Skye Sweetnam Make-Up Look Inspired By Mermaids

Skye Sweetnam continues in her series of instructional make-up videos on her YouTube channel, this time teaching female fans how to achieve a mermaid look. “We dont’ want to get gooey, goppy lashes,” the Canadian pop star advises. “We want them to look full, long and beautiful.”

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Skye Sweetnam Spring Photo Shoot Highlight Video

Video footage of Skye Sweetnam, her free photographer Jordan and her friend Frankie wandering out to an abandoned property to do a photo shoot with the singer has been posted online. Part one shows Skye getting her makeup done and driving off, while clip two shows them at the property, ending with some sample images they took from the shoot. Watch it via YouTube below.

Skye Plays Dress Up Part 4 – ‘What 2 Wear’

Skye Sweetnam videotaped herself dressing up in her bedroom for a night out. During the clip, Skye explained how girls on a bus once dissed her shoes that looked like good bowling shoes. The then offered instructions on a smoky eye make-up look.

The clip at YouTube has since been removed.

Skye Sweetnam Plays Dress Up

Skye Sweetnam checked in a three video clips of her applying makeup, all while providing color commentary. Watch part one of the instructional series (the rest have since been removed) at Facebook.

Skye Sweetnam’s Sledgehammer Tale

Skye Sweetnam at a park with her friends J and FrankieSkye Sweetnam, J and Frankie told a story about creepy construction at a bridge while they were doing a photo shoot at a park. Skye was offered a sledgehammer by a construction worker and she talked about going psycho on a bike path.

“We’re taking a photo at a park as you can see, and there’s construction going on at the bridge. I’m kind of dressed up like a freak right now, so the construction worker is like, ‘Oh! Beautiful! Take that shot! Awesome!’ when they see us at the bridge. Then they came up here and said do you want to use a sledgehammer or something? Little did they know that Skye Sweetnam loves sledgehammers, and I gladly took it from the man. We said can we borrow this for a second? Then we went down the bike path and started (cocking back the sledgehammer) and they were like ‘Ah!’ and bikes were flying everywhere and we took some pretty awesome shots.”

Watch the message via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam Valentine’s Day Release Of ‘Sound Soldier’ In Japan

Skye Sweetnam talks about the Valentine's Day release of her new album 'Sound Soldier' in JapanSkye Sweetnam is releasing her sophomore album ‘Sound Soldier’ in Japan on Valentines Day. The Canadian singer songwriter promoted the release with a video posting on her YouTube channel. Sweetnam also brought out the special individual she asked to be her Valentine.

“Skye here, and guess what? I’m so super excited for Valentine’s Day. It’s because my record, ‘Sound Soldier’, is in release in Japan, so all of you Japanese kids over there, waiting for the record, it’s out this Valentine’s Day. It’s like my Valentine’s Day kiss to you. So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I decided to ask a special someone to be my Valentine, and he’s here with me today. (Pulls out a doll) He’s my favorite Japanese Valentine. So watch out guys, because we’re taking over Japan on my bulldozer.”

Watch the clip below.

Skye Sweetnam ‘Sound Soldier’ Album Photoshoot

Skye Sweetnam close-up photo on the site of her 'Sound Soldier' album cover photo shootSkye Sweetnam has posted footage where she is shown driving to the set of her photoshoot for ‘Sound Soldier’ – a gravel pit. After scouting the scene, she returns with her band. The video clip includes audio for her song ‘Rock N’ Roll Baby’, written with Tim Armstrong.

“Skye Sweetnam here on the sight of the photo shoot for my album cover ‘Sound Soldier’, and it’s probably windy so you probably can’t hear me very well, that’s why I got close to the camera,” Sweetnam said. “So, up on top of this gorgeous cliff and the biggest, coolest gravel pit I know owned by my own grandpa. My truck, loaded up all the gear, TV’s, toys, everything, all my favorite stuff. Guess what we’re doing with it? We’re sticking it on to a fricken bulldozer!”

Watch it via YouTube below.

Skye Sweetnam Addresses iPod Touch CSS Confusion

Skye Sweetnam is correcting the record about those who believe she is singing the song featured on the iPod Touch commercial, when it’s actually a track by CSS called ‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’. The confusion lies in the lyric in the CSS track saying “music is my boyfriend”, matching the title of Skye’s first ‘Sound Soldier’ release.

“I don’t sing in the iPod commercial… Too many people, especially press, can’t be bothered to listen to the song, they only read the title before they assume I’m the voice singing ‘Music is My Boyfriend’ on the iPod Touch commercial,” she writes. “I think it’s quite funny. Just wanted to set the record straight. Only I can’t complain if I get a few more Google hits because of the mix up!”

Skye also posted a video example of that confusion which took place when introduced for her New Year’s Eve performance. Watch it, and the performance of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Boyhunter’ below.

Skye Sweetnam Visits ‘MuchOnDemand’

Skye Sweetnam sits down for an interview, talking about her new album 'Sound Soldier', kissing girls and working with Tim Armstrong on the projectSkye Sweetnam dropped by ‘MuchOnDemand’ in Toronto on October 30th to chat with VJ Leah Miller about her new album ‘Sound Soldier’, her love of the color pink, kissing girls, working with Rancid’s Tim Armstrong and performing with the veteran punk band, and her new video.

Asked about the sexy song titles on the album, she said, “I’m kind of personifying music on this record. Music is kind of a sound soldier, this whole thing where there’s an audio extremes kind of idea. Music really is my boyfriend and I refer to music as my best friend, my fiance, what I do, everything.”

On the lyrics to ‘Kiss a Girl’, she said, “Basically the song derives from just being frustrated with boys, not so much my desire to kiss a girl. It’s being frustrated with guys so much, going like, ‘Gosh you frustrate me so much that I would actually just make out with a girl.'”

On working with Tim, Skye said, “He’s awesome. Totally inspiration. Really, really smart guy. Knows the business really, really well and we just became great friends. We wrote a bunch of songs together. We hung out at video shoots. I actually got to play with Rancid, which was pretty dope. Sang with Rancid on stage.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.