Shayne Ward Recovering From Vocal Chord Surgery

The Sun reports ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward is speechless after having troublesome nodules removed in Los Angeles, and can only communicate with his girlfriend Faye McKever by text message. Read more.

Shayne Ward To Receive Vocal Chord Surgery

News of the World reports a team of specialist surgeons in Los Angeles will remove career-threatening nodules from ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward’s vocal cords. “Shane is absolutely gutted. This is something every singer dreads,” a friend said. His manager Louis Walsh added, “He’s having the op on Thursday. It’s the team of doctors who’ve performed on Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. We’re confident he will be singing again in six weeks.”

Shayne Ward Plans Remix Album

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward is set to release a remix album, according to Neil Sean of Sky News. “I don’t just sing slow songs, but so far that’s what has been chosen,” he said. “I plan to be just as big at the disco.”

Shayne Ward: I Don’t Need To Stuff My Underwear

With Shayne Ward in talks to become a new Calvin Klein underwear model, the ‘X Factor’ champ is taking shots at their current model, Freddie Ljunberg. Ward told the Star, “Mine’s twice the size. I wouldn’t need to stuff socks down there. I’m happy with what God gave me – and so are other people.” He added that his mother is looking forward to seeing Shayne on billboards in his undies, saying, “My mum says she can’t wait to be out in town and say to someone, ‘That’s my son on the side of that bus in his undies.'”

Shayne Ward’s Mobile Phone Porn Virus

‘Top Of The Pops’ caught up with Shayne Ward in a Q&A and asked the ‘X Factor’ champ if he had ever sent a text or an e-mail to the wrong person.

“All the time, yeah. Just recently, I had a virus on my old mobile phone and it was sending everybody messages with the word ‘porn’ on it, sender: Shayne,” he explained. “Obviously you couldn’t open it because it wasn’t me sending it, but if you did try to open it or connect to the internet and download whatever it was, you’d get a virus. So obviously there was a lot of people that I sent that to, and that was embarrassing as well.” Asked if he was asked why is he sending people porn, the singer responded, “That’s what it was! But the funny thing was, most of the people that it went to, they were sending it back saying, ‘Sorry Shayne, I can’t open it. I’m gutted!'”

The interview transcript at has since been removed.

The Wave’s ‘Party In The Park’ In Swansea

Former Busted member Matt Willis, ‘X Factor’ stars Andy Abrams and Shayne Ward, McFly, Son of Dork, Clea, and Liberty X performed during 96.4 FM The Wave’s ‘Party in the Park’ on Saturday (July 1) at Singleton Park in Swansea, Wales. Check out pictures from RexFeatures and WireImage.

Shayne Ward Ready To Bring His Act Outside The UK

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward checked in with fans on the forum at his official web site on Wednesday (June 28). “Hi guys, Just wanted to drop you a line,” he writes. “I’m down at ‘Popworld’ today performing my new single… make sure you look out for it this Saturday! All my TV’s are on the website so you can see exactly what I’m doing. I’ve just had a few days off so I went away to relax and catch some sun, it was really nice but I’m glad to be back to work now. I get restless when I’m away! Everything is getting busy again for the single release. I’ve been reading your messages about the song on the website and if you haven’t already let me know what you think of ‘Stand By Me’ please do, I’m always interested to know what you think. I love the new single mix they have done to it, it really takes the track into a different league now. I found out the other day that I’ve also got some big international trips lined up as well! Who would have thought! I’m very excited, but don’t worry guys I won’t be leaving you for too long! Anyways hope you all have a great week and chat later, Shayne x”

Shayne Ward ‘Stand By Me’ Video

Shayne Ward 'Stand By Me' music video

Shayne Ward is out with the music video to his new single ‘Stand By Me’, from the ‘X Factor’ champ’s self-titled debut album. Watch it below.

Daniel Bedingfield Writing Music For Shayne Ward

Neil Sean of Sky News reports ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward has asked Daniel Bedingfield to write him some new songs, and plans to cover Daniel’s single ‘You’re Not The One’. Natasha’s brother said, “I am not a musical snob. I like his sound and voice – he’s a great talent.”