Last Minute Edits For Shayne Ward’s New Video

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward had to edit his new video ‘No U Hang Up’ to get the track played on daytime rotation on music channels. “There was no way we would have been allowed to show the video in its original form – it was just too raunchy,” a music channel executive explained to Digital Spy. “We had to ask the record company to cut the steamiest scenes so we would be able to show it. The video arrived on Friday morning and we were due to start showing it over the weekend.”

Shayne Ward Addresses Justin Timberlake Comparisons

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward spoke with in a Q&A, where the singer discussed the main differences between himself and Justin Timberlake. “We both sing completely differently and that’s what’s going to keep us apart from each other,” he said. “I’m going to be dancing now so people are going to compare us even more than before but I’ve got youth on my side and he’s been doing it for ten years. I’m new on the scene.” Read more.

Shayne Ward Visits ‘Popworld’

‘X Factor’ season two winner Shayne Ward visited ‘Popworld’ to promote his new single ‘If That’s Okay With You’. Shayne was hiding while answering a few questions from Alex Zane, and then spoke with Alex and Alexa Chung about his MC skills, how the ‘X Factor’ tour compared with his solo jaunt, and his favorite place to visit. The segment, aired Saturday (June 30), has since been removed from YouTube.

Family Feud Drives Shayne Ward From Manchester Home

The Sun reports ‘X Factor’ season two winner Shayne Ward is staying in a Manchester hotel for the homecoming nights of his UK tour – after his family sparked gang warfare across the city. “Shayne needs to concentrate on his tour so he thought he should stay in a hotel instead of going home – though he doesn’t have much to do with the family on his dad Martin’s side,” a source explained. “Staying out of the crossfire is the most sensible thing for him.” Read more.

Make Or Break For Shayne Ward

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward is on the hot seat with his record deal, according to Simon Cowell. “He is working on a new album right now, but it’s up to him as to how it pans out,” Cowell told Sky News’ Ann Montini. “Here at ‘The X Factor’, we give them the chance to shine. After that, they’re alone.”

Shayne Ward Kicks Off Tour In Ireland

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward spoke with The People about kicking off his tour in Dublin tonight. “I’m really looking forward to it,” he said. “Travelling the world promoting my first album has been great but I’m excited about coming home. Recording the new album has also been great and the new material is much sexier.”

Shayne Ward Arena Tour Ticket Troubles

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward’s 20-date arena tour has yet to secure a sell-out when it kicks off next Sunday. “It was always going to be an ambitious tour for someone who has only been around for a year,” a source close to the 22-year-old said. “A tour as big as this costs a fortune and needs to be a sell-out just to break even.”

Reality TV Special For Shayne Ward

‘X Factor’ season two champ Shayne Ward tells Ann Montini of Sky News he’s lined up a reality TV special. “I think fans deserve to know what I’ve been up to since they made me their winner, and we now have some great bits of film,” he said.

Shayne Ward Visits BevHills Doc

‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward was videotaped visiting a doctor in Beverly Hills, California the other day. Accompanied by his manager, the singer, still recovering from throat nodule surgery, to the doctor, smiling and giving a thumbs up to the camera. Footage at requires an account.