Sia’s ‘To Do List’ From A-Z

Sia Furler

Sia Furler posted the following message on her blog at MySpace on Wednesday (June 13):

sia’s ‘to do list!’ from a-z


so not eating for 8 days is totally rejuvenating.

and sticking stuff up your bum can make you feel good!

like cups of coffee up the bum,peppermint tea up the

bum,warm water,cold water,wheatgrass juice up the bum.

you name it.

my friend told me a great story about a well known dj

who likes to put other things up HIS bum.

shampoo bottles,barbie dolls,you name it.

so must put that on the ‘list of things to do.’

other things to do when finished juice fasting with



b)photoshoot for new album with new glowing complexion

and jeans that fit again.

c)go to new york to do stuff and stuff.

d)take lick lick and pantera to get shots for overseas

travel.(tourbus dogs)

e)maintain short term sobriety

f)finish nursery rhymes album

g)learn to surf

h)learn about hemingway and havana

i)learn more about female ejaculation

j)learn about breatharians

k)give ten dollars a day to the homeless(i’m saving

for a house myself.selfish!)

l)make a video blog

m)mani pedi

o)buy a house

p)lick something salty

q)make more money

r)eat 80% raw

s)kiss a boy

t)wink at an old old old man

u)wear no undies to dinner

v)use my time in hollywood wisely

w)to fart near a celebrity

x)and on a celebrity

y)teach the dogs mandarin chinese

z)hug a tree/put some other stuff up my bum.





Sia Furler ‘Breathe Me’ Video

Sia Furler 'Breathe Me' single cover

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