Skye Sweetnam Photo Shoot At An Ice Cream Shop

Skye Sweetnam showed off the outfits she chose for a “Sweet & Sour” photo shoot in her latest YouTube video, which took place at an ice cream shop. Watch highlights from the day below.

Skye Sweetnam Asks Fans To Pick Out Photo Shoot Outfit

Skye Sweetnam checked in with fans on her YouTube channel, talking about which of three outfits she posted at Twitpic would be the one they’d like to see her do a photoshoot in. “I wanna ask you guys, if artists like myself that you’ve grown up with take off a few more items of clothing and get a little more provocative, does it turn you off,” Skye asks in the video. “Or do you think that when an artist gets to a certain age that it’s kinda cool for them to come into their own and be sexy?” Watch the video below.

Skye Sweetnam Superhero Makeup How-To’s

Skye Sweetnam’s latest makeup instructional video features the Canadian pop singer going for a Superhero look for a photo shoot, offering three different looks. Watch the trio of videos below.

Inside Skye Sweetnam’s Bag

Skye Sweetnam thought she’d show fans the items she packs for the weekend, including silver Doc Martens, rainbow sunglasses, a heart shaped change purse, a BlackBerry, anklets, and of course an assortment of makeup. Watch via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam On The Porch

Skye Sweetnam checked in on her YouTube channel while standing out on the porch, apologizing for not posting any videos lately. The Canadian pop star also talked about her new Twitter page (@skyesweetnam) and hoped fans have a good summer. Watch below.

Skye Sweetnam On Vacation In Florida

Skye Sweetnam checked in from a windy beach in Florida while on vacation, her second in two months. “Okay, I’ve been bad and not been doing too much work, but who could blame me it is gorgeous.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Skye Sweetnam Rainbow Brite Eye Makeup Tutorial

Skye Sweetnam’s latest video makeup instructional video features the Canadian pop singer applying a multi-color look to her eyes – Rainbow Brite style – a look she recently did for Halloween.

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

Happy Holidays From Skye Sweetnam

Skye Sweetnam checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@skyesweetnam) on Thursday (December 25). The Canadian pop singer tells readers:

Happy Holidays!

Hey Hot Shots!
Just chiming in to wish you Happy Holidays this season! Hope Santas been good to you, and If you were naughty and you got away with it, good on ya! It’s hard to fool the big guy!
I’m off to my Christmas feast at grandmas house!

Much love and kisses!

Skye Sweetnam’s Pal Sarah Models Skye’s T-Shirts

Skye Sweetnam recruits her friend Sarah to model her t-shirts available at killthe8.comSkye Sweetnam dressed her friend Sarah up in some of the merchandise she has available over at in a video clip over at the Canadian pop singer’s YouTube channel.

“This is Sarah. This is my friend. She came over to model some Skye shirts, and she’s doing a beautiful job. She looks gorgeous,” Skye said introducing the clip. After taking the shots, Skye told viewers, “Anyway, the object is, buy the t-shirts, go online at and check out the Skye Sweetnam shirts and ‘Sound Soldier’ and see ya!”

Watch it below.

Skye Sweetnam Performs ‘Into Action’ With Rancid

Skye Sweetnam checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace after getting the chance to hit the stage with Rancid at the veteran punk rocker’s gig on Toronto. Sky writes:

Rancid in Toronto!

Hey babies!
So last Friday the 1st, Tim Armstrong calls calls me out of the blue and is like:

TiM: “Hey Skye, Rancid is in Toronto tomorrow, you should come out!”
SkYe: “I’m supposed to be going away this weekend but I’ll see what I can do…”

So I push my family boat trip to the side for another day so I can see Rancid… duh! (it was a sold out show, so how else would I have gotten in unless I knew the band or something!) (By the way.. I totally would have told you guys about the show if it wasn’t SOLD OUT!)
I texted him:

SkYe: “Hey Tim, I can totally make it out 2 nite!”
TiM: “Great! You should sing Into Action with us!”
SkYe: “No doubt! When’s Sound check?”

So it turns out I got to sing with “Into Action” with Tim for the 2nd time in history. The only other time Tim preformed it was with The Aggrolites and Me @ the KROQ Weenie Roast in LA!