Sofia Talvik Does Her Own Screen Printing For Self-Released EP

Sofia Talvik posted some behind the scenes footage for the screen printing she’s doing herself for merch for the EP ‘L – Part One of L.O.V.E’, which was largely financed by her fans. “They supported the making of the EP trough the site,” the Swedish singer writes. “In return they could invest in exclusive made merch. I screen printed loads of t-shirts, tote bags and posters.” Check out the album and footage below.

Sofia Talvik Turns To Her Fans To Finance New EP

Sofia Talvik recorded a quick instruction on how easy it is to be a part of the financing of her new EP ‘L’, the first part of a four piece saga called ‘L.O.V.E’. The Swedish pop singer is raising fund to record the music at Talvik has currently raised 52% of the $3,350 she’s trying to get fans to pledge. “I run my own label, produce everything by myself and I’m very hands on with the music and everything around it,” Sofia writes. “All the bundles are endorsed and personally produced. They represent a personal part of me and I want to share that with you.” Watch the message via YouTube below.

Sofia Talvik ‘You Bring Me Back’ Acoustic Performance

Footage of Swedish singer songwriter Sofia Talvik performing ‘You Bring Me Back’, recorded during the production of the ‘Florida Acoustic’ album that was released as a bonus album to the ‘Florida’ release in 2010, has been posted online. Watch it via YouTube below.

Sofia Talvik’s New Album ‘Florida’ Out May 12th

Sofia Talvik 'Florida' album cover

Sofia Talvik checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sofiatalvik) on Sunday (March 28), discussing her new album ‘Florida’, set for release on May 12th, and its cover art. The Swedish singer songwriter tells readers:

I was living in Florida for a few months last year and wrote a bunch of songs and started recording them in my walk in closet that I had turned into a small recording studio. One of the very first weeks of my stay it rained non stop for a whole week. I was trapped inside with a monsoon outside and had nothing better to do than to play the guitar. So I wrote what later became the title track of the new album ‘Florida’.

Sofia Talvik Wraps Up Tour

Sofia Talvik

Sofia Talvik checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sofiatalvik) on Tuesday (March 23), discussing how she’s wrapping up her tour. The Swedish singer songwriter tells readers:

It’s the last day of our tour. To be honest it was probably the last day Saturday as we did our last gig then. We had a great time playing for a wonderful crowd at the Wyndham Hotel. It feels a little sad to go home, but I’m also longing so much for my husband that I can’t wait to get on the plane.

My favorite gigs have been The Mint, The Swedish Showcase and probably our last gig at the Wyndham. But few memories from this tour will be stronger than meeting Suzanne Vega in person. That was way cool!

Sofia Talvik To Release 4th Album In May

Sofia Talvik checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sofiatalvik) on Monday (February 1), discussing plans for her follow-up to her 2008 release ‘Jonestown’. The Swedish singer songwriter tells readers:

In May 2010 I will be releasing my 4th studio album. At the moment I’m working hard on recording everything, and if you keep checking in on my Facebook page and my twitter page you’ll be able to follow me live in the studio most day through Ustream.

The first single is due to be released in March so keep your ears and eyes open!

Sofia Talvik Rehearsal Footage

Sofia Talvik set up her laptop to record when she and her band were rehearsing the other night. The Swedish singer songwriter performed ‘Diamonds’, from her album ‘Jonestown’, and ‘Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town’, originally written by Mel Tillis but best known through Kenny Rogers. Watch it below.

Sofia Talvik And Her Closet Studio

Sofia Talvik in Miami showing off her closet studioSofia Talvik’s latest video blog features the Swedish singer songwriter at her apartment in Orlando, showing off her makeshift closet studio, where she did some special retakes of her vocals.

“I wanted to be alone and try out stuff without people listening and judging me,” Talvik explained. “So I set up this little studio in my closet, and I’m going to show it to you now. You can see here I got the mic set up in the corner. Put some pillows on top of the shelf to make it less echoey. This is where I record right now.”

Watch below.