Shayne Ward #1 For Second Week With Debut Single

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward remained atop the UK singles chart with ‘That’s My Goal’. Nizlopi remained at #2 with ‘JCB Song’, while Madonna jumped five to #3. Other notables include Pussycat Dolls with ‘Stickwitu’ at #6, Sugababes with ‘Ugly’ at #8, James Blunt with ‘Goodbye My Lover’ at #9, and Girls Aloud with ‘See The Day’ at #10.

Shayne Ward: I Still Love My Rapist Dad

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward spoke with The Sun about his love for his father Martin, who is in prison for rape. “My dad is in prison but I still love him dearly,” the chart-topper said. “He sent me a really nice message saying good luck and that he was proud of me.” Still, Shayne hasn’t seen his father for years. “I don’t know if I’ll visit him or not but I’ll see how it goes and how I feel,” he said. “I’ve spoken to my mum and she’s fine with it. I knew stuff about my past would come out as soon as I got through the auditions. Having it hanging over me was almost the worst thing – when everything came out it was a relief, really.”

Shayne Ward’s Debut Opens Atop UK Singles Chart

Shayne Ward 'That's My Goal' single cover

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward topped the UK singles chart for the week with ‘That’s My Goal’, edging last week’s number 1, Nizlopi’s ‘JCB Song’. Other notables include the Pussycat Dolls, dropping four to #7, Madonna dropping four to #8, and Girls Aloud debuting at #9 with ‘See The Day’.

Noemi Baenninger’s Hotel Sex With Robbie Williams Tell All

Sexy blonde Noemi Baenninger revealed all about her hotel room romp with Robbie Williams to The People. “The sex was so intense he made me tingle all over and feel so special,” the 20-year-old said. “I could tell it was very important for him to give me pleasure.” After Robbie led Noemi to the shower, she revealed: “We lathered each other up with soap so we were all slippery and then we took turns to pleasure each other. We started having sex as the water sprayed all over us and then Robbie took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom where he took control and we had more sex.” Read more.

‘X Factor’ Winner Got A Vote From Robbie

December 21, 2005 – ‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward tells The Sun that he got a vote from Robbie Williams in the popular reality competition’s final. “I thought it was a wind-up,” Ward admitted. “I was at ‘Top Of The Pops’ and someone said ‘Robbie wants to meet you.’ Then he came over and introduced himself – and he was lovely. He was so genuine and gave me lots of advice. He told me he was a huge ‘X Factor’ fan and that he had been voting for me. He said when he was in America he got tapes of the show sent over every week. He told me I should just enjoy myself and make the most of it. I couldn’t believe how genuine he was with me. I could tell he really meant what he said.”

Shayne Ward Humble About Career Chances

Shayne Ward spoke with Ann Montini of Sky News at the ‘X Factor’ after-show party, after he won the reality competition. “I have no illusions about winning,” Ward said. “It’s been a great ride and what a year! So if it all goes like Steve Brookstein, I’ll have lived the dream, if only for a while.”

Shayne Ward Not Ready To Marry

‘X Factor’ champ Shayne Ward tells The Sun he has no plans to marry girlfriend Faye McKeever. “It’s business as usual now – just business,” he said. “My main focus at this time, no matter what, is my career. But Faye know this and she loves me and is going to stand by me.” Shayne added: “I have no plans to get married whatsoever – I’m too young.”

Shayne Ward Vows To Stay Faithful To Girlfriend

Newly crowned ‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward tells Wales on Sunday he will stay faithful to girlfriend Faye McKeever despite a legion of female fans he’s gained since being on the hit reality competition. “We sat down and had a conversation about what would happen if I did get girls coming up to me,” Ward said. “The producers had warned me that there would be temptation. And I told her she’d have to understand. But I can fight temptation.”

Shayne Ward: The Next Robbie Or Justin?

Louis Walsh is hyping ‘X Factor’ winner Shayne Ward’s upcoming album, comparing him to some of the world’s more successful male pop artists. “I’m very very confident. This is not like last year’s winner (Steve Brookstein) – Shayne is a star and has a whole career ahead of him,” Walsh insisted to The Sun. “I think this guy could potentially be the next Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake or Will Young. It’s up to him – if he works hard he can make it. This is just the start of a long journey with endless possibilities.”

Brian McFadden To Songwrite For ‘X Factor’ Star

The Mirror reports that former Westlife star Brian McFadden has been having meetings in London with Louis Walsh in regards to doing songwriting for Louis’ ‘X Factor’ singer Shayne Ward. “Louis wants Brian to write songs for Shayne,” an insider revealed. “Brian thinks the ‘X Factor’ star can go all the way and would like his tunes to get him there.”