Sofia Talvik Recording At Full Sail

Sofia Talvik’s latest video blog features the Swedish singer songwriter at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, where she’s been recording the follow-up to ‘Jonestown’. Watch via YouTube below.

Sofia Talvik Performs ‘Paper House’

Sofia Talvik’s second video blog features the Swedish singer songwriter performing ‘Paper House’, a song featured on her next album and one she performed earlier this year at SXSW in Austin. Watch below.

Sofia Talvik Performs ‘The Eye Of The Storm’

Sofia Talvik’s first video blog features the Swedish singer songwriter in her apartment performing ‘The Eye Of The Storm’, song featured on her upcoming fourth album. “It’s probably my favorite song for the songs on the new album,” Talvik said. Watch below.

Sofia Talvik Free Remix Album ‘Street Of Dreamix’

Swedish singer songwriter Sofia Talvik is out with a free remix version of her 2007 album ‘Street of Dreams’. Sofia writes, “This album is the result of 13 talented artists from all over the world, that was given one song each from my album ‘Street of Dreams’ to remix as they wanted. The result is this unique album called ‘Street of Dreamix’.”

In order to download the disc, you have to provide a Twitter username and password, which will send out a message to your followers that you’ve downloaded the music. Check it out at

Sofia Talvik Readies New Summer Single ‘Strawberries’

Sofia Talvik updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@sofiatalvik) on Sunday (April 26), talking about her new summer single ‘Strawberries On My Tongue’. The Swedish singer songwriter tells readers:

Today has been a lovely sunny day in Stockholm. I started it by having some breakfast at a local café with my guitarist who is also my neighbor. So what would be a better day than this to go to the studio to listen to Magnus Frykberg mixing my summer single?! It sounded great, but I already knew Magnus was brilliant so it was no surprise :-) Here’s a small preview from the studio.

Sofia Talvik ‘A Carol For The Lonely’ Free Download

Swedish singer songwriter Sofia Talvik is continuing her tradition of offering a free holiday single for free download on her official web site. Talvik writes:

Merry Christmas!
This year’s Christmas single is dedicated to all those people who need a helping hand, whether it is the lonely teenager or the homeless man on the street. This single is a free download, but I urge you to use the money you would have spent on it on iTunes to help someone less fortunate. My donation is to Stadsmissionen who helps homeless people in Sweden. If you donate a gift to them by text message you will receive this Christmas single as a cellphone signal. Use it and let your friends know that you care for those who need it.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Download ‘A Carol For The Lonely’ at

Sofia Talvik ‘Clown’ Video

Scene from the Sofia Talvik 'Clown' music videoSofia Talvik is out with a DIY video for her single ‘Clown’ from the Swedish singer songwriter’s third album ‘Jonestown’, out now on her Makaki Music label.

Talvik writes, “This time I decided I would do it all by myself. So I did all the make-up and styling and filmed it (yes I used a camera stand). Then I cut it and edited it. But I’m not ready to throw away Jonas’ fabulous producer skills just yet, I did have him help me creating the ‘burn-out’ effect on the last few frames of the vid ;-) This is the first music video I’ve ever made and the second video I’ve made.. ever.”

Watch it below.

Sofia Talvik Coming To SXSW 2009

Sofia Talvik checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@sofiatalvik) on Sunday (October 26). The Swedish singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been invited to showcase my music at SXSW 2009 in Austin, Texas. South by Southwest is THE music industry event of the year. It’s here that you will find all the latest trends, new big acts and all the important people.
Sofia in Austin

Sofia Talvik SXSW 2009

I guess that my music really impressed the people at SXSW since they invited me. I’m thrilled, honored and excited. I will do my best to rock their socks of i March. And to all you guys that plan to attend, SEE YOU THERE! Keep an eye out for me and inform all your friends.

Sofia Talvik ‘Something Good’ Ft. Maia Hirasawa

Sofia Talvik and Maia HirasawaSofia Talvik posted another duet from her latest album ‘Jonestown, joined this time by fellow Swede Maia Hirasawa on the track ‘Something Good’.

“Hi everyone. This week I’m going to play ‘Something Good’ from the album ‘Jonestown’ with one of my favorite Swedish artists Maia Hirasawa,” Sofia said before the song.

Watch it below.

Sofia Talvik ‘As Summers Pass’ Ft. Emmon

Sofia Talvik and EmmonSofia Talvik latest in the series of collaborations with fellow Swedes on her new album ‘Jonestown’ features Emmon (Emma Nylen).

“Hi everyone. I’m very proud to present this week’s guest artist Emma from the projects Emmon and the band Paris,” Talvik said. “We’re gonna sing my single from ‘Jonestown’. It’s called ‘As Summers Pass’.”

Watch the pair perform ‘As Summers Pass’ below.