Simon Webbe ‘Ride The Storm’ Video

Simon Webbe 'Ride The Storm' single cover

Former Blue star Simon Webbe is out with the music video to his new single ‘Ride The Storm’, featured in the soundtrack for ‘The Fantastic Four – Rise of The Silver Surfer.’ Watch it at Vevo.

Simon Eyes Collaboration With ScarJo

June 2, 2007 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe tells Neil Sean of Sky News’ he’d love to collaborate with actress Scarlett Johansson. “She’s got a great image and voice,” he said. “I think we’d blend very well.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor & Simon In Rider Assembly Challenge

February 18, 2007 – ‘Popworld’ had their Rider Assembly Challenge featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor, playing for Heather, and former Blue star Simon Webbe, playing for Hannah. Sophie and Simon were instructed to prepare tour rider favorites for pop diva Mariah Carey. The challenge, aired February 4th, has been removed from YouTube.

Simon Webbe Wants To Be Father Alanah Is Proud Of

Simon Webbe spoke with The Sun about his daughter Alanah, the product of a brief fling with the child’s mother Nichola when the former Blue star was seventeen. “I didn’t see Alanah until four years ago, when Blue’s fame was at its height,” the 27-year-old explained. “It was difficult, Nichola had met another man and I tried to see Alanah but it didn’t happen until then. As soon as she was born, I knew I had to change my life. She gave me focus, she gave me unconditional love and I wanted to give her a father to be proud of. I owe what I am today to Alanah. All I ever wanted was to be a good dad. I’m single now, have been for a few years. I’m dating but there is nobody I would call my girlfriend. I learned sex is not the be all and end all when I was young. I’m not looking for a girlfriend, I am looking for a wife. I don’t know how long what I’m doing is going to last my solo career so I’m making the most of it.” Read more.

Simon: I Just Want Britney To Be Happy

November 17, 2006 – caught up with Simon Webbe in a Q&A and asked the former Blue star if he had any sympathy for Kevin Federline after Britney Spears filed to divorce the struggling rapper earlier this month. “Oh, man, I just want Britney to be happy, she deserves it,” Webbe said. “She deserves a break. I mean if anyone deserves a break from the press I think it’s Britney. I think they should leave her alone now.”

Simon Dedicates ‘Grace’ To Mom

October 26, 2006 – Simon Webbe has dedicated the title track of his new album, ‘Grace’, to his mother. “When I was 14 she sent me to Nevis island to experience life as she was raised in the Caribbean,” the former Blue star told The Mirror. “It was like boot camp. I went a boy, and came back a man. This is my way of thanking her.”

Simon ‘Coming Around Again’ Video

Simon Webbe 'Coming Around Again' single cover

October 19, 2006 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe is out with the music video to his new single ‘Coming Around Again’, from the album ‘Grace’, due out November 13th. Watch it below.

Simon Webbe Takes Aim At Michael Jackson Clones

Former Blue star Simon Webbe tells The Sun Usher and former *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake are ripping off Michael Jackson. “I don’t think anyone’s doing what I’m doing,” he said. “I think with today’s R&B they’re all just doing what Michael was doing. You’ve got Usher and Justin and all the harmonies they’re using are heavily influenced. That sound has been overdone now. I try to be different.” The story at has since been removed.

Nice Crowd

September 23, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “What a nice crowd. You sound like Michael Jackson when he heard there was a new Tickle Me Elmo doll.”

The 2006 Denby Dale Festival

August 16, 2006 – Former Atomic Kitten stars Liz McClarnon and Natasha Hamilton, former Blue star Simon Webbe, and ‘X Factor’ champ Steve Brookstein performed ath The 2006 Denby Dale Festival in Denby Dale, England on Sunday (August 13).

Bananas & Cream Are Simon’s Dream

February 14, 2006 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe tells More magazine: “I love it when a girl gets out a banana and covers it in a topping like cream or honey. Then she sits next to you on the sofa and slowly wraps her mouth around it.”

Simon Visits ‘GMTV Today’

February 11, 2006 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe dropped by ‘GMTV Today’ to talk about the success of his solo career, his visit to Los Angeles to discuss doing the score for a film, and their conversation with Elton John about Blue’s “shelf life”. has since removed the video.

Simon Checks In With Fans

February 9, 2006 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe checked in with fans on his official website’s forum on January 23rd. Afterwards, a video clip of him logging on the website and offering a message for fans was posted. Check out for the forum postings and video message in Win or Real formats.

Simon Chats With Capital FM’s Schooly

December 3, 2005 – Simon Webbe was incredibly excited to be back at Capital FM chatting with Schooly. The former Blue star talked about his new album ‘Sanctuary’, what it is like to be a solo artist and the buzz he gets from performing to his fans.

The 8-minute interview at has since been removed.

Simon Strikes Out With Janet Jackson

August 23, 2005 – Former Blue star Simon Webbe spoke with The Sun about meeting his hero, Janet Jackson, and blurting out the wrong line. “You’re over my bed,” Simon told the singer, “She looked horrified. I tried to explain I was talking about a poster, but it made it worse. I don’t know why I said it. I think it was the drink.”

Blue’s Simon Webbe Enjoys Sizzling Night With Babe & Pal

Singer Sophia Williams told The People how Blue star Simon Webbe enjoyed a threesome with her and another woman, only to later ignore her after promising to help launch her singing career. “It was mind-blowing. Simon was stroking and caressing both of us, his hands wandering everywhere,” the 23-year-old said. “He was really good with his hands. He’s really well-endowed and we ended up taking it in turns to pleasure him.” The full story at has since been removed.

Boozing Brian Hustles Blue’s Simon In Game Of Pool

November 23, 2004 – After the Smash Hits Poll Winners’ Party at Wembley Arena on Sunday, The Mirror reports former Westlife star Brian McFadden, who recently split from his wife Kerry, was seen drinking, kissing waitresses and gambling in a game of pool at the venue’s backstage bar with Blue star Simon Webbe. “Simon asked Brian if he wanted to play for a grand, but Brian said they should bet their bling instead,” a spy revealed. “He had a Chanel watch worth £3,000 and Simon was sporting a diamond and silver bracelet by Dolce & Gabbana which was worth around £1,500. You wouldn’t have thought they were betting types but Brian was insistent on it. He had been boozing and chain-smoking all day and looked pretty hungover, so Simon naturally thought he’d beat the living daylights out of Bri – but he was completely obliterated.”

Blue’s Simon Skips Signing To Party With Kid Rock

November 21, 2004 – The Sun reports that while Simon Webbe’s Blue bandmates were signing albums at an HMV store in Cardiff, Webbe was partying in Rome with Kid Rock at the MTV Europe Music Awards. “It was a huge let-down for Simon not to be there,” a fan at the HMV store said.

Simon Starts Work On Solo Album

September 5, 2004 – The Sun reports that Blue singer Simon Webbe is starting work on his debut solo album, the latest sign that the boy band’s future may be drawing to a close. “Simon realizes Blue won’t go on for ever,” a source close to Webbe said. “He has business interests as well but music is his first love and he’s always wanted to try his luck as a solo artist.”

Blue’s Simon Outside Aura Nighclub With L.A.D.E.

Simon Webbe of Blue posed with his new girlband L.A.D.E. Jo, LaReece and Francesca as they left Aura nightclub in Piccadilly on Wednesday (July 21) in London. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Blue’s Simon Searches For A Girl

July 13, 2004 – While Blue’s Lee Ryan is spending this summer studying at the New York Film School, his bandmate Simon Webbe tells The Mirror he is on the look out for Miss Right. “I’m on a mission to get myself a girl,” the sexy 25-year-old singer revealed Party In The Park. “I’m so over Natalie Denning now. It’s time to move on.”

Blue’s Simon Webbe Dumps Natalie Denning

Blue star Simon Webbe has dumped model Natalie Denning, having enough of the trashy kiss-and-tell queen cashing in on his celebrity status. “It was time for me to move on,” Simon said. “I’m not with Natalie any more – it didn’t work out. I’m happy to be single.” Read more.

Blue’s Simon Two Times His Lover

May 22, 2004 – News of the World reports Simon Webbe of Blue has been cheating on live-in girlfriend Natalie Denning with a busty blonde — TV presenter Stacey McIntosh. “It was over almost before it began,” Stacey, 22, sighed in an exclusive interview. “I was impressed by his manhood when he stepped into the shower—but after ten minutes there that was it. Then we tried it on his hotel bed—but again Simon didn’t last long and wasn’t very adventurous.”

Pop Stars Attend Italian Football League Book Launch

May 12, 2004 – Blue stars Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe, former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon, and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell attended the party celebrating the launch of a new book about the Italian Football League at the Dolce & Gabbana Bond Street store and Embassy Club after party on Monday (May 10) in London. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Blue’s Simon Webbe Storms Out Of Flirty Girlfriend’s Party

April 23, 2004 – The Sun reports Blue star Simon Webbe stormed off in a jealous rage after girlfriend Natalie Denning flirted with several men on hand for the Playboy party she had organized at London’s trendy Embassy club on Thursday night (April 22). “Natalie was the center of attention,” an onlooker reported. “Every bloke in the room was eyeing her up and you could see Simon was getting more and more pissed off. After a couple of hours he told her he’d had enough and stormed off home. I think Natalie will have a lot of creeping to do this weekend.”

Blue’s Simon Unbridled His Passion On Racecourse

March 20, 2004 – Blue hunk Simon Webbe had sex in broad daylight on the famous Epsom racecourse, according to the News of the World. “We had gone to the Epsom Downs for a picnic. It was Simon’s idea. He brought strawberries and some chilled champagne, revealed Laurette Borris, who has secretly dated the singer for nearly 18 months. “There were no races that day so you could go on the course. We started getting all frisky. I don’t know if it was the tingly champagne on our tongues, but we couldn’t leave each other alone.Simon was kissing my neck really gently and sending shivers down my spine. I just had to have him there and then. I spread out my skirt to cover up what we were doing and we began making love, even though there were all these people around us. We had to be careful not to make too much noise but the tension was so much for Simon that he sang out my name!”

Blue’s Simon Secretly Dating UK Playmate

The Sun reports Blue star Simon Webbe has been secretly dating Playboy UK Playmate of the Year Natalie Denning for the past six weeks. The singer was guest of honor at Natalie’s 21st birthday bash at London’s Nobu restaurant on Tuesday night. “It’s amazing that no one has found out about them before,” remarked a pal. “They have been an item for the past few weeks. Simon has avoided being photographed with her because he didn’t want everyone to know.”

Simon Set For Big Screen Debut

January 28, 2004 – The Daily Star reports Blue star Simon Webbe is set to appear in a forthcoming motorcycle movie, which begins filming in March. A friend of the singer revealed, “Simon has been part of the band for years but has been working on personal projects too…but he doesn’t want to let the other boys down.”

Bandmates Hope For Simon’s Quick Recovery

October 30, 2003 – The Mirror has more details on Blue star Simon Webbe’s severe viral infection that saw him collapsing at a band rehearsal and get rushed to the hospital for treatment. “The last thing the other boys need now is to get sick, too. They are going to have to stay away from him for a few days to make sure they don’t get ill either,” a source said. “They are all gutted for Simon but obviously they all hope that he gets better for the first night of the tour.”

Blue’s Simon Bothered By Hair Flicking Lil’ Kim

October 24, 2003 – The Mirror reports that during a recent charity Versace fashion show in Italy, Blue star Simon Webbe nearly started an argument with Lil’ Kim. “I was sitting in the audience and I kept feeling something hitting the back of my neck,” Simon explained. “I tried to ignore it for a while, but it kept happening. So I turned round to the person to give them a piece of my mind and realized it was Lil’ Kim flicking her hair. She’s gorgeous so I let it slide!”

Pressure Is Too Much For Blue’s Simon

September 5, 2003 – Blue star Simon Webbe tells the Glasgow Daily Record that he’s ready to quit music because he can’t deal with the pressure of fame. “I really don’t want to do any more of it,” said Simon. “I’ve had enough of it. People say they only want two or three minutes of your time. Buttheyendup staying for about 10 or 15. They just won’t go away. I can’t get any peace.”

Blue’s Simon Talks About Lee Ryan Turmoils

Schooly of Capital FM in London got Blue star Simon Webbe on the phone from Prague and asked him what was really going on with the group, including bandmate Lee Ryan’s recent DUI arrest. Asked how the incident is affecting the group, Simon said, “As a group it doesn’t affect us because we are friends. Lee has made a mistake and he is very sorry about what happened. He’s not proud of it, and we stressed it on stage. He publicly apologized in front of 20,000 people and said he didn’t want people to look at him as a bad example, because he isn’t.” Webbe also denied a report that Ryan was leaving the group after the tour wraps up. “That is also false,” he insisted. “This has probably come about because – to some people in the media – we’ve been around for too long now. Not many bands of our nature last as long as we have. We’re into our third album, but we haven’t reached our limit yet. People think that because Lee is the youngest in group, he’s a loose cannon. He isn’t, he’s got a good heart, and Blue are 100% here to stay!” The entire interview audio at has since been removed.

Blue’s Simon Gets Booed At Hip Hop Gig

August 6, 2003 – The Sun reports Blue star Simon Webbe was booed when he performed at a hip-hop gig. The singer was supporting his protégé Blarny, who he manages in his spare time, during a Sunday show at The Forum in London. Simon was greeted with jeers as an onlooker remarked, “The whole crowd were booing. They were terrible and managed to kill the atmosphere.”

Blue’s Simon Becomes A Godfather

April 11, 2003 – Blue singer Simon Webbe has just become godfather to his best friend Hannah’s daughter Olivia. He told The Mirror, “I’m really proud to be asked. I understand the responsibility of being a godparent as I’m a parent myself.”

Blue’s Simon Wages War Against Snooty Girls Aloud

March 24, 2003 – The Sunday People reports Simon Webbe of Blue has declared war on Girls Aloud. He said, “Now they’re in the business they don’t want to know us.”

Blue’s Simon Proves He’s A Devoted Dad

December 20, 2002 – The Mirror reports devoted dad Simon Webbe of Blue took his five-year-old girl along with him on gigs in Manchester and Birmingham last weekend and on Monday. “She was having the time of her life,” a spy revealed. “She was backstage cheering on her daddy.”

Blue’s Simon Webbe Gets Booed At Hip Hop Gig

The Sun reports Blue star Simon Webbe was booed when he performed at a hip-hop gig. The singer was supporting his protégé Blarny, who he manages in his spare time, during a Sunday show at The Forum in London. Simon was greeted with jeers as an onlooker remarked, “The whole crowd were booing. They were terrible and managed to kill the atmosphere.”