewing for a job, because that’s probably the first thing I would say. That’s not such a good thing.”

On her state of mind, she said, “As Proust would say I’m in search of lost time. I think that I am trying to balance my life out a little bit. My album is about to come out and my life is getting crazy again. Very hectic and I’m trying to remain close to my friends and my family and my loved ones, which are everything to me.”

Watch the interview below.

Note: The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

Walmart Soundcheck: Shakira

Shakira on Walmart Soundcheck

Shakira did a live set for Walmart Soundcheck, including performances of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and ‘She Wolf’. During the interview, she talked about the meaning behind ‘She Wolf’, liking the album, working with Wyclef Jean and Pharrell on the project, ideas she has for her next tour, and more.

On ‘She Wolf’:

I think it has a lot to do with the moment which I am today. Every album I’ve made has a lot to do with my emotional state, and my state of mind and my views on the world. I think I very much feel like a she wolf. A she wolf is not only me, it’s every woman out there. It’s the woman of our times. It is every individual who believe we all have more primal instincts that we sometimes repress and hide from the rest of the world. I think it’s about defending those individual liberties that belong to all of us.

On liking the new album a lot:

It doesn’t happen very often that you have so many songs that you feel oh wow, this could be a single too and this could be a single. This album to me has a lot of potential to be put on the radio from every angle, and I love radio so play me please.

On working with Wyclef Jean:

Wyclef is a dear friend of mine and I just have a lot of fun with him in the studio and I wanted to do it one more time. I cannot have enough of Wyclef. This time around we did something completely different than what ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ was, and it was fun. It was fun to explore another route with someone like him.

Watch a preview below and check out the performances and an interview at

Check out additional pictures from the live set below the cut. (more…)

No Nose Job For Shakira

Pop singer Shakira sends out a message to her fansShakira posed at a photocall for her newest English album ‘She Wolf’ on Thursday (October 1) in Milan, Italy. Check out pictures from

The Colombian pop singer turned to her Twitter (@shakira) to shoot down reports of rhinoplasty, telling followers:

So many things going on in the world and yet some invent stories about me getting a nose job! Why would a she wolf want a smaller nose? :)

Shakira Performs ‘She Wolf’ & ‘Did It Again’

Shakira appeared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ in Hollywood on Friday (September 18), performing her new single ‘She Wolf’ and closing the ABC show with ‘Did It Again’ after chatting briefly with the host. Earlier, a skit featured Guillermo claiming Shakira had ripped off his ‘He Wolf’ video. Watch the performances (the comedy clip has since been removed) at YouTube (‘She Wolf’ / ‘Did It Again’).

Shakira Rehearsing For ‘She Wolf’ Promo

Shakira rehearsing for 'She Wolf' promo

Shakira checked in with her Twitter followers (@shakira) as she prepares to promote her new single/album ‘She Wolf’ with rehearsals in Miami, Florida. The Colombian pop star writes:

With my band at rehearsals for the upcoming promo performances.

More pictures at have since been removed.

Shakira ‘She Wolf’ Video Making Of (Extended)

Shakira behind the scenes on her 'She Wolf' music video shootShakira is out with a three-part making-of documentary for her ‘She Wolf’ music video, with the finished product at the end of part three. The footage features comments from the video’s director Jake Nava and others involved, as well as Shakira. The song is the lead release and title track off her third English studio album, out October 5th on Epic Records.

“It has a lot of fantasy dancing all throughout the video from beginning to end,” Shakira said about the music video.

“Time goes by and I feel a little bit more in touch with my own freedom,” Shakira explained. “I think ‘She Wolf’ is about that. It’s about the woman who knows what she wants. A woman who is in touch with her subconscious desire, and she fights for them with teeth and claws like a wild beast. It’s the woman of our time.”

“The she wolf is me, but it’s not only me, but it’s the women and the men of our time,” Shakira said about the song. “I think that the way we view things, the vision that we have of the world today is a little more open.”

“It’s the woman during the daytime, and the animal at night,” Shakira described the ‘She Wolf’. “I have always felt that I am not completely human in a way. This is gonna sound really odd, but I have always felt this animal inside of me. This other animal that doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s just primitive, and I know that inside of me there is a whole world that the material world outside doesn’t see. Of course I am a she wolf.”

Watch the videos via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Shakira ‘She Wolf’ Video Making Of

Shakira behind the scenes during her 'She Wolf' music video shootFootage from the making of Shakira’s music video ‘She Wolf’ has been posted at the Colombian pop singer’s MySpace Video channel. Director Jake Nava described the project, where he said Shakira “wants to do something really special that has real impact.”

“The story of this video really is about Shakira getting in touch with her inner she wolf, which I think is a kind of predatory sensuality that lurks within every woman,” Nava explained.

The teaser at MySpace has since been removed.